Do you think "My Three Sons" was about a gay couple raising a family?

Reply Wed 2 Dec, 2020 01:19 pm
@Banana Breath,
Jeez banana, I can't believe you're bringing this up again as far as them being a gay couple.

Uncle Charley was indeed Steve uncle by marriage. Charley was the brother of Steve's father in law, Bub.

Uncle Charley was the boys great uncle.

Steve was widowed and needed help with the boys, so in the beginning of the show Steve's father in law Bub was helping out. The actor Wm Frawley who played Bub became sick, and was replaced by the character Uncle Charley.

Steve, a widower, eventually remarried Barbara, a widow. Barbara had a small child Dodie.

It is wasn't for the fact Frawley became ill, the character Charley never would have existed.


Banana Breath
Reply Wed 2 Dec, 2020 01:50 pm
40 years ago I had some neighbors, two gay men, and as was the common practice then, they had a "cover story" which was that they were "brothers."

While you take this cover story at face value, I'm just wondering if the show's creators had their own agenda, of making a two-fathered family seem perfectly normal on 1960's television. It's fiction, there's no blood test to prove it, only assessment of the body of work and possible enlightenment from surviving creators, writers, critics and actors associated with the show.
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