Whole grain bread and its discontents... a matter for US children's luc

Reply Tue 2 May, 2017 03:43 pm
This all started quite long ago now, but has risen re new interest recently:
There is an article in Slate on proposed changes re school lunches that I can't right now paste here. I will, after I reboot (I hope), but I'll start the thread first.

A somewhat picky eater as a child, I changed over time to much more adventurous, but my progress had bumps. One of the bumps, well into my teens, and quite beyond, was my distaste for whole wheat bread. I'd not heard of whole grain bread, much less whole grain bread with seeds.

It turned out that my not liking any of that was that the whole wheat bread I ever ran into back then was similar to what I think of as the same old "slimyness" as Weber's white bread, or was it Wonder Bread, in the Chicago area in the '50's.
One sunny day, friends introduced me to real breads, and I gradually became a gung ho bread baker myself, bread of many types. So it goes...

So, the fellow, Purdue I think is his name, the guy who will oversee the children's lunch situation, says a lot of Michele Obama's preferences won't change, but some will, as kids will just toss stuff they hate. I get that he might be right re some many kids. Being me now, and not back then, I'm all for healthy food - but I'm wondering if both types of bread can be available..
for gradual change.

Then there's the milk thing - if I read it right, they're to get only 1% fat in milk. Mmm? I take it that is from Michelle's list? I'm a full fat dairy person myself. My brain/body needs a tad of fat. I old, I'm slim, my bp is just swell, no pills/medications except the rare 1/2 benadryl; cholesterol fine. Oh, eyedrops, but that's a decades old need for good reason.

I should add that my best school lunches were from the female cooks at St. Nick's in Evanston. Far as I remember, they were german women with a hefty love of kids and food.

What are your thoughts?
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Reply Tue 2 May, 2017 05:15 pm
We get our bread from a local bread company, it's called "Woodstock", has all sorts of ancient grains and seeds and whatnot...that **** is the best bread ever.

Milk comes from a dairy just across the state line, not homogenized, full fat with the "cream top", bottled in glass jugs like they used to. I grew up on fresh dairy milk (mom and dad had a dairy), it's the closest I've ever found that matches that real milk flavor.

Our four year old is probably one of the more pretentious eaters I know. This morning he has an egg (local free range) on sour dough (from the local place) all with a warm salad of baby romaine...and half of an avacado. Give kids a chance to eat really good food and they look at you like you're crazy when you put heavily processed crap in front of them.
Reply Sun 7 May, 2017 01:30 pm
Sounds wonderful, tibble.
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Reply Sun 7 May, 2017 01:56 pm
I found the article -- I had spelled Perdue incorrectly. Oof!

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