Are all discussions in human history equal?

cicerone imposter
Reply Wed 10 Aug, 2016 10:29 am
Have you heard about the problems Russia had some years ago because their infrastructure was lacking? Many of their foodstuffs rotted in their trucks.

Also, the French farmers dumped food because of the sanctions against Russia.\

It also seems the inflation in food cost is a big problem in Russia.
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Reply Wed 10 Aug, 2016 03:52 pm
If I were to argue that what gets discussed never changes in value (so a discussion about marriage is always the same), would that be a problem if different instances of the same something being discussed has different impacts on reality elsewhere?
E.g. a discussion about marriage in the 1910's that indirectly causes the first world war, and a discussion about marriage in the 21st century that means the difference of whether someone has a career.
Reply Sat 3 Sep, 2016 10:51 pm
I am not really sure if you are talking about marriage, because during the 21st century there was a moral changes in general. it was a kind of disillusionment in all aspect of human life. Perhaps, marriage if civil it would happen because t'was only a part of shift in attitude.
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