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I am new to the role of nurse manager in a small (6 full time and part time employees) I am struggling with staffing. this system of staffing was broken when I started 3 months ago. The NM before me didn't care or do much except cover ALL the shifts that needed covered when staff were off on vacations. That is why I presume I walked into a mess. She spent so much time covering for them, she didn't get any of her work done and therefore the staff have come to expect that I do the same. I am beyond frustrated that it is expected of me to cover every shift they can't find coverage for. I work a 40 hour week and am then expected to cover their weekends so they can be off having fun!!! Seems unfair to me. I don't mind helping out with call-ins etc, and have worked several night shifts, a lot of times after working an 8 hour day and it is exhausting. I get behind on MY duties as the NM. This is how scheduling is right now. Guess I should say I am the NM for and IL/AL nursing team with HHA as well. I have one LPN that works strictly Sun,. Mon, Tues days and one that does the same schedule on nights. I have one LPN who works Wed, thurs, fri days. One LPN that works wed nights only. One LPN that works Thurs, Friday and EO Saturday. I then have 2 at times 3 prn staff that will fill in the weekends/help cover. These nurses have gotten to pretty much run how they want things done and I can see my program failing, residents families have already come to me several times with complaints. I keep getting told, "we don't have the money to hire more staff" I am frustrated. How do you all do your staff scheduling....I am open to help and ideas. Please be kind, I need support...
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I'm not a nurse, but I am a manager (in the marketing department of a business credit company).

I would never, ever be expected to pick up the slack for the people who work for me. I get paid more per hour. It's a money loser for the company were I to do such a thing.

So tell your boss that. To throw out fake numbers just so you can see the math, let's say you make $100/hour and your staff make $10 or $25/hour. For simplicity's sake, we'll say you only have 2 people under you.

When you work 10 hours, it's $1000.

When each of your 2 staffers works 5 hours apiece, it's $50 + $125 = $175. If you're doing their jobs, you're costing the hospital (I assume it's a hospital setting you're in) an additional $825 and you're not even getting your own work done. Even if you rushed to get your 10 hours' worth of work done in 5 (I mean your own work and not coverage), it's another $500.

By covering for your staff, it's costing the hospital $1325 ($825 + your extra $500 in pay because you need to work OT to get your own stuff done).

They're losing money on this proposition. Claiming there's no $$ in the budget to hire is nonsense. They have the $$ to pay the discrepancy; they're just too lazy or disorganized to put out an ad and search for someone.
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How much do you want to bet that she gets paid the wage of the position she covers, not her NM wage?

Quit - really. This is a set up. I see it all the time.

The other day our new City Manager was handing out dog tags because the city cut back on hirees at the front desk. Foolish austerity!

My 17 year old granddaughter was offered a “manager” position at the local Jimmy- Johns. She turned it down when everyone told her she would end up having to take the shift of all the no-shows.

No one honors the role of the manager anymore. That position of scheduler, staff coordinator, quality control and customer service is disrespected nowadays.
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If this "promotion" came with no extra $$ then yeah, she should walk. FAST.

There are a ton of nursing jobs in the US; many go unfilled. There's a massive shortage and nurses can write their own tickets. If there was no raise to go along with the added headaches, then the next step is exactly as you said.

Quit. And never look back.
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Sometimes people are designated managers in hopes of avoiding overtime pay. I knew a receptionist with the "Office Services Manager" in an Alzheimer's facility. Bet she never saw an hour of overtime since her "promotion".

I've no idea if that's the situation in this particular case, of course.
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