Landlady wants me to move out in five days

Reply Wed 26 Jul, 2017 08:18 pm
My roommate and I renewed a lease earlier this year for one year. My roommate submitted a 30-day moving notice to our landlady on July 1st (career-related reasons). So my roommate is moving out on the 31st. But I had no plan to move, as I can't afford to go anywhere. I found someone to move in with me and sign a lease, but when I called to schedule a meeting, my landlady told me I was expected to be out at the end of the month as well.

She told me she doesn't know enough about me to allow me to continue living in my current residence. I provided a list of references when I moved in, the neighbors in our duplex have never complained about anything I do, nor has my roommate. When I offered to provide more references- personal and professional- my landlady said it wouldn't do and said again that I have to leave.

What action can/should I take from here? I was under the impression that only my roommate was terminating his lease, and mine was valid through the remaining ten months.
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Tenant law is by state. In my State (Massachusetts) there are tenant rights organizations who will offer you advice for free. You should talk to them.

You need good legal advice based on the State where you live.
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Reply Fri 28 Jul, 2017 10:39 am
Here is a link for US Department of Housing and Urban Development


You should be able to just click on your state and read what your rights are - many also have a link to click to get legal help, numbers to call - often of these are free depending on your financial need. But this is at least a good start and should have someone you can contact for guidance.

But it sounds fishy to me - if both your names are on the lease your landlord I would think in most cases would have to get notice by both of you.
emmett grogan
Reply Fri 28 Jul, 2017 10:46 am
The contract was broken with the roommate's exit. The best the writer can hope for is a one month time to move. For which he will need a lawyer/advocate since tenants rights are those in laws written by landlord lobbies.
Reply Fri 28 Jul, 2017 11:27 am
@emmett grogan,
It depends on the what is stated in the lease and also her state laws. If both signed the lease like this sounds like - then (at least from where I live) the other roommate can keep the lease but she is responsible for the full rent payment.

Many states also would require at least a 30 day notification even in the case where a renter does not have a lease in place. Since the lease is in place (again depending on the local laws and how the lease is written up) - even if one roommate breaks the lease - the other can keep it but they are responsible for paying the full amount - the other thing is the landlord may not potentially allow another renter usually they have to agree to sublet situation.
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