Favorite Hip Hop Songs Of All Time

Fri 21 May, 2021 07:30 pm
@Real Music,
SpenDoe x Snoop Dogg - Boss'N
Real Music
Sat 22 May, 2021 01:13 am
Welcome to A2k.
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Tue 8 Jun, 2021 02:53 pm
Hi Real Music! There were discussions between us, earlier, several times. Also during this topic, 1st, 2nd page, let me put it here in whole -- sorry for not using the quotation button of the system, I thought this simpler in this way. So:
Hi Real Music! Maybe you can tell me what is the song I've searching for a long time ago. It too is from the very early years of hip hop. When I heard it I didn't speak English at all (and even now not perfectly), therefore the lyrics I can present is quite nonsense but maybe you (or anybody else) can recognize it. So:
"Listen to to the sing you're right, listen to the check it outside!"
I need more clues:
Is it a single rapper, duo, or group?
Are they female or male rappers?
Do you know any lines or phrases in the song that repeats itself?
Do you have any idea of the year the song came out?
Thanks for your trying to help. These are two guys, one of them in red gear (red baseball hat too) in the video, and with a stout build. There was nothing else in the video which I remember, just they and the mike. The quoted part was the chorus part, a sung part (with a female voice, maybe). Unfortunately I can't take it down. (Nothing else part I can remember, only scratched "listen to, listen to.") I saw it in the 90's ,in a Yo! MTV Raps weekend, in which the clips went in chronological order. It was one of the first third video, so it must have been one of the earliest classics. And yes, it was very cool, like a real classic of the old times.
So, it's really funny that 5 years after our above discussion, now I've found that song (though not that live video that I was talking about, but the original clip). It's no wonder that you wasn't able to help me, our English was really devastating, now I see. But please check this song, it's really great!
Real Music
Sun 20 Jun, 2021 12:00 pm
1. I am happy that you found the song that you were searching for.
2. Yes, I know the song from your link.
3. Yes, I know the rap duo Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock.
4. That duo also had another hit titled "Joy and Pain"
Sun 20 Jun, 2021 03:00 pm
@Real Music,
I've already listened to their other songs, too, after my message, thinking better late than never. Besides, I've read about them, and realized that EZ Rock has died in 2014. R.I.P.
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Mon 21 Jun, 2021 11:29 pm
@Real Music,
The Box by Roddy Ricch
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Fri 19 Nov, 2021 01:41 am
@Real Music,
Outkast - Ms. Jackson
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