Obstruction of Justice: Trump asked Comey to shut down investigation of Flynn

Reply Fri 26 May, 2017 10:31 pm
Quote oralloy:
The Democrats only cut the deficit. It took Newt to eliminate the deficit.

If the Democrats didn't slash the deficit by over 40%, the Republicans never get the chance to eliminate it.

Quote oralloy:
The Republican budget fights started when Newt became speaker in 1995. That is when Newt's influence began improving the economy.

Newt never improved the economy over what the Democrats handed him. The GDP growth for the first two years under Gingrich's Speakership was no better than the GDP growth the Democratic House and Senate achieved before Newt ever became Speaker.

Quote oralloy:
The Democrats fought Newt bitterly when he tried to cut spending. And now you are trying to give the Democrats credit for what Newt achieved.

Newt didn't achieve any improvements in the economy. His policies didn't improve GDP growth over what Clinton & The Democrats achieved without him.
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