Importing electronic from China - need your help

Sat 22 Jan, 2005 03:56 pm
It's my first topic so please don't be for me very hard Very Happy
I want to buy in China/Taiwan some DVD players/CD players/MP3 players and other electronic stuff but not very expensive. I need something cheap.
I have few questions:
1. Were can i find large data bank about electronic products and manufacturers ?
2. How can I check them ? I don't want to loose my money. Maybe you could recommend someone ?
3. I don't want bo buy much, FOB for me is 100 units Smile
4. Do every manufakturers give's fore their products warianty ? I haven't buy anything so i don't know that. I supose that if 3 DVD players have broken cost of sending is higher than value of them but i don't know that exacly.
5. How much will i have to pay for insurance ? How many % of value ?
6. Is import very risky ? What can happened ?
I'm from Poland if that's important.
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Sat 22 Jan, 2005 04:02 pm
I have forgoten
Where can i find something usefull about import ? I have written few topics on this forum but i think it's not enought even for a begining.
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Craven de Kere
Sun 23 Jan, 2005 06:56 pm
You seem to be searching for some easy shortcuts that don't exist.

Many of the cheap manufacturers don't have decent websites and the sourcing for this type of business is still being done primarily offline.
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Mon 24 Jan, 2005 03:38 am
How can i find them ?
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Craven de Kere
Mon 24 Jan, 2005 03:56 am
People usually find it through business networking, and while I can appreciate your desire to find a shortcut I hope you understand what the status quo is.

The easiest way would be to find out who the business you seek to emulate use, or to look at the products that you want to see the manufacturer.

If it's not on the product itself there are still ways to find out (e.g. place a phone call to a distributer to ask, look up importing documents etc) but I can't give you specifics there as I have not had to do that.
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Sun 30 Jan, 2005 08:49 pm
It is really difficult to buy only 100pcs at a very lower price. Almost certain, there would be no factories want to do that. However, it doesn't mean you don't have chance at all. Some factories may have some over run for other customers; you may want to check it out.
As for the database of manufactures, it is just too easy to get, go on Internet and type in a few key works in the search engine, you will get it.
It is a one-time deal for the factories considering the quantities you are buying, and you are right, sending defective products back to China is even more expensive than the products itself. So, warranties don't make too much sense in Poland for sure. The bet for you is find the reliable factories, their prices may a bit higher, but you will save a lot in future to replace returns from customers. Remember, in China, they can make anything depends on how much you wish to pay that. It is sometimes, unfair to say, Chinese only make low quality products, think of how much we are paying.
Insurance, 1-3% percent of 110% invoice value is the usual practice.
Anyway, I happen to have experience in these products, you can email me if you want to know something further.
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Shamla tech
Mon 22 Jan, 2018 01:09 am
Most of the exporters not having websites and trade only through alibaba. you can chcck there.
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