How many books have you read?

Reply Mon 18 Apr, 2016 03:47 pm
No idea how many books I've read. Thousands would probably sum it up best.

In the early years there were regular trips to the library, starting at whatever age I got that first library card.

There was also the weekly trip to the school library. The visits there included lessons from the librarian. We learned the Dewey decimal system and the purpose, reason and usage of the card catalog.

Then one day I was summoned away from the library to the Principal's office. I sat across the desk from him and had to read a few paragraphs from a book which I'd taken out at an earlier time.

Apparently, the idea of a 3rd grader taking out a book listed for 6th graders was not the norm. Once he knew I could read and understand the text, he sent me on my way.

I stopped reading full books after that for about 3 years. I went so far as making up books in order to write a book report. Other times I would read the dust jacket and 4 or 5 pages in the book and write a report based on that. It was sufficient to get (not necessarily earn ) passing grades.

Returned to reading when in junior high and have continued since, occasionally stopping for several months at a time.
Reply Mon 18 Apr, 2016 04:21 pm

In my house I have hundreds, not a good thing and I have plans to give to places, university or garden people.

I do wish whatever the italian community is about here in New Mexico, would contact me.

I have early books, gleaned from used book stores, but real.

I would give my stuff to the UNM italian department, but they don't have one.

Reply Mon 18 Apr, 2016 04:36 pm
Any other italian department in a university interested?

Oh, never mind. I can sell stuff. I was demented to think someone might like the swath of it. Maybe I can still work it alla amazon.
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cicerone imposter
Reply Mon 18 Apr, 2016 05:12 pm
That reminded me of my childhood when I used to go to the public library almost regularly. However, I don't remember ever checking out any books.
Today, we have more CD's than books, because my wife has a collection of Korean tv shows. It fills up one bookcase about four feet tall in the extra bedroom.
Our son who lives in Austin has one bedroom full of books. He's always been an avid reader.
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Reply Thu 14 Jul, 2016 04:04 pm
Asimov's Foundation series. Some of Arthur Clarke's works. The Time Machine. Birdsong. The Help. Nightfall.

I've also read a fair number of history books (years ago).
cicerone imposter
Reply Thu 18 Jul, 2019 01:49 pm
Sad to see the inactivity the past several. years on this forum. Since then, I've met Bob Brodsky, rocket scientist and writer, and have read several of his books. They're mostly autobiographical, but interesting enough on the subject of his career as professor and scientist. He passed away recently, after we kept in touch for many years. I just ran across some emails he sent to me that I made hard copies. One was a Season's Greeting in December of 2014, and the other was a "happy birthday" wish from him and his wife. https://www.claremont-courier.com/articles/obituaries/t19823-brodsky-obit
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Reply Fri 19 Jul, 2019 06:36 am
I can recall when I would always have a paperback book in a pocket but now with a nook e-reader I can carry way over a thousand books with me for the space one paperback book took up.

Love technology.
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Reply Tue 30 Jul, 2019 11:04 am
At this point, I have hundreds of books, even more if we count comic books.

Last year, I have read 68 books, with the longest I have read that year was Swan Song by Robert McCammon

This year, so far, I have read 36 books.
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