Whatever happened to the water-fueled engine?

Mon 1 Aug, 2005 09:18 pm
Gas/Water Mixture?
once i bought a car from an old lady and i drove the car like for a year and i never refiled it...i never opened the hood until one day i wondered what was under there....when i opened it, Alf was inside, yap the Alien.......the fuel hose was conected up his ass...If you are stupid enough to belive a car runs on water without heat whit the technology we currently have then you may belive my care runed on alien ****!!!! Laughing
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Thu 4 Aug, 2005 01:25 am
Re: re: water cars
Xzibit wrote:
can an engine be fueled with water (hydrogen), move an ordinary car while producing enough electricity to split hydrogen from water to fuel itself?
No. The amount of energy you get is not even enough to split the water in the first place.

Hydrogen can actually be made from water for free just stick a negative and positive wire close together but not touching under the water (use stainless steel for the conductor) and i think the oxygen goes to the positive and and hydrogen to negative. the higher amps/volts/watts u use most likely the more gas u will produce (WARNING:this stuff is highly exposive: i know this crazy guy who made a bomb like that and put a crater in his field)


how exactly is using electricity to separate hydrogen and oxegen "free"?
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Fri 5 Aug, 2005 03:58 am
Archie Blue
I remember watching Archie's demo drive for New Zealand TV to film a 30 minute program. He spoke about the Invention and that the catalizer unit was housed beside the engine and was completely safe as the generated gas was used straight to the engine. He then got into the MK1 Ford Cortina 1300cc and drove it DOWN THE ROAD AND ROUND A CORNER out of view.
The point to note is "down the road"
He left Christchurch shortly after and went to Nelson for a short time, then left New Zealand and is believed to be in USA florida as the rumor goes.
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Sun 7 Aug, 2005 05:11 pm
Well just a few nights ago here in teh US, they (The Local News Media) had a small snippet on a guy who had made a blow torch to replace Acetalene and Oxygen tanks with a water fuel torch. Showed the tip was cool to the touch, also showed the water runoff by holding the fire against a vertical surface. I was amazed. He also said his device worked by seperating the Hydrogen from the Oxygen with a very specific "Vibration" ( He has a patten on this process.) that made it all the more worthwhile using less energy than other methods. Of course that was just the background to the big part of the story which was, he has made a mixed hybrid car using the same principles. It would run off of hydrogen, but it also would run off of Gas. He was in talks with a Major US automotive manufacturer which went unamed. I wish I had caught this guys name. That's how I wound up here anyways, is that I was looking for more information about that water powered car he was driving. If anyone knows his name please post it. Thanks. Also I wonder how they get so much more energy from that explosion they made for Hiroshima than they put in, was that free energy too. I admit I know nothing about any of this. SGT SHultz....
Man that was a looong time ago.
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Sun 7 Aug, 2005 08:23 pm
I'm afraid I find all this discussion about water engines to be based on apocryphal stories. Stories whose authors can never be found. I'll give it a try and wouldn't be surprised if it is bought hook, line, and sinker by some folks who will skip by this introduction and go to the meat of the story.

A few years ago, I worked with a guy who came from Kentucky and went north to work in an auto plant. He said his older brother always bought luxury cars like Cadillacs and bought his last Cadillac in 1980. He drove it like he drove all his cars --- easy, but putting on 200 or more miles a week.
After a couple weeks. he noticed the gas guage wasn't going down and took it to the dealer. He didn't want to run out of gas because of a faulty gas guage. The dealer kept the car a couple days and then called him to come in. He did and what the dealer told him was that General Motors had accidentally sold him an experimental car and would like it returned. In return, they would give him a new Cadillac every year for the rest of his life if he never spoke about it to anyone. Of course he took the offer. He only lived for a few years but he got a new Cadillac every one of those years.
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vincent pozzi
Thu 18 Aug, 2005 10:02 pm
well im going to build one even if you dont belive it.
I think that this technolgy has been quelched way too long. com'mon Its not rocket science. Its not easy science but its science just the same. Either way, im sick of my right to free travel by mechanical meansbeing trampled on.. So the "powers that be" be dammed. I for one will seek out eny and alll ideas on the net. I will convert MY car to run on water , for nothing. And when i do work out the bugs and it works well, ill show all the folks around me how great it will be to have freedom to come and go for next to nothing. ANd to the big guys out there, well i belive in my 2end amendment rights... what you send my way ill repay you back in kind. Twisted Evil oh yeah... god bless america, the best country on the globe Very Happy
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Sat 20 Aug, 2005 08:56 pm
watch the documentary "It Runs on Water"

also check this out here:


but the documentary has more details and specifics.

you can download the documentary on emule.

if you wonder why this technology is still not available/accessible.. you're not thinking hard enough. this has more to do with politics and economics rather than technological feasibility. maybe ask the ghost of Stan Meyers, who was poisoned to death in 1998.
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Tue 27 Sep, 2005 03:27 pm
Don't know if you have seen this.
Hydrogen as a fuel
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Sat 22 Oct, 2005 03:35 am

in case you still not believe
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Sat 22 Oct, 2005 08:27 pm
I can't believe with all the intelligent minds here that no one has yet to grasp that there it takes more energy to separate H and O than you get back from its combustion. In a car, where are you going to get the (no kidding) 4.6 million watts to supply enough oxygen and hydrogen from electrolysis? And that's just at a typical idle. Even the smallest engines in today's cars ingest about 7000 liters of intake EVERY MINUTE on the highway. Where are you going to get 4667 liters of hydrogen and 2333 liters of oxygen every minute?
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Mon 31 Oct, 2005 10:47 pm
It's all about the O.
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Tue 1 Nov, 2005 04:13 am
Ok i think maybe this guy is on about hydrogen fueled cars, they are already here, BMW and Audi pluss various other car manufacturers have already developed concept cars that work on the principles of burning hydrogen in oxygen to give you water. Which is where the whole cars powered by water thing arises, there are two types of hydrogen powered car, the ones powered by a traditional internal combustion engine and the ones that use a fuel cell both are very different but feasible. You can extract hydrogen by a simple process of electrolisation, you put two electrolytes into water and put a current through and it separates water into its two components, O2 and H2. Now i know that the next question is going to be where do we get the electricity to split the water from? Well you could get it from burning coal, oil, natural gas or neuclular power. But this defeats the objective of being environmentally friendly. There are other alternatives for example, Solar, Wind and wave, amongst various other sources of power. But the American goverment doesn't want to use these renuable sources of energy

1) Bush is an ass
2) He dosent want to upset the oil companys.

That is why he has given MORE funding to oil companys then to renuable energy companys for development on hydrogen extraction.

But here in England, infact the whole of Europe is researching into the production of hydrogen from renuable resources, and are up for it.

To conclude hydrogen powered cars are here there are feasible, but if America continues research into extraction of hydrogen using fossil fuels then there no better off and really it is pointless to even bother making hydrogen powered cars in that case. So Europe is going to be eco friendly. Laughing
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Sat 5 Nov, 2005 05:23 am
Answer to WaterBearer's question.
Hi there, WaterBearer,
I think that I may well be able to offer an answer to your question. I've been researching "Brown's Gas" recently and found this thread during one of my research sessions.

I suspect that the guy you are referring to who has a torch with a 'cold flame' is George Wiseman of Eagle Research.

He can be found (sitting next to one of his commercially available electrolysers) at http://www.eagle-research.com.

If you spend some time exploring his site, you will find that he goes into great detail about the properties of the gas generated by his machines.
He also explains the maths behind running a vehicle purely from water.

Further delving into his site will also reveal mention of an effect that he refers to as 'Hyper Gas'. He claims that this is the propensity for one of his systems to spontaneously start spewing forth much more gas per Watt than is possible under 'normal' conditions. He does also explain that this effect, although witnessed a number of times, is difficult (or impossible) to reproduce on demand.

This leaves me with the thought that it is possible that Stan Meyer may have found a way to cause this 'Hyper gas' effect on demand and was merrily producing Brown's gas above 'unity' (more kw out of the system than is being put in to convert the water to gas).

Stan Meyer took his secrets to his grave. It's for the rest of us to experiment to find out what his secret was.
Did he know something that we have yet to discover (something not fully described in his patent) ? Was he deliberately conning us...? Or was his secret that, although he could produce the effect on demand, he really hadn't much of a clue as to exactly why ???

George Wiseman of ER is probably likely to find the key to above-unity gas production before the rest of us mere mortals, yet he's not shy about letting us all have a darned good attempt at trying to beat him to it.
Brown's gas technology is firmly in the public domain and George Wiseman's claim is that he is working to keep it there.

I hope this helps.
I hope we find the key to above-unity BG production. The world really needs it.

The RoadRunner..
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Thu 1 Dec, 2005 06:09 pm
Believe it
I have seen and driven a car with a supplimentary water based fuel system. Only 3 days ago it achieved close to 40 miles per gallon (its a 4 litre 6 cyl engine with over 200,000kms on it) on petrol with open road driving.
The system is a prototype thats been tested previously and is close to being released on a commercial basis. The Water fuel is introduced to the airflow and dramatically reduces fuel use, emissions and engine wear.
It will work with Petrol or diesel engines
I cannot say more at this stage untill I have spoken to those involved but with everything I have read here I could not resist a comment
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Thu 1 Dec, 2005 09:27 pm
My CRX gets 40 MPG. I'd need something more.
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Fri 2 Dec, 2005 06:25 pm
NickFun wrote:
My CRX gets 40 MPG. I'd need something more.

Two totally different cars dude
Just so you know, on the same water based fuel system your CRX would achieve over 60 mpg
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Thu 29 Dec, 2005 09:14 pm
Hasn't Anyone figured it out yet? Stanley meyers used mechanical resonance. someone in here was close to figuring it out while summing things up. The water capacitor IS what u would use for the resonance, Which is not electrolysis at all,and is how one would go about making the gas with low power. Everyone here is so close it's not funny, but so far away it's sad. I'm looking for a better way to go about things. in my research i have learned that the WPC won't work. before anyone reads this and freaks out let me explain. I am only saying that it won't work because over a reasonably short period of time (6 months to a year) hydrogen makes the metal in the engine brittle, and eventually it blows apart or just simply looses compression.... so what every year i'd need to rebuild my engine?No there has got to be something better.

But to answer everyones question or end everyones argument.

NO electrolysis will not work nor will it ever work it's too high power
YES Mechanical resonance is what meyers used and is low power
.5amp 1.5v
NO it is not over unity because it Needs water which cannot ever be 100% recollected after the burning of respective gasses.

Without someone who knows electronics IN and OUT the electrical resonance to mechanical resonance is going to be extremely difficult.
So far i have given you almost everything you would need to research on and learn about. except for the frequency and the design.

Some of these people on here throw out useless info which is incorrect and it's sad. the funniest part is that once someone has learned what to do they will not share with everyone else like we all say we will. Look into how Meyers did it, before the lasers.
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Thu 29 Dec, 2005 09:18 pm
Ohh yeah if u want your CRX to get better mpg use a vapor carb, or a wick carb. it might cost $60 for u to make but it could keep your performance and still get over 100mpg. look into it....
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Sat 18 Feb, 2006 12:39 pm
Answer to original post. Saw it and it worked.
A fellow in Plano Texas built it and demonstrated it to the local news. It was winter and a little snow on the ground. They used the snow to run it. A rep from the pentagon was their also. Since that day there has been no more information on that engine. Most likely bought and shelved. Same as the 50 mile carburetor that was designed and build by a friend of my father in St. Joseph Michigan. On a 57 Chevy back in the 50's. Bought by GM and shelved. Contract was he could never talk about it. Or build another. From a paulper to a millionair over night.
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Thu 9 Mar, 2006 02:25 am
Carl Cella
BadZenMunkeyBrain wrote:

"The most noteable of these was Stanley Meyer who is dead unfortunatley! In fact so are Carl Cella & Hector Pierre Vaes............"


Where did you learn of Carl Cella's death? I've been researching him and haven't found any information about his death.

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