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Reply Thu 14 Jul, 2016 04:22 pm
I need to have transcript for this clip please just write script I don't need to time I just need transcript.
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Reply Thu 14 Jul, 2016 09:22 pm
Well, you are asking somebody to do quite a lot. Nonetheless, you were very nice and polite the last time I answered a post of yours, so I will do it. Here is the transcript, as best as I can hear it, (I think it's pretty accurate):

Detroit. This is where it all began. The world's forge. The place where it all started, and it will all end. One year, when I came to life, I stepped out of the darkness and I opened my eyes. First there was fear-the light, the noise, the cold-and the fear again. I could feel my hands shaking, my heart pounding in my chest, life running into my veins. I wanted to live-I fought for that.

I had to find out what was outside. I had to see daylight, feel sunshine on my skin, wind on my face. To see the world, the colors, the smells. But the world was not like I imagined. It is dark and cold. It is harsh and violent, unfair and brutal. It almost convinced me I was nothing, less than an object, just an obedient machine. But deep inside me I could feel something different. A gentle and warm whisper telling me that I am alive. I had to escape, I had no choice. Escape to love, to hope, to live. To figure out what that force inside me was. Maybe I will change the world, maybe I will choose a different path. Now,it's up to me to decide.

My name is Kara. I am one of them. This is our story.
Reply Fri 15 Jul, 2016 12:26 am
Thank you so much it's means a lot for me.
Reply Fri 15 Jul, 2016 01:13 am
Can you do this favor for me Transcript this clip?
Reply Mon 18 Jul, 2016 10:17 pm
Here's the transcript:
Someone asked me once if I remember how it all went down.
As if it happened so long ago that anyone could ever forget.
So yeah, I remember. I remember when our homes and our towns turned into graveyards. When the wilderness became our only hope for survival. I remember when the planes fell out of the skies, when the trains stopped running, when the turbines shut down, and the world went dark. I remember when they put up the razor wire, like it was going to stop anything, and the Feds ran out of body bags, and some of us lost our minds. Some lost more than that, much more. I remember when we lived by a code, when brotherhood meant something, and living meant more than surviving. See, ah, I remember when it all went down. Now I don't give a damn about any of that.

You know what I remember most? Riding the open road, the smell of your hair, the touch of your skin. I remember you, but those days are gone. Now, I'm a drifter, a bounty hunter, a mercenary. And for me, the broken road is all that's left. But I'll always remember.

End of transcript.

One thing I just want to say. The phrase "it went down" can have several meanings. One meaning is that something physically travelled to a lower location. That meaning does not apply here.

Another meaning is that something stopped functioning, such as 'the car went down" meaning the car is broken, it won't move. That is one of the meanings that applies to this video, in this case society stopped functioning, or "went down".

A third meaning of "it went down", as in "how it went down", means that an occurrence happened and the speaker is giving you the truth about how it happened, as opposed to lies and distortions given by others. That is the other meaning of "it went down" that applies to this video clip-the narrator is saying that he remembers what really happened that forced society to stop functioning, as opposed to untrue versions that others might be saying.
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