The problem with feminism.

Reply Thu 19 Jun, 2014 08:27 pm
We have had several successful civil rights movements in our recent history. Martin Luther King for racial equality, and a steady move toward LGBT equality.

Both of these movements were successful without demonizing other people. Dr. King and the main civil rights movement was successful without demonizing White people (the few counter-examples like Farrakhan were marginalized). Likewise the LGBT rights movement didn't demonized heterosexual behavior.

You can attack bigotry without attacking white people, or heterosexuals or men. By understanding of the concept, you must.

As a White straight person, I was very supportive of these movements. We were challenged for racism and homophobia, but we weren't attacked just for being white or being straight. I wasn't made to feel inferior, or an oppressor just for my race or orientation. My appreciation of typically white things wasn't condemned or attacked.

When white people pointed out that they were poor too, Martin Luther King.. the African-American civil rights leader, agreed. He marched and spoke and fought and started the "poor people's campaign" for white people as well as black people. His movement was truly a movement for equality.

Why do feminists break this pattern. I agree with basic equality for women... pay equality, physical safety and sexual freedom... I strongly support these things.

But I don't agree with the message that men are oppressors. Nor do I agree with the idea that any talk of men's rights is sexist. Nor do I accept the idea that men should accept loss of rights (i.e. due process rights) for feminist issues. Nor do I accept the vicious attacks on anyone who dares to ask perfectly reasonable questions about the feminist narrative.

I will support, or even join with, people who want to really fight for equality, and really wants to make a better society for all.

If someone can introduce me to a single feminist leader who I can relate to... I might change my mind.

Forgive me, but the recent discussion on Able2know and in public following recent events, really bothers me. I should be able to agree with the stated goals of people who call themselves feminists, but what they actually stand for in their words and actions offend me.

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Reply Thu 19 Jun, 2014 09:02 pm
there are several factors at play

1) feminists once wanted equality, but their drive for more power for women was so successful so fast they decided why stop there, go get more.

2) our ancestors focused on the treatment of each person, moderns focus on getting the results they desire. The old feminists wanted each person treated the same, the modern feminist wants certain results for women in the struggle between the sexes and demands that the state set up a playing field that yields that result. It just so happens that that " fair" result that the feminists want is actually to the advantage of women, and to get that result the state needs to keep men oppressed. They are very fine with that.

3) when it comes to sex according to the feminists men lose the right to equal treatment because men are bigger and men (allegedly ) want sex more...thus making men dangerous to women. The state must keep women safe the feminists say, and to do this the state needs to oppress men systematically, and heavily punish in the "justice" system all men who women accuse of sexual wrong doings.

The feminists are actively wanting you to believe that they want equality, as who is not for equality? If is only when you pay close attention to what they do, and how they are abusing language that you come to understand that they have no interest in equality. They do the exact same thing with rape, as who is pro rape? But when you look into what they are calling sexual abuse, and look at how they want to abuse men in their drive to get rid of what they are calling sexual abuse you see clearly that they have no interest in justice.
Reply Fri 20 Jun, 2014 06:38 am
I want to say love the "Dudes dissing women" tag! It gave me a chuckle this morning.

(I wonder if whoever put that there understands the irony.)
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Reply Tue 4 Nov, 2014 06:33 am
I agree to deny oppression , I agree many other expressions of yours.

Eqall wages etc.Sadly pay many nation by taxes to go univdtsiy.

In case of women does it mean , that they leave university and go work for a while untill she get at 30 pregnant. The supportet university goes waste.

Therefore no equall wages.

I was lead by annoying opinoins about weird female behavours , to start a dicussion about here.

Sexuall harassment is s.times to take in a verbal way when the woman does show around to much of her breasts etc.

Would men wear clothes which would expose one of their balls, they get behind bars.

I can hear upset protests by women now , but not always in a positive way.

Women do mean they could go naked and can ignore mens thoughts about.

WHERE ARE THERE EQUALITIES????????????????????????

Heeeeeeey women enjoy to be touched by men !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 50 you will pay a man to touch your breasts without surmount.

Reply Tue 4 Nov, 2014 07:33 am
Surmount means. You will pay to get a mans touch and this man ought to be sober and he should not struggle with touching your wrinkles
Therefore be very glad to get sexual harassments as long you get.
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Reply Sun 19 Apr, 2015 10:57 am
The irony is that modern feminism is actually causing many to simply dislike women because of this reason. They're actually demeaning real rape with their false allegations. Nevertheless, we just need to remind ourselves that most women are not like this and hate feminism themselves. Let's just all hate the feminist and get rid of the attention seeking losers.
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Reply Sat 26 Sep, 2015 11:58 pm
1) women are paid an average 30 less than men same job

2)in several occasions in order to achieve the integration of a minority discriminated against, governments imposed several mesures like having a certain amount of those discriminate hired or given certain high level manager position to accelerate getting to an equality order. Men are not being oppressed at all. care to explain how are they being oppressed?

3) sexual wrongs doings are to be punished no matter who or to whom is committed. Being stronger and more sexual active is not a "dangerous" thing; it becomes dangerous when imposing sex is accepted or have become common

could you please define sexual abuse as you see it and the difference with what feminist see?
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