Why doesn't men and women compete against eachother in sports?

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It exist so many feministic politics today. Women should have more political power' get paid more and get less raped by men. But' it seems like none seem to care about one of the most important feministic thing we need to reach gender equality. Have gender equality in sports. To do that both genders need to compete against eachother. You may think women are weaker so it wouldn,t be fair. The strength difference between men and women is often exeggerated. Whit human ancestor Australopithecus afarensis females had 50% of the males strength. Whit Homo Erectus females had 75 % of the males strength. Females in the Homo spieces has progressivly evolved to be stronger and stronger compared to their counterparts. Whit modern humans' women has as much as 85 % of a mans strength. Any other fact is from sexist science. While it still makes things unfair for women' it makes it in a workable way.

Some sports involve just pure strength like running and weigth lifting. But many others involve much skill and techniques like Fotball, Ping -pong and Basket. Women isn't worse at using their brains in sports. So their 15% lower strength makes a even smaller difference in those sports. Women has proven to have greater endurance then men in competions like 'where you need to hang on a big stick as long as you can aswell. Even in the pure strength sports women can push their sligthy lower strength up the mans 100% if they are persistent enough. And some men will be less persistent then most men. The sports can have two major leagues. One for the stronger and one for the weaker. Most women will probably be in the weaker leugue' but a few will probably be in the stronger leugue. The important thing is that women have the possibility to compete against the opposite gender if they can.

My country Sweden has a tv show called Champions Champion. The tv show involves a bunch of retired famous sport athletes of both genders that compete for being the strongest in many competions. Women compete against men most of the time whit no handicap. In some pure strength competions like when they need to push a heavy sand ball up a slope' their ball is 25 % ligther. But that,s about it. A women always comes to the final. Men usually wins but a women has won once. This tv show proves that women can beat men in sports whit small handicaps. We can never reach gender equality in society so long women is known as having no chance against a man physically. Men will countinue to rape women becuase they are known as having no chance physically. Women can,t purely be powerful by having good jobs. They need to be powerful in the athletic world aswell. Why does everyone' even feminists see the obvious sexism in the sports world as something okay ?
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I think you are confused. The average man is dramatically stronger than the average woman. Here is a sexist science fact for you: The men's Olympic weight lifting record for men is 212 kg snatch, 263 kg for clean and jerk. For women, those numbers are 151kg and 187kg. The average man in the US is 14cm taller than the average woman with proportionally longer limbs so he can run faster and reach farther.

There are very few sports where you can give up that much size and strength to your opponent can come out on top unless there is a pretty large skill difference. In competitive sports the skill difference is minimal so size, speed and strength will carry the day.
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