University Suspension Appeal Letter

Tue 5 Sep, 2017 09:25 pm
I really need any suggestions. I am very desperate to get back to school and not lose a year.
To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to appeal my current academic suspension from the Computer Science program. I was very disappointed with myself when I received the email informing me of my one-year suspension from school. I would like to urge you to accept me back into school for this year.

I will admit that my first year at university did not go as I had hoped it would. My first year at university was a very difficult time for me and my marks suffered as a result. I understand that the poor marks came from me however, I would like to explain the circumstances. My mental state was affected severely last year, I had some issues at home where I was very depressed. At the beginning of the year my parents weren't home for the first month of the term and as a result I was at home taking care of my three younger siblings. I spent a lot of time driving them to school, cooking, and watching over them. After my parents were back I was relieved of this however, and could focus again on my studies.

Two weeks after my parents had returned there was some family issues that arose. I was in constant argument with my father, with both verbal and physical arguments taking place I was always feeling down and upset. As the months went on so did my arguments with my father and eventually got to a serious point where I was told to leave the house. I spent a couple of weeks away from home, sometimes spending nights at the streets and some nights at friends. This really had a severe effect on me and made me feel extremely depressed. I struggled with going to school and even finding any means to live. Eventually my mother told me to come back home and that we would have a talk. My parents were debating on getting a divorce and I was told that it was due to the constant arguments between me and my father, so I felt that I was the one to be blamed for my parent’s divorce. Carrying this burden was truly not easy. During this time, I feel that it was my fault that I had not contacted my professors informing them of some issues that were going on at home or even possibly taking a leave of absence until my issues at home were resolved. I still went to all my classes however, it was just too difficult to keep on track and focus. This lead me to feel hopeless as my marks slipped and I couldn’t recover them during the Fall/Winter term.

I made the mistake of taking summer courses after I was put on probation. I believed that I could push through and get some credits back that I was unable to in the Fall/Winter term. However, my issues which I stated earlier at home where not entirely cleared up and as a result a couple of issues caused me to get into a depressed state and really made me struggle my studies. Near the end of the summer term, my father and I decided to go to the doctors and see what we could do to fix our issues. After a couple of sessions with the doctor I believe that I was able to fix the complications I lived with my father.

My plans to succeed at school is to spend more time at school so that I can complete my homework without any distractions. I was given medicine to help with my depression and will continue to take my medicine for my ADHD. This will help me keep a clear mind and help me focus on my studies. To ensure that I stay on track with my school work I will get a tutor which helped me in high school where I was able to achieve high marks and get into university. I would very much appreciate a second chance because I believe that I have what it takes to achieve good grades. I truly feel that I am a good student who had one poor year.
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