Best Rare-Unknown-Cult-Obscure Song

Reply Wed 22 Jun, 2005 09:54 am
material girl wrote:
Goodbye horses-Q Lazurus

Ooh--a gorgeous song that will forever live in infamy. Why? It's the song Buffalo Bill danced to in front of the mirror, trying on his new female body suit in The Silence of the Lambs.

A good one.
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Reply Wed 22 Jun, 2005 10:06 am
I typed out the lyrics here for one of my favourite songs, b/c they werent anywhere online:

Thats by The Snivelling Shits, except they released it under the name of Arthur Comics? for some reason (though they released a live version later under their own name). From 1977, punk.

Red Planet
Comsat Angels
(in itself already an obscure enough Sheffield new wave band, which after a modicum of critical acclaim in Britain for their first LP was left to touring Holland for the remaining fifteen years of their existence; this was their very first single. Punk. 1980 or something I suppose. Not very good, but charming.)

(I suppose, along the same lines, that Johnny and the Self Abusers' Dead Vandals doesnt count as obscure enough? That's the Simple Minds, that is, when they were still punk - only single ever released under that name, before they became, well, the Simple Minds, and glumly new wave (before in turn becoming all stadium rock). Infectious track tho!)

The Birthday, Icelandic version
The Sugarcubes
1987 or something?
The Sugarcubes were Bjork's former band. Good they were too. The Birthday, their minor indie hit, was their best track. The Icelandic version was more beautiful still, absolutely gorgeous. I have it on a limited edition 12" of Cold Sweat. Dunno whether its been released later elsewhere too.
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Reply Wed 22 Jun, 2005 10:25 am
I also got this single from my father that I cherish deeply:

Big Bill Broonzy
7" with four tracks,
incl. This Train, Goin' Down the Road and A Shanty In Old Shanty Town

Cant find any reference to it on the net, I'm guessing it should be rare.

Also one by Sidney Bechet, four or so beautiful tracks from 1923 or 1926 on it.

You know what track took me forever to find back, even online? This one:

Paul Robeson
Nobody Knows the Troubles I've Seen

Its used in Marcel Ophuls' documentary on journalists in the Bosnian war named after it. I didnt hear it for years until someone had it on a tape in the cafe I worked at, and a few years later I went looking again, in the library and online, and found lots of Robeson and different versions of "Nobody Knows" (incl a beautiful one by Marian Anderson), but not his.

In the end I found an album (vinyl) of his songs with the track on it in the "all for 3 euro" box at Latei, the Amsterdam cafe-cum-eightiesretro-shop. Cute buy it was too: hidden inside the cover, it turned out, was sheets of typemachine-written papers on which someone, some time, had typed out the lyrics to all the songs... Razz
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