Black History Month

Reply Mon 26 May, 2014 02:24 am
Rupert Murdoch is a knight of the order of St Gregory the great. A papal honour awarded by Pope John Paul II. An unusual title for a Jew to hold.
Reply Fri 6 Jun, 2014 11:06 pm
In his own book Murdoch admitted that he used to give a toast to a staue of Vladimir Lenin before class every day. The guy is a Communist. kind of a strange position for a Conservative Rightwinger, The Fuchs family which is German for Fox created the Fox theater chain in the 1920s In the 1950s the Fox theater was under investigation by the FBI for showing Communist films. Murdoch is a Communist pretending to be a Conservative. The Fox Jews Channel was never against Illegal Immigration. They are lying.
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Reply Mon 9 Jun, 2014 05:52 pm
Read his newspapers. He's a rabid conservative. You're full of ****.
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Real Music
Reply Mon 9 Jun, 2014 08:01 pm
Blondie's single Rapture was not the first rap song recorded. Blondie's single rapture came out in 1981. Both, Sugar Hill Gang's Rappers Delight and Sequence's Funk You Right On Up both came out in 1979. Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five came out in 1980. By the way, all of these predated Blondie's Rapture. Yes, these are all black rappers. They were all black writers. I have nothing against Debbie Harry and Blondie. In fact I am a fan of Blondie. The group Blondie had put out a few songs that I liked. Debbie Harry and Blondie were and still are a very talented music group. I just had to correct you on your facts. Also rapping was happening in New York at Night clubs, block parties, and house parties as early as the mid 1970s by black rappers prior to any rap recordings. This also predates Blondie's 1981 Rapture. Regarding your comments about what Black men in America are credited for. I genuinely feel sorry for you. Why you ask? Because you actually believe what you are saying. It's just sad.
Reply Sun 31 Aug, 2014 05:44 pm
@Real Music,
it is really sad what you believe. that there was an unfair society in America. I don't really come on here to much anymore. Because people are Racist on this forum. I notice people oly select certain articles that I write in which to reply. The Gadsden Purchase was never replied Larry Ellison was never replied to by anyone. Colored people never even created a large scale industry in America!
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