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Reply Tue 12 Feb, 2019 11:55 am
Hi, I've just joined, so hi everyone. I hope someone can help me please. I have notice today that a photo from my page has been used by one of my "friends". He has sent it to the father of my child, who has posted it on fb on his status.
We are going through a court case at the moment, he hasn't seen our son since he was 2 weeks old, (he's now 9 months old) and he's giving the impression that it is one of his photos. I am so angry. It was a photo I took and shared with my friends. I don't know which one has sent it to him, but I am so angry. Can I ask for the photo to be removed? any help will be greatly appreciated.
Reply Tue 12 Feb, 2019 12:19 pm
Talk to your friends and tell them you don't appreciate the sharing of your photo. You may or may not get someone to come clean that way.

Next time, either don't share photos of your son at all, or share with only a small subset of your friends (you can do this within a private, secret group). Impress upon your pals that the photo is not to be shared with your ex under any circumstances (and there are 0 exceptions to your rule). If the photo is still leaked, then at least you'll have a far smaller group to choose from when you need to figure out who did the deed.
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Reply Tue 12 Feb, 2019 12:24 pm
Wait.... the photo in question is a photo of his child? I don't know the circumstances or what is happening in the court case, but preventing a parent from having a photo of their child seems wrong to me. I would also ask how you would even know if this guy has a picture of his child on his facebook feed? It don't see how it hurts you in any way or how it is any of your business.

I hate it when parents use their own children against each other.

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Reply Tue 12 Feb, 2019 12:26 pm
Thank you so much for your replies.
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