What is money ?

Reply Wed 18 Mar, 2015 02:59 pm
Well the reason that I asking such a obvious question is because I think not many people knows the answer.

And it's important to clarify that doubt because we need money to survive, everyone uses it, everyone wants it and everyone works for it.

Well, I thing most of people never thought about it. Actually I would say that almost nobody knows what money is.

Money ais not GOLD, are not Coins, ais not paper! Those things were used as money, but they are not money.
Money are services and contributions:
I plant apple trees, so I can have apples to eat and to exchange for your potatoes, if I don’t have space to plant potatoes. So in this scenario apples are the money I use.
Money is something that needs to have value enough to pay my work and contribution so after I can exchange for something else - can be ANYTHING!
But the reason that we choice something different than apples and potatoes, is because they cannot last for too long and for that it’s impossible to grow wealth or keep it to use in the future.

In our history money used to be food, metals and now is paper. Because it lasts more than food, and it is easier to produce than metals.

In my point of view there’s nooooooo such a thing as money inflation. The only thing that should put value on money is how much you work, how much you contribute for society growth.

We don’t see that the world is becoming TOO small to have so MANY currencies.
And because of that we are facing the same problem that we faced before in our history. There’s not enough “money” to pay everyone’s contribution, but why? People still contribute (harder and harder) so why there's no economic return? Why is becoming so impossible to create wealth? Why a comfortable and safe life becoming so difficult to get?

Again, our current money is not gold, is not something exhaustible. We don't even take it nature. It’s something that we can PRINT!!!!!!!

For me is unacceptable the idea that we can manage to decrease or increase money’s value. Because with that we are defending that some people’s works worths more than the same work in the other side of the planet. Why does a currency gets more or less value if the effort that people puts to get that piece of paper is the same.

We just have to look around. Is it fair that in my country I have to work 20 years to pay a house, but if I save money for 5 years I can buy the same house in a undeveloped country?
And the people from that other country has to work 20 years to buy a house in their country but if they want to buy the same house in my country they have to save money for 80 years?
The effort and material to build (the same) house were equal, so why it should be worth more or less. Only because people decided to give different values to different money?

We shouldn’t allow the oscillation of money's value, once it can produce it according to society needs. Making a currency too valuable, we transforme it in gold – and for some reason we stopped using gold as money. And making it invaluable we are making people’s contribution to society worth less or nothing.

We don’t see that the source of our problem is that importation, exportation, people’s mobility are becoming so easy and we are neglecting that having different currencies is the source of our problem. I defend, that the only thing that should put value on money is the individual service, good or contribution – like inside a company.
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Reply Thu 19 Mar, 2015 12:00 am
everyone wants it

If everyone wants it you could make a fortune selling it.
Reply Thu 19 Mar, 2015 12:01 am
That's just what my Uncle Gloria says.
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Reply Thu 19 Mar, 2015 02:27 am
And you can make a fortune selling it.
What buys money? work.
Work harder and you get more money (or at least is how things should work)
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