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Reply Tue 10 Oct, 2017 10:26 pm
…could anything be more controversial? Thanks once more, still again, to a2k for the opportunity to express myself . But critically more important is Creation, indirectly discussed' by Dish, 'The Planets,' Tue 10/10 in Science Ch 193, 10/10, discussing '…the mysterious secrets of the moon." where its unusual size is accounted for our Humanoid existence.

So looking back on many such speculations, conditions required for the evolvement of the Humanoid are so very rare as to conclude that there can't be more than a billion other inhabited planets in Our Universe. Still if that seems like a big number, the special, most diverse conditions of or own planet are so very rare as to guess that life on many of the remaining 999,999 million must not as incredibly diverse nor (if you like it here), as delightful. Indeed, some of 'em must be pretty miserable by comparison.

Now, on Her existence, or Her kindliness making things here so very good by comparison, there's a matter of grammar and logic. As an apodictical existential pantheist I can't see Her as a separate entity, arbitrarily creating at some indeterminate instant, for questionable reasons,, the entire Universe; where plain logic circumvents all such contradictory or paradoxical absurdities as plainly impossible, She/He/It/All being a single Big Blob, having existed forever in one form or another.

…the reason my proposal not making much sense to many of us, being that our thinking is so hopelessly limited by the dualistic Humanoid tendency to separate everything into discreet singularities; whereas actually nothing is entirely anything while everything is partly something else. Thus the apparently unresolvable controversy between the 'believer' and the 'athiest', for instance, is meaningless. If you wanna call the whole thing 'God,' well then okay. If not, well, that's okay too !!
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Reply Wed 11 Oct, 2017 06:49 am
The chance that any given sunset will end up the way it does are infinitesimally small, yet sunsets are inevitable.

We are the Sunset, looking at a photo of itself, and wondering how something so beautiful and unique could possibly have arisen.
Reply Wed 11 Oct, 2017 10:44 am
Ros well put indeed.
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