Have Israelis Just Uncovered The Smoking Gun?

Reply Sat 1 Feb, 2003 08:08 pm
Hmmm - there is nothing on the defecting bodyguard on Australia's main quality news service - they must have heard it - checking sources?
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Reply Sat 1 Feb, 2003 08:37 pm
From a Swiss News Source, oblique reference to "The Bodyguard":
(An older article re-published today in their "Background" section)


Saddam's Son Uday: The Crown Prince
Revelations of a Defected Private Secretary
Victor Kocher
According to a defector, Iraqi President Saddam Hussein's son Uday is being groomed for a major role in the government. Uday's former private secretary reports on his empire of youth and sports associations, newspapers and TV stations, as well as operations for smuggling oil and cigarettes and for the currency black market.

"The top man on the ladder of power, after Saddam Hussein, is his son Uday," says the latter's former confidant and one-time cabinet chairman. "Then comes Kusay, the other son, and finally Abed Hamid Mahmoud, the husband of Saddam's sister, who is his oldest bodyguard and also his personal pilot."

The chief bodyguard's name matches.

Curiouser and curiouser.

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Walter Hinteler
Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2003 02:40 am
Well, Focus doesn't have this news online, so I have to wait to read it tomorrow.
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Walter Hinteler
Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2003 02:44 am
Actually this news here

US punishes Ukraine over Iraq claim

is confirmed, although nearly two days old.
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Walter Hinteler
Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2003 03:07 am
Actually, this has been a news yesterday.

It was published by several (conservative) German papers and tv-news and is the main story in the Sunday (conservative) tabloid "Bild am Sonntag".

BND says that UN as well as the USA have been informed months ago.
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Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2003 03:27 am
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Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2003 08:18 am
Someone posted this on Abuzz. He did not provide a link, and when I searched the Post's site I could not find it. I asked the writer to post the link to the story!

Could This Be Iraq's 'Smoking Gun' ?

Feb. 2, 2003
Saddam's bodyguard warns of secret arsenal

Jerusalem Post

Saddam Hussein's senior bodyguard has fled with details of Iraq's secret arsenal.

His revelations have supported US President George W. Bush's claim there is enough
evidence from UN inspectors to justify going to war.

Abu Hamdi Mahmoud has provided Israeli intelligence with a list of sites that the
inspectors have not visited.

They include:

AN underground chemical weapons facility at the southern end of the Jadray Peninsula in

A SCUD assembly area near Ramadi. The missiles come from North Korea;

TWO underground bunkers in Iraq's Western Desert. These contain biological weapons.

William Tierney, a former UN weapons inspector who has continued to gather information on
Saddam's arsenal, said Mahmoud's information is "the smoking gun".

"Once the inspectors go to where Mahmoud has pointed them, then it's all over for Saddam,"
Tierney said.

Tierney, who has high-level contacts in Washington that go to the White House, said the
information we publish today on Mahmoud's revelations "checks out, absolutely checks out".

Mahmoud was a mem ber of the elite unit that protects Saddam.

It is called the Murasiq Qun the "Inner Circle".

He was known as "The Gatekeeper".

Mahmoud is a muscular Saddam lookalike often photographed standing behind Saddam when he
is seated, or to his left when on the move.

Last week, Mahmoud was being debriefed at a high-security base in Israel's Negev Desert.

Ariel Sharon, the country's hard-line prime minister, has only allowed snippets of
Mahmoud's sensational claims to be shared with the CIA and MI6.

"Sharon intends to shatter the growing anti-war movement," a source close to Mr. Sharon

"He plans to call all those European leaders who are wavering to let them know how Saddam
has continued to fool Hans Blix and his weapons inspectors."

Mahmoud's revelations include locations of five bunkers buried beneath man-made sand

Stockpiled in the bunkers are warheads identical to the empty shell cases found two weeks
ago by the UN inspectors.

Mahmoud said those shells were on their way to be refilled and stored in the bunkers.

A transcript from his debriefing includes:

"Saddam's weapons of mass destruction are also concealed in a tunnel complex deep beneath
the sewers of Baghdad and in an underground complex in Ouja, to the north of Tikrit."

"The complex was built five years ago with help from Chinese engineers."

"The entrance to the site is through a house in Tikrit. It is the home of one of Saddam's
cousins and is more than half a mile from where the weapons are stored."

In another excerpt from his debriefing, Mahmoud boasts: "I was inside the innermost circle
where Saddam eats and sleeps."

"I was among the handful of bodyguards closest to him."

"Very few people are allowed close to Saddam."

"Many of the TV images you see of him were taken years ago. Most people now only speak to
him over the phone. He usually calls them."

"If they have to call him back with information he wants, it is passed through his sons
(Uday and Qusay) or (Deputy Prime Minister) Tariq Aziz."

"All those close to him have codes, which they use to access the outer circle. But even
they can only come so close to Saddam before there is a
cut-off point the Inner Circle. Even Tariq Aziz is checked to see if he is carrying

"Saddam knows fortunes are being offered to have him assassinated."

Saddam's paranoia increased after Uday, his eldest son, narrowly escaped assassination
when gunmen riddled his car with bullets in 1996. Uday was partially paralysed and uses a

To avoid falling victim to even his own bodyguards, Saddam is a walking arsenal.

"He has concealed guns all over his body," Mahmoud said.

"He also has panic buttons to press if he even suspects somebody is about
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Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2003 08:28 am
Skeptical reminder...do we recall the revelation that Iraqui forces were entering Kuwaiti hospitals and pulling the plugs on all the incubators? Authorship for this little tidbit of emotion-stoking fiction later proudly acknowledged by the royal family in Kuwait.
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Walter Hinteler
Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2003 09:45 am

The last article on the online edition of 'The Jerusalem Post' [Daily Edition]by Elli Wohlgelernter is of Jan 30, 2003, on page 1 offline edition, titled : Shransky steps down as MK

The article you copied above, is completely identical to the one in Herald Sun (Sunday edition).

BTW: the online edition of the Jerusalem Post has nothing to this up to now.
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Walter Hinteler
Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2003 10:08 am
Actually, I think, those tapes by the NSA could be more relevant.

"Other officials cautioned, however, against viewing the intercepts as the long-sought "smoking gun" in the search for Iraq's purported stockpile of banned weapons. There may still be some ambiguity about what the Iraqis are referring to in some of the conversations. Some of the material being concealed may be precursors to building weapons, or even documents and computer disks as opposed to actual chemical or biological weapons themselves. The transcripts "show that there's been a pattern of deception," said another official, who had been briefed on the evidence. "But does that make the case that you have to go to war?" "

Caught on Tape
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Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2003 11:30 am

Nice link, thank you.

The problem of 'interpretation' of photos and audio tapes is not small. One afternoon on campus a bit more than a decade ago, an eager and fresh-faced young christian way-laid me outside a lecture hall and suggested I really ought to come inside for a presentation that would reveal the true nature of heavy metal music. As I am ever on the look out for 'true natures' yet have proved disappointingly inept at spotting them myself, I accepted, went in and sat down for the show.

It was a touring show, vaudeville style...a stop at campus X, then back into the (likely clean) bus and off to campus Y, voices lifted in songs of armagaeddon-joy. The lights went off, a screen dropped down, the film projector hummed, and the audio came on at appropriate rock decibel level but, of course, playing song bits backwards...."ummma glubbpat sheeeeee SATAN biscotoots". We, the raptly attentive audience were aided in our focus by a series of slides with helpful sentences like that quote above (on swirly psychedelic backgrounds) to ensure we didn't miss the 'SATAN' bit. To make sure we got it, they played it over and over. Pretty soon, Satan (on first listening, only 'isssaintnaaaa' or something like that, was clearly popping up all over the place and ... how the hell had I missed this before? What with playing records backwards the way I do all the time.
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Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2003 12:08 pm
One more link regarding Iraqi bodyguard that deserted (his name, however, differs from this appearing in the Timberlandko's source):The Iraqi Republican Guard is a myth.
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Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2003 12:27 pm
steissd, I came across the two debkafile articles too, and while debkafile can hardly be called impartial, they do turn up decent info once in a while. The reading I get from their pieces is that they are discussing a different individual than that referred to in the article I originally linked to. As for the debkafile bodyguard's assertion "The Republican Guard is a myth" ... well, I think Iraqi Military Capability in general is a myth, one about to be very effectively and conclusively dispelled.

Still, neither "Bodyguard Story" seems to be getting much credence or further notice. The German BND item, however, is getting ever-wider play. Monday's news will be focussed yet on The Columbia Tragedy, and Powell's Wednesday presentation is likely the first real "hard news" we're going to get.

We shall see.

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Walter Hinteler
Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2003 12:37 pm
"The German BND item", timber, had been published by "Der Spiegel" in late November - without getting any further comment.
Now, when some German conservative backbenchers are trying to get in the headlines, 'Focus' (rival newspaper to 'Der Spiegel') was looking for a headline ... ...
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Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2003 12:39 pm
All these pieces are complementary one to another, and they help us to understand the complicated pattern of the country that will soon undergo serious changes (I mean, Iraq).
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Reply Sun 2 Feb, 2003 12:44 pm
Thanks for pointing that out, Walter. A little further digging has gotten me there too. I am perplexed. It does appear we will have to wait for Powell's presentation, and the reaction to it.

We shall see.

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