Familiar faces?

Reply Mon 1 Oct, 2018 02:18 pm

I live with my family in a new place, where I can go to school etc. I've seen many friends in the reflection of the windows, I even went to the apartments to check if they lived there. Also bicycles were stolen from us in a place where there's code and "ir-keys". How should I carry on. Today I saw my teacher ride away on a bicycle again. There's also been gang crime in the area, maybe they're not feeling good. Some have served in the military, I'm a bit anxious and also terrorist threat. I've also seen doppelgangers of my teachers, any suggestion how to carry on in this "errand"? I've never experience anything like this. I try to call the cops hotline if I see anything suspicous, like today when I saw theft goods. Weird! I don't want anyone to die because of misunderstandings etc. Bobelybobelybobely
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mark noble
Reply Thu 27 Aug, 2020 09:14 am
The 2 coreys' feldman & haim - Had a similar experience, back in the late 80's - They were actors - Cast in 'The Lost Boys' - Their mum decided to move to THE MURDER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD - It made for a great soundtrack. It had a 'genre-relative' VAMPIRE theme... But compared to FOOTLOOSE, DIRTY DANCING & GREASE (Non-Vampire-Themed Flicks) it was Ok.

Reply Thu 27 Aug, 2020 05:28 pm
@mark noble,
This is very scary, apparently a woman's kid was kidnapped and a man was executed. Corey Feldman good reading!!
mark noble
Reply Fri 28 Aug, 2020 05:14 am
Your Original Post is 2yrs-old.
Have you encountered ANY 'Actual' Danger in this time-period?

Have a Lovely Day
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Reply Fri 28 Aug, 2020 05:49 am
Whilst one's eyes can perceive the light they receive and the mind interprets it ...... The mind can also make people 'see things' which it wants them to see. Most usually through hallucinogenic drugs, mental illness or of course .... sheer terror, pure fear or indeed, fear of loss. It is not that unusual for example for people to see parents, children or partners who have passed away.

Most western people as fact have never been to a 3rd world country nor indeed visited or lived in a war zone or an anarchic country. Personally I have lived all of those for fairly protracted periods of time, out of choice.

Consequently I can tell anyone that 'fear' is actually a very personal perception based mostly on prior experience or indeed in the case of the average western plebeian ... the complete absence of worthwhile or even mildly useful life experience.

Who knows what this OP is on about, it is for certain that 'Care in the Community' as brought about by Neo Liberalism in the USA & UK for the past 40 years now .... does not work.

Indeed, rather than such people being cared decently as they should be quite obviously, via the state and taxation .... Now with the internet we the slightly sane, have to entertain them.

Reply Thu 10 Sep, 2020 04:36 pm

This is very interesting reading Teufel, maybe you can recommend a book? Yesterday I met an old friend from 20 years ago - but they replaced them with other people (just before 9/11). And this was a very interesting conversation.

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