Have things changed here?

Reply Tue 25 Apr, 2017 11:01 am
Please anyone, can you confirm my impression that censorship software has lately become more agressive

...or is it that my postings have become more offensive

....or in fact is it all hinge on software deficiencies rather than aggressiveness, some sort of inability to distinguish between humor and insult

Incidentally, in spite of my apparent hostility until recently I have found a2k to be one of the very best, exchanging very intelligent and pertinent rounds of q. I only wish the software weren't so very fussy and prohibitive, that it were more selective in the subtler regards

One pic invading my flighty mind is a Mgmt of dozens of more mature tho highly ed. fems sitting at a round a round table minutely examining every morning each and every new posting with some sort of digital machine in the center paying esp attn to the ones from troublesome contributors like Dale...

Just kiddin' guys. Your machines tho hafta learn how to tell the diff
Reply Tue 25 Apr, 2017 11:25 am
As if to confirm my suspicions, I reflected that these girls must work exceedingly fast when encountering somebody of my fierce temperament; because when I last tried to edit, I was refused by their crazy software

...though I've learned how to deal with some of it. For instance, if you're refused, and if you're alert, a quick click on the left arrow will bring up your comm in the 'edit' window still again

...though a little later your OP might vanish for no apparent reason...

Mgrs, again I'm just kiddin' ya
We still love ya; though as time flies some of us might also...
Reply Tue 25 Apr, 2017 11:36 am
Copy of 'Contact us' msg. Forgive me Mgrs, but sometimes I feel like I'm not gettin' thru:

Guys, gals, please don't take me so seriously

By the way I just encountered another sftw peculiarity: When I attempt to italicize a word in my message, my Mac jumps from a2k to Email

Honest to God

But sorta just kiddin' again, gals. Actualy I understand about the diff 'tween the 'Alt' and '' Guess " keys, where some keyboards have only one of 'em and others, both. However it's this kind of software lunacy that drives some of us to distraction. But ya hafta 'stand that some of us aren't digital genius

Do keep up the 'good' work
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Fil Albuquerque
Reply Tue 25 Apr, 2017 11:39 am
You give a **** for what the AI reflects or what the "sanitising clean team" thinks, or even the posters? Be you Dale!
You to old to give a **** about whatever asshole with an ongoing frustration thinks bout you. You're fine!
Reply Tue 25 Apr, 2017 12:02 pm
@Fil Albuquerque,
Thank you Fil, you're indeed one of the fine fellas hereabout

You give a **** for ... AI ....or ... "sanitising clean team"... or even the posters?
I derive from all the most delirious guffaw. With you and the other Good Guys, I also get a lift that brightens the rest of the day

Be you Dale!
Oh Alb, I assure you I am, I do

too old to give a **** ...You're fine!
Erq, thank you again. So far, with yourself I've logged here 26 'Good Guys' and only 23 'Not'

My posts get deleted so oft, however, I've considered quittin' 'cause some of 'em I thot, were really well written. Has sumptin' to do w/softweare

I think
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Reply Tue 25 Apr, 2017 12:03 pm
I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that you are being targeted with censorship or that it has increased. I've (for some reason) read a few of the vanished threads you've made and get the feeling they may just be filed under "annoying". Some are just repeats of threads you've made before, others seem to just casually address a posters...usually giving no name, just your abbreviation for the name, and then a link to their post. Why do that? Just respond to the member within the thread, that way they might see it!

Regarding your editing issue mentioned above, you likely ran out of editorial time and the window closed. Happens to many of us, that's how life goes. Accept it.

That is all.
Reply Tue 25 Apr, 2017 12:15 pm
may just be filed under "annoying"
Yea Stur, I'm sure ur right abt that. But can you tell us how to access it....

What I'm thinkin, there's a link ]somewhere lableled 'noyd' or 'gresve' where we can click to read 'em

Some are just repeats of threads you've made before,
Sometimes it seems that way but they really aren't. First of all, the crazy software can't tell the diff, where I get cut off and hasta generate a new OP; second, where I accidentally hit the wrong key, hafta wait two minutes, then save, etc etc, etc, all nutty software peculiarities....then I note two identical postings but find the dumb software won't let me delete...on and on, etc etc

....like, it likes 'hasta' but not 'hafta'. It's absurd

others... casually address ... giving no name, just your abbreviation ... then a link ...Why do that?
Good q Gis. 'Cause saves keystrokes

... editing issue...ran out of editorial time and the window closed
Of course Urg, I realize that most fully, but I kid 'em a whole lot

Accept it....That is all.
Thanks again Stu, it's a real pleasure chattin' w/u

...this time anyhow
Reply Tue 25 Apr, 2017 01:19 pm
Mgrs pse forgive me for two in rapid succession but ur software won't let me add it to the one below. In other words, while I'm still editing you cut me off. Really, I' not Sparing or Spamming or wehatever you callit, I'm just tryin' to edit the thing. So please please don't misinterpret this posdting: I just wanted to add a comment at the bottom !

...while this isn't about you but Apple/Mac:

Open Letter to A/M: In your last Email junket you made so many mistakes you'r driving many of us across The Pit, like how you make it so hard to edit a letter. One in particular is your practice now of shoving two, three, or five or six letters together so when I click on the one I wanna review I get a half-dozen more in which I'm not at all interested. If you've any sense whatever, just gimmie the one I click on

Now, a2k buddies, I'm wondering if any of you guys had noted that obvious deficiency, and if so whether you hate it as much as I

Guys, Ed'd to crit the Cap.: You (Spell Ed's make it so difficult for the typical speedreader: (1) paint it (or all three); (2) click on 'Edit' ; (3) Click on 'Transformations' ; (4) click on 'Capitalize,'

...by which time you've hit another stray key and so need 7 more key clicks and 'paintin's'

.....while I see you haven't done anything about the bottom umpin' up and down. Sure, it might not be an a2k deficiency but Apple/Mac, I'll never know. But if the latter, why can't you write to 'em and tell'em about it. They might even respond...if they can understand what you're sayin'....

....oh and 'umpin'' means 'jumpin,' which is short for 'jumping,' which means to leap or jiggle, usdu up and down.

You just gotta learn t]at neew rule: Owing to that typ[o in yhoujr hiring instgructions you just gotta change 'below' to 'above,' so you don't get so many handicapped....

Oh, an 't]at' doesn't often refer to AT&T but is simply a misspelling of "'that,' a very common mistke since the '[' is made with the same finger as the ' ' '

...or am I so fr behind your reasoning powers t[hat......
....while gee, guys it's a missp of 'for' fr God sake
Reply Tue 25 Apr, 2017 01:21 pm
Hey Mgrs, thanks fellas! It got saved. !! The entire posting !! ??... but don't expose it to those new gals 'cause they'll think it's an OP copy etc and delete it

Edited to tnak you guys again. Gee, ten minutes later and it's still there
!!! ???

...while 'tnak' is a missp of 'thank' also....
...eventually you'll catch on...
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