The recent earthquake in Afghanistan is due to human involvement.

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The strongest in the last 10 years earthquake with a magnitude of 7.5 occurred in Afghanistan in late October this year. According to Abraham Bishop, a geology researcher, an in-depth probe into the reasons of a series of the surprisingly powerful shocks must be started. Mr. Bishop believes that the epicenter of the earthquake is located in seismically relatively calm region where earthquakes of such high magnitudes are not common at all. The expert is sure that "there had been actually no natural causes for such a disaster to happen". "We have every reason to believe that the shocks were provoked by some outward forces. Human involvement is the main factor to be blamed in this case.....It appears, that they once again employed a secret geophysical project DAPRA. In the aftermath of its prior application in Haiti in 2010 there was a real catastrophe there". The researcher is sure that DAPRA has been used since the 1980s in the development of the weapon able to provoke earthquakes. And only due to a real breakthrough in this field during recent years the epicenter area has been widened from 13 km (in Haiti) up to 212 km (in Afghanistan).
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we have two guys here who would eat this up. Their names are gungasnakkke and Quahog
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Perhaps your "Mr Bishop" needs some more training in geophysics. The earthquake epicenter was in the NE part of Afghanistan, a USGS determined "high return frequency for earthquakes of energy levels III). Also, the "hypocenter" was quite shallow, guaranteeing surface damage. All you need do is to look at fault maps of Afghanistan, its like a plate of spaghetti

Id suggest a quick scan through
USGS Open File Report-2005-1264
"Seismotectonic MAp of Afghanistan"

Rather tha publishing such bullshit.
As far as Haiti-that too is an area of high energy seismic event returns.
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Damn that well fracking, anyway.
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