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The idea of noncentrality has been getting attention of late ,therefore i feel impended to explain a little further for the people that have shown interest in this isolated aspect of the theory of Absolute physics that i have yet to put down in a single cohesive work. Drafts have been done but not yet the finished work. The posts on the forums over the last six months have been excerpts from different parts of the work. This is not how you will read it in the book, and i commend people for trying to put these together to get a frame of the intricate exactness that the book will be(a book of over a hundred thousand words has more latitude for intricacy)but this post will try to illuminate the centrality fallacy with sufficient clarity.
At the release of the infinite point of energetic density the state of the point of infinite energetic density was inseparate from the whole of which it was a part . This immediately refutes not just nothingness but the possibility of it.we temporally define this state as an extreme physical tensity, but in exceeding the temporal isolation fact we see dynamic constancy ,instead of an evolving explosion ,meaning that the point was not an actual compaction of physical substance(or tensity ,it being a vivid temporal description)Remember,there was no space, no time to found substance in compaction as we know it, nor a point in state for that matter ( but in our temporal analysis of absolute reality we have to logically give credence to the big crunch, to say that the point just appeared ready to burst just does not stand well with modern evidence, and the complex relativistic explanation about what surrounded the point of infinite energetic density only seeks to quantify nothingness with a relativistic value ).
The three dimesional plane that we as observers are most interactive with is a diametric plane, what we know as matter; energy is on the isometric plane( an inflection of the word isospin);space is on the pre-isometric plane,and there is the ultrametric plane,where all the well defined physicalities that I just stated take the shape of actual reality, a dynamic constancy( for the record im willing to say that Einstein discovered this first even though he didn't get this deep into laying it out and he gave in to peer pressure and backed off the idea) this is what string theory might have wanted to express in introducing the world line,world sheet,brane analysis but was impeded by advanced math from getting precisely.
Diametric, isometric and and pre-isometric planes are merely what appear temporally as functioning ,and could not be more real,more substantive ,to the atomic organization that is the human, but the ultrametric plane stands as the only actual state that we can categorize as singular per se.It is a dynamic singularity,a dynamic constancy.
We can say things like the compaction and the release of energy ,space, distance ,time, etc, but the holes are too wide in the train of reasoning . Figure the so-called incongruity of the ultramicroscopic level of spacetime that confutes all diametric causality and imposes itself with the unjudgeable authority of certain elementary basises.This apparent incongruity somehow does not reflect itself in the diametric plane ,as we never see causality impeded,The only basis for calling this an incongruity is that it doesn't add well with a strictly causal universe, rather than glitches in the operational synthesis of an ongoing reality perceived .
from a diametric point of view the substances of the planes are ,for one ,being seen through the perview of the cosmological parallel(explained in another post on this forum)and, optimally seen as a functioning rather than a functioning state. We can scrutinize by saying that functioning is a diametric concept, and would be accurate, but the substantives compare to the diametric physicalization as a functioning ,beginning with isometric spin
The big bang picture that is solely diametric describes the release as expanding into diametric structure( three dimensionality) from diametric foundation (zero dimensionality ,where the concept of dimensionality is the foundational premise for diametricity as a coherent structure ) in time, but accurately speaking the description would have to include a temporal expansion of the ultrametric base(which we can beginningly call a constant for it cannot be termed within the parameters of time and space) the pre-isometric and the isometric scale and then the diametric plane if we are to plot this temporally .The sub-diametric spheres are all measures of coherence relative to the diametric,which means that we are looking at a complete prefixation of these spheres starting with the ultrametric sphere to the isometric sphere the defining of those substances leading up to diametrics, where the continued untensinsing emerged the physical context for time and space ,therefore to say that the planck time was, and that the planck length was, requires some accuratizating augmentation. What the point was at the planck time was already subsequent to three spheres if we are to term things with temporal terminology an reference context. What this indicates is that time was, and is built up to, synonymous with the diametric matter,like a physical paramount,where the base is inseperably conjunctive with the other spheres ,requiring the other spheres contribution in synergy to finally present the diametric context, therefore it is permittable to say that the release of the diametric point started time and space and matter ,but inherent of our categories of materiality an material function, specifically causality, we see where there is an insuperable contradiction in the logic where the point, riveted in causal contextual time, would have had to have appeared has something from nowhere( no matter how much fine-tuning the mathematicians can perform) then proceeded to intense qualities that are specific ,for objects have to be specific to exist in reality regardless of the appearance of order or chaos: for if we accede to the notion of an evolving universe in time, causality (to include the unpredictable order of the sub-planck scale of size) is insuperably impositional( an inflection of the word impose),therefore the physical specifics of any object is supreme beyond the processes of state, even the point of infinite energetic density imposes specifics over causality, meaning that the possibility that there could have evolved an alternative state of reality other than what we now see has never existed physically-all following states,beyond the so-called process of causality ,emanates from the original specifics of the point that is said to have appeared without causality.Going on the premise of causality ,diametrics cannot found this overarching specificity as the formal imperative of a substance reality ,
In absolute physics no such logical indifference or contradiction is present, and true to the factual reality of diametrics itself diametrics cannot be overturned by the new analysis, though accuratization, led from the tenets and contractions in diametric authoritary alike ,reforms perceptions widely.
nucleosynthesis itself bears some dilemma ,a controversial inflationary period attempts to account for thermodynamic surgent decrease that allowed matter to begin forming within a required time frame relative to planck time ,and therefore planck length. Energy expressed solely in diametric sphere must yield inaccuracies .The incongruity giving rise to the inflationary theory is mostly of a thermodynamic nature--the state of the release is required to be at a range of degrees kelvin at a certain time for an absolutely diametric universe to be true(heat is not energetic in this postulation but is consequent to the expression of energy ,which answers the question of heats absolute involvement in all energetic communications, and that cold energy cannot be manifested,and this being true would mathematically fix a few unsolved points in modern science) .
The build up to diametrics went through three planes as we can understand it temporally ,for expansion concept is wholly diametric. The isometric plane did not expand per say and neither did the pre-isometric and ultrametric planes,but for understanding i use these terms.In each of these spheres the" functioning" formed characteristic substance . By the "time" the diametric plane emerged the development was "already" in progress " materially".we have placed no calculations of this in our summing of the nucleosynthesis theoretic therefore we couldnt train the stages of the big bang to suit how the universe is to our observation, and thus the inflationary period was introduced and appeared to solve the problem,but we can see where this was not accurate.We must now factor the metrics into nucleosynthesis,into all developmental configurations of the big bang.
The fact of a synergy and thus developmental continuity,allows the apparency of the spheres to be observable within every diametric act.
The ultra-metric sphere is a complex uniformity as we can see with the maintainance of potential energy of the whole regardless of any metrical circumstances that can be cited through diametric temporality. Take when two objects collide . The preservation of mass,and energy,can only take place specifically in available,specific space regardless of the beginning matteral and energetic potential of both the objects. The sum of the matteral and energetic potential in a comparative spatial circumference,though similarly maintained in principle,would have to yield a different factorization of the beginning potential specific to the spatial reference, while the preservation of potential in both cases overarches the separate examples of the causal process here cited.
Modern science isn't even queued to this phenomena cognitively.to some it wouldn't seem as if there is anything it, but keener inspection reveals an overarching status of actual reality,a synergy that is congruous with the topical synopsises of the universe that causality offers,and more importantly congruates the sub planck and large scale levels.

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