The concept of the gluon

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There is a very misleading concept in modern physics that I must immediately address. It is the concept of the gluon.
The gluon is postulated as a force particle for what is termed as the strong force that is believed to bind quarks, proton, and neutrons together in atomic nuclei. But this is inaccurate.
The gluon is similar to what the graviton is postulated to be-curvature of space time. Let me explain .
Gravity emanates proportionately from material constructs. The space surrounding tHe construct is rippled spacetime,and these ripples are postulated as gravitons.
Now the quark, as many had thought,is actually made up of smaller particles. This elementary construct of the quark caused an effect on spacetime aswell,but these ripples cause a tremendously strong attraction . This is your strong force actually.
Now where the similarity with the graviton comes into focus is here: two quarks together causes an interferent pattern of the two rippled circumferences to emerge. Imagine two electrically charged wires coming to contact and there being sparks,now there could be no spark if the flow of electricity was uniFomed through an unbroken wire.
The gluon is the result of two or more quarks of intensely curved spacetime circumferences becoming interfacient,and is actually pushing elementary particles apart, in act they are the main reason why the atom can com apart.The atom is split from the bottom up and not the top down .
The strong force is spatial.Measure the strength of the gluon is like measuring a partial magnitude of the actual strong force. We ofcouse missed this because our methodology and math is geared toward a centralent universe.

Now I must show you the proof. I know.

Arcades Cinza
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