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October 9, 2019


Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA), a division of Boeing, MUST be shut down, and the CEO Dennis Muilenburg MUST resign, both of these for the protection of the public. The head of the BCA, Kevin G. McAllister, a former Scots soccer player (ret. 2004), is questionable too and should resign. Boeing can no longer be trusted in any area related to travellers.

Boeing also manufactures missiles. Two of their figurative "passenger carrying missile" Boeing 737 MAX 8 missile-planes effectively slaughtered 346 people in a five month period.

What a ******* nightmare, and with a world class airhead CEO at Boeing (see his quote and my response to it below). First, google Dennis Muilenburg's pictures -- he sure looks like an airhead to me. I know faces, and this man, born 1964, is too secretive to have his full birthdate on the net, and that Number indicates is presumptive, impulsive, and dishonest. He's so eager for the Boeing 737 MAX's hundreds of grounded planes to continue threatening people's lives for his profit ASAP. I think Muilenberg is a conscienceless psycho....

I don't fly -- one reason is I'm an environmentalist. I'll never die on a plane, but no environmentally ignorant person deserves to die either. I recommend that Boeing planes NEVER be your plane of choice. Boycott their planes, and avoid the airlines who use them, most definitely any airline who uses the 737 MAX if they are ever approved for service again.


Then there is this awful Al Jazeera "urgency to resume" headline ... for Christ's sake !! :

Boeing reshuffles management of grounded 737 Max: Reuters

Appointment of new 737 programme head reflects urgency to resume Max flights after two fatal crashes grounded fleet.


Boeing says its 737 Max just needs a quick software fix. Aviation experts disagree
By Natasha Frost July 25, 2019

"Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg repeated the company’s party line. It was confident that what was needed was a software update, rather than any change of hardware, he told Strauss. In the coming months, regulators from around the world would “come in and fly in our simulator” under a variety of different test conditions, he said, including a simulated microprocessor crash. If everything checks out, Boeing hoped to submit its certification package by September and to return the 737 MAX to service by October, he added.

But aviation experts question almost every aspect of this claim. Some believe that a so-called software “quick fix” is all but impossible, while others maintain that the problem is related to the plane’s hardware".


I remember that a software problem was discussed originally, and the CEO's quote above confirms this. As a programmer, I am TOTALLY with the skeptical experts, and go as far as saying that expecting a "quick software fix" to resolve the problem -- and further, to restore public trust, which is not there and I recommend be COMPLETLY ABSENT FOREVER -- is basic INSANITY on the part of airhead Muilenberg and any Boeing staff who support this rubbish.

In my Assembly programming days, I once took 8 months to write and perfect through testing and debugging a program so it was "bulletproof", meaning it would never crash and would always perform perfectly in all circumstances.

It is PAINFULLY obvious that Boeing has and may still have incompetent and irresponsible programmers, though they knew that people's lives were in their hands. And who the hell is qualified enough to supervise idiot programmers and ensure they do their jobs properly, with no time pressures virtually guaranteeing errors? My God, the public cannot ever trust Boeing programmers to do software "fixes", if they created the life threatening crap software in the first place. If the public knew what I know about how incompetent many programmers are, no one would EVER fly on a Boeing plane. I mean NEVER !! Think about how many Beta versions of Windows people have to test before an acceptable version of Windows is widely distributed. The testing takes AGES and the useless fuckers still never get it perfect. People in virtual ******* missiles demands PERFECTION and all the time in the world, with serious responsibility and no greedy impatient corporate "Nazis" hovering over people cracking the whip, eager to pay off their mansions and yachts.

Boeing's apologies don't cut it, and will never cut it. Cutting corners, which is also alleged, is always deadly.

Face it, Boeing Commercial Airplanes division, it's ALL OVER for you! Just like Don Rickles told Sinatra at Sinatra's roast.



"In both 2008 and 2009, Boeing was second on the list of Top 100 US Federal Contractors, with contracts totaling US$22 billion and US$23 billion respectively.[26][27] Since 1995, the company has agreed to pay US$1.6 billion to settle 39 instances of misconduct, including US$615 million in 2006 in relation to illegal hiring of government officials and improper use of proprietary information".



In November 2016, Boeing announced that Ray Conner, 61, would step down immediately and be replaced.[6] Kevin G. McAllister was named president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA).[14] McAllister was the first outside recruitment in BCA history, and instructed by Dennis Muilenburg to triple revenue from aftermarket services from $15 billion to a target of $50 billion over 10 years, with a new purpose-built unit headed by Stan Deal.[6] Keith Leverkuhn was the vice president and general manager of the 737 MAX program in March 2017 when it received certification.


(Difficulties coming Dec 2019 to Mar 2020 & Oct 2020 to Jan 2021)

Number shows what is not surprising -- Boeing have a bitter harvest (bad karma) this year, 2019, for mistakes made in previous years. December 2019 will bring a serious disappointment to the company, and adverse conditions will continue for Boeing through to the end of March 2020, with unsettledness and worries after that. A three-month period of the dissolution of failed endeavours will take place from October 15, 2020 to January 31, 2021. February 2021 brings the chance for new life at Boeing. I feel that this chance for a new beginning should NOT involve Boeing Commercial Airlines.

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