Are these 16 sentences grammatically correct?

Reply Wed 27 Aug, 2014 06:17 am
Could you please tell me whether these sentences are grammatically correct?
1a)Men are judged as shallow by women./1b) Women judge men as shallow.
2a)Men are thought of as shallow by women./2b)Women think of men as shallow.
3)We are all born shallow.
4)According to the Western world, Africans are born savages.
5a)The Western world depicted (portrayed/described/perceived) Africans as savages./5b)Africans were depicted (portrayed/described/perceived) as savages by the Western world.
6a)Africans were written off as savages by white people./6b)White people wrote Africans off as savages.
7a)White people deemed Africans to be savages./7b)Africans were deemed (to be) savages by white people.
8a)White people depicted (portrayed/described/perceived) Africans’ practices as savage./8b)Africans’ practices were depicted (portrayed/described/perceived) as savage by white people.
9a)Africans’ practices were written off as savage by white people./9b)White people wrote Africans’ practices off as savage.
10a)Africans’ practices were deemed (to be) savage by white people./10b)White people deemed Africans’ practices to be savage.
11a)Africans were depicted (portrayed/described/perceived) as primitive by the Western world./11b)The Western world depicted (portrayed/described/perceived) Africans as primitive.
12a)Africans were written off as primitive by the Western world./12b)The Western world wrote Africans off as primitive.
13a)The Western world deemed Africans to be primitive./13b)Africans were deemed (to be) primitive by the Western world.
14a)They depicted (portrayed/described/perceived) Africans’ practices as primitive./14b)Africans’ practices were depicted (portrayed/described/perceived) as primitive.
15a)Their practices were written off as primitive./15b)They wrote their practices off as primitive.
16a)Their practices were deemed (to be) primitive./16b)They deemed their practices to be primitive.

Thank you in advance for your patience!
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Reply Wed 27 Aug, 2014 01:32 pm
1a)Men are judged by women as shallow

5a)The Western world has depicted….
Reply Wed 27 Aug, 2014 01:58 pm
Thank you!
Are the other (almost identical) examples OK?
Reply Wed 27 Aug, 2014 04:31 pm
All the "by" 's should be examined

They wrote their practices off as primitive
We'd say "…wrote off their practices…"

With "they" and "their" be sure context makes clear who's doin' what

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Reply Thu 28 Aug, 2014 12:39 am
All of the sentences listed above appear to be grammatically correct. Some forms are more suited to different dialectic preferences - which vary from region to region. I disagree with dalehileman's assessment. Within my own preferences and style I prefer concision and reduced repetition, but that is not to say preferred selections are exclusively correct.
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