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A couple of days ago i had mstch class and in the break me and my friend were playing with water bottles i tried to dodge the water skd accudemtly bumped into the table that the person that was sitting behind was using, she had her phone on the table amd when i bumped into the table the phone fell down and it broke. I daid i was very sorry and that i didnt mean to. The screen was already broken before it fell down but because the svreen was aleeady broken it didnt stand much so the Wholee svreen broke, after a week she told me that the whole phone was broken because somethin inside broke amd that i should pay and that she had to buy a new phone. (She had a iphone 6 and bought a iphone 7). She said that i should pay around 250euros. Now my questipn is should i pay al of that because the screen was already broken and i am suprised that the phone totally broke when i fell down from a table ( mine have never beem destroted from that heiight) her phone didnt have any screen protecter or any thong protecting it and it was already damaged. It fell from a table and still broke and i accudenlty bumped into her table, should i pay? I am happy to pay somthing like 50 euros but i fell tjat 150 and over is to much. But i would like to know your opinion.
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In my opinion, you were doing what we in Britain call 'arsing about', faire le con, Fàri 'u scèmu, etc. you must pay.
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In the 1970s, when I worked in an engineering workshop, we had teenage apprentices, and 'indulging in horseplay' was frowned upon. Usually a warning was given, and if the misbehaviour was repeated, an apprenticeship could be terminated. I told my father about this, and he said that in his day (the 1930s), the usual punishment was a punch in the mouth from the foreman.
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centrox wrote:
in his day (the 1930s), the usual punishment was a punch in the mouth from the foreman.

This was the Derby works of the London, Midland and Scottish Railway ("the LMS").
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A. Was the screen already broken, and will she or someone else admit that?

B. Seems to me that what you owe is the worth of an Iphone 6 about as old as hers was, not the price of a new phone. That's how the insurance companies usually pay off. Looks to me she is upgrading at your expense.

If her screen already was broken, if you gave her a used Iphone 6 off Ebay with a new battery, she's coming out ahead. If it was an item that only cost 25 euro, you should get a new one just for putting her through the inconvenience. 250 euro is a significant amount of money and I wouldn't agree to foot the bill for a whole upgrade.
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Blickers has it. If anything, you owe her the value of a used Iphone 6 with a cracked screen. You do not owe her the value of a new phone of any type.
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Reply Fri 17 Feb, 2017 11:19 pm
Geez, I've just checked out the price of used Iphone 6s on Ebay and Craig's list. $200, (188 euros), or more.

Was she standing or sitting at the table when you bumped into it? Because if she was not situated right with the phone, but standing some distance away doing something else, I'm beginning to wonder why she wasn't taking better care of such an expensive piece of equipment.

I realize it's been a long time since I went to school, but when I went there was no way we could just play around and end up responsible for a 188 euro bill or it's equivalent. If you work a full 40 hours at minimum wage in America-that's at an adult wage-after taxes you'll take home about 235 euros. If she just left that phone on the table and walked away....I still think you owe her something but she also had responsibility to take better care of that phone as well, and I would negotiate to pay her less. If she was sitting or standing right next to it, then you should pay her the equivalent of a used Iphone 6 with a broken screen, like ehBeth said.

That's a damned expensive thing to bring to school.
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