How to protect themselves and improve their physical and mental health wisdom ?

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The author roving through (Lv Xuebing) will take you into a different world, a world of mind, with cultural science to reveal the truth of the universe.
For the wise, the material is a adornment, happiness can increase your happiness.Material is endless desire for fools, endless misery.The wise by cultivation of mind, to seek happiness, fool persistent desire, to seek happiness.Inner happiness is like a rainbow, roving through from the inside out in my heart of you.External happiness is like a broken line kite, is teetering rely upon.

Goal in life is like a lighthouse, always illuminate the direction of life.No goal in life, people like the walking dead alive, life is decided by the objective world power.Have a goal in life, our life more positive attitude, the power of life in our own hands.In the dark, confused, wandering, hesitate to confusion, let's come up a beacon in the heart, find our course in life.

Human emotion because of so much more lovely, because of the human emotional so have a nice surprise, with thin and a warm room.Once lost human feelings, even if you take the hot sunshine can warm people's heart cooling.Love is great and selfless, in this world there are many people in the family when danger comes, they are willing to use their own life to save the family member's life, such affection to warm the whole sky, I touched you.Friendship is like a cup of fragrant teas, need detail for zha, between friends everyone knowing smile, every heart is a deep friendship.Friendship makes us no longer lonely, let our life have color.Love is sacred, is not profane, love is not the existence of a third party, liang shan bo zhu yingtai touching every lovers, the vega and struggling waiting also let every lover from loyalty to love yearning.

Everyone is freedom, if an imperfect person get the absolute freedom, can only let the people make more mistakes.This is not a perfect world few perfect people exist.The laws of nature, law is not a person's freedom, is the person's constraints.So if you want to get more freedom, must constantly improve and perfect themselves.

Moral quality is indispensable to human society, human and society if missing morality, society will enter into confusion and disorder.Humans are different from animals because of the existence of ethical thoughts.Heaven, tunnels, the basis of humanitarian, also.Everybody chong DE, is the world.Everyone, without virtue of heaven, tunnels, humanitarian destroyed.

Material role in society is to serve our human, and now this time, the society we are using physical hurt someone, hurt yourself.

IQ is the source of happiness, is the guarantee of life in an orderly way, is the basis to solve problems of various kinds.Emotional intelligence is the source of emotion, is the guarantee of stable relationships, is the basis to solve the problem of all kinds of feelings.IQ has provided the safeguard for the correctness of the human behavior, emotional intelligence provides the guarantee for good relationships.

A wise man should not stay or philosophy of dialectical thinking on this rare book the evil of human nature, the wise men should be what kind of human nature to think we need?What kind of good and evil people performance make us happy?Is that human nature makes us physical and mental health development?What kind of human nature is able to let the healthy development of the society?Good human nature, like a fresh spring, and the universe and life, like one meter sunshine, light up the world at the same time, let us feel the warmth.Evil of human nature is hidden in the stinking skins of an ugly heart, evil human nature as keep on cold days like a steel knife in the cold wind, tormented soul within.

The objective existence of the world is not entirely materialistic, inner consciousness also is not ideal, idealism and materialism is a complementary relationship, too idealism and materialism is a subjective, are the things to extremes.Idealism side can reduce people's desire to reduce the distress of people, let people find the end-result of the heart.Idealism and makes people from the other side of the present, live in subjective speculation and fantasies.Materialistic side can make people more realistic, more objective, more rational.And the other side of the materialist let people endless desire for material, even lost in the material society.Substance can be used in the service of human, also can become steel knife injure a human being, is the human have the wisdom to use.

Patriotism is a kind of good quality, patriotic love to lose to the judgment of things, lost's ability to distinguish right and wrong, good and evil, lose fair and just, it is easy to be used by some politicians with ulterior motives, as a dog.Everyone should love his own country, but patriotic need rational, perfect healthy patriotism in need of some good qualities and patriotic this quality supplement each other.

Marriage in writing letters is a city, there are a lot of people want to go in, there are a lot of people want to come out, and part of the waiting.But I think the freedom of marriage is not grave, marriage is like two fish in the water, because they are not in the form of a marriage and lose a bit of freedom.A wise man will see marriage as a way to improve themselves, learn each other's advantages in marriage, use the other interests develop a wider range of interests.

The role of religion in society is, in general, the more harm than good.Really bring human interest is religious culture, after so many years of human evolution, religion was filled with superstition and ignorance, "christians of sorrow.Unreal there is no such thing as deities, and the truth is never forever, truth is the source of happiness, is a direction in life, is the ladder of evolution, is behavior rely upon.Religious beliefs are equal, but religion is close.

Some people think that science and bring social benefits at the same time, also brought harm to the society.Science brings harm to the society, not science itself, but rather people endless desire and greed of unlimited access to the commercialization of science.Science make our life more convenient, promote our happiness.So we should not deny science, should not be against science.If we focus on science and the harm to the society, we should take attention to their own desires and greed, we should resist those resources cannot be regenerated, and bring serious pollution of scientific products to the social environment.

Many people do not understand the superstitions, superstition is before one thing didn't understand, trust and persistent.Superstition is that of superstitions, superstitious science and superstition, superstition of foolish and ignorant, so people should abandon superstition.

The outlook on life and values is the human can not lack of ideas, building quality into the outlook on life, values as the hao bright moon light in the dark night, like the sea trek see the lighthouse.The outlook on life and values to guide human out of confusion, out of the woods.The outlook on life and values of the lost, humans will enter into confusion and deprivation, humans will be lost in the thousands in various fields, including food and clothing live line.A healthy outlook on life values are the principles of human behavior, is also the source of human sense of fulfillment.

Ideology and ideas around like a double-edged sword with our physical and mental development and the development of the society.Good ideology and concept, like a glass of milk, nourishes the body, nourishing the soul, for the development of the society to the coordinates of the wind.Bad ideology and conception, such as the heavily, endless pressure, damage to our body, devouring, erosion of our souls, the ready-made the tumor in the healthy development of the society.

Pathological has become synonymous with this age people psychology, people were all kinds of morbid psychology is twisted, shall not be relieved.Morbid psychology like a demon, control the healthy development of the psychological, physical and mental health and well-being devoured by morbid psychology this demon.Healthy psychology is like the rising sun, vibrant, energetic.

There is sense of responsibility of life is beautiful, life is without sense of responsibility of the self, subjective, is degraded.Because the family has the sense of responsibility, family became so strong arms and broad chest.Because has the sense of responsibility to the society, so have a difficult time in society, to be able to stand up, to sacrifice the ego, can go forward.Because of life have a sense of responsibility, so would not give up.Without a sense of responsibility of the life is selfish, it is sad.

Democracy is a demand of civilization and social development to a certain height, part of the right to return to the public will be able to stop the government's decision to make more mistakes.Politicians and the public in many areas, many ideas are not perfect, even error under the premise of the government and the public should restrict each other, in order to prevent the other party make more mistakes, supervise each other constantly improve themselves, make each other more and more perfect.

Rely upon philosophy is thinking, is behavior guidelines.Away from the reality of the pure philosophy was who don't have to have in their breath to the philosophers do.Philosophy should be specific, should not be abstract.She is a kind of thinking, he is commander of the behavior.Philosophy is lost now, because has lost the philosophy were supposed to have function.Lost in their philosophy can match, lost in many a domain in the field of thousands.Philosophy is should have social guiding function and behavior guidance function.

A sense of humor is the spice of life, is to alleviate embarrassed atmosphere of a welcome antidote to is to increase the interpersonal relationship, cultivate the feelings of a kind of wisdom.Humor can gains an enemy, humor can change the others the impression to you, humor can let yourself and others happier, humor is a rainbow, beautify our life colorful.

Everyone's heart should have a dream, a dream is the man who is positive and happy, no dream material is of all their power.Have a beautiful dream, we should have perseverance, should be determined.The poet xu zhimo describing this dream very romantic: "dreams, hold a long pole, the roving through places greener than green grass."

Many americans have a morbid concept of success, success is not to do to people, but a "self-actualization".Chinese concept of success is to uphold, morbid self-expression.Success should build on the basis of health actively, healthy concept of success is a kind of self-realization, beyond the self, all the volatilization is their potential.As long as life is positive happiness, you will be successful.As maslow's study, the satisfaction of a housewife can still succeed, still can be self-fulfilling.Morbid view of success, it will only make us more pain, they distort our psychology.The success of the health view can increase our happiness, to our physical and mental health.

Grasping is the source of the sea of distress and trouble, grasping is the source of our subjective, is fundamental to cause us to lose.Cling to power, people will intrigue against each other in the slave sneak in the knee, personality of human nature are grand archway will instantly collapse.Cling to beauty, people will linger in the beauty, modesty. Therefore, only the heart of liu bei.Obsessed with the material money, people will become philistinism, become secular, healthy moral and wisdom and we also went away.Cling to the name, people will make all sorts of funny performance in order to fame.Of fame, fame, just a few more selfish and interests factors, fame is also no longer is the symbol of authority, prestige and moral.Fame also becomes narrow, fame has become a form of success.

Enlightened itself with the universe is a highly integration of heaven and earth spirit, is the ideological culture and the fusion of the flesh.Enlightenment is the instant realization of human nature, or some professional or problem, but the foundations of enlightenment is needed.Enlightenment on the IQ, on the methods and technical skills to solve the problem is higher than the enlightened person.

It is difficult to willpower, the bane of the executioner is a disaster.Have willpower, disaster and difficulties became small, would not let a person feel fear.Willpower can lead our way, overcome any difficulties and disasters.

Sensitive this personality is the pros and cons with deposit, there is no sensitive to sort out the pros and cons of this character, blindly self-training, so sensitive in physiological and thinking at the same time, to promote the sensitivity of force all kinds of negative emotions will quietly but go to, let a person become neurotic.Like some people after a sensitive self-training, becomes both confidence and inferiority.Self-confidence is sensitive to the positive in work, inferiority is sensitive to negative at work.So we should go to the disadvantages, let sensitive this service with perfect attitude of human personality.

Sensitive force is to improve the wisdom, insensitive force balance is psychological.Insensitive force is not an element of wisdom, but plays a certain role in mental health.

Truth is absolute, so there are the conservation law of matter, and so have not born out of Buddhism, do not scale is not clear, it does not increase, no, think and do, knowledge.The theory of relativity is used to solve the social problem, it is convenient of the society.Truth argument is the nature of things, is to guide human and social development forward, theory of relativity argument was the appearance of things, do not have guiding significance, but it can be very good to solve the various problems in real life.

People have been focused on the natural environment, relative to the attention of the natural environment, then focused on human environment will be much less, actually the humanities environment and the natural environment for human beings is equally important, the natural environment is our living outside their homes, the humanities environment is our spiritual home.To protect the natural environment, our outside their homes to healthier, to provide security for our survival.Guardian good human environment, our spiritual home to become a pure land on earth.

Some people say that life is a subtraction, considered the addition or subtraction is an extreme.And I think the addition and subtraction of life is the assurance of an artistic, minus the questions that have no value, minus some morbid unhealthy, minus some negative, we feel tired.And then add some healthy, positive, we will constantly improve and perfect and evolution.

Qigong is ten million kinds of way to tone up your body and mind in the science of uniting the one way, qigong and can't let's go to heaven or the other shore.Word, people do not necessarily practicing qigong or the science of uniting the enlightenment.Word, enlightenment and understanding relationship is very important, is not very big relations with the qigong practice.Practice qigong can refine the psychic, the psychic person not word, enlightenment, it is a lot of monsters from the psychic personage inside., in principle, not in practicing qigong sat cross-legged, men of understanding word, enlightenment, the psychic are confused in the psychic inside.

Culture is also lost, now under the lack of the outlook on life, values, culture into the water of the month, we only can be seen, but not useful and practical.The water of the month is not in the long night for us to bring some light.The role of the culture in the society and the function has disappeared.

Negative emotions cause serious damage to our physical and mental health, he swallowed us happiness and calm, he robbed of our physical and mental health.Let's all kinds of negative emotions may not be at ease, not free.Negative emotions is our own heart and make a sword, but we put these a sword stabbed himself.

Madness and genius are separated a common characteristic is that they are not to be understood.Nut is not logical, genius is a rigorous logic of thinking.Genius is not understood is only temporary, genius will try every way to prove that he is right.This no genius in the world, the so-called genius is just after a hard won the talent, was branded a genius of appellation.

Biological clock of human behavior regularity, healthy mentality and behavior for a long time, we morbid mentality and behavior was gone.Morbid mentality and behavior for a long time, our thinking and behavior of health was gone.Good long, evil has been curbed, evil for a long time, good has been curbed.Some training methods of Buddhism, it combines the characteristics of the biological clock, make the buddhist experience the Buddha's thought, culture and vows.After a period of training, the new clock.This is the Buddha's ideology, culture and vows, and your body, you are in the Buddha, you are a Buddha, you have reached the other shore.Why don't we use the characteristics of the circadian clock, to improve ourselves, to complete the evolution of our own?

Politics can harm society, also can bring benefits to society, is the harm society is benefit to the society, it all depends on the concept and quality of politicians.A country's political success or failure depends on the politician's idea, the quality and ability.Concept of a country's politicians more perfect, the more quality, the higher the ability is strong, the country will be in the field of politics and economy, has made them champions of a free world, become the model of the world.The world needs a good politician, good politicians play an important role in the peace of the world, a good political home service human social services, they will be on the world's political stage lasts long.

Read a book, see a ridiculous question, "what is man?"People living on the living level stage is an animal, just like all the animals have no difference.When people had thought to live in spirit, for man is man, even a saint.Two level determines the person is?It doesn't seem that this question should be asked "what is man?"But "what people want to be?"

Live in the phase of the meaning of life is live selfish and narrow-minded.Their meaning and purpose in life is for the sake of survival.When people had thought to live in the spirit, the meaning and purpose of life by selfish is a noble, narrow into a perfect, in order to perfect, from about survival to improve and evolve and survive.

Desire is our own made a sword, we took the sword stab to ourselves.Have the desire is bitter, no desire is joy.We are staying in the sea of desire, quick propping up the wisdom of bamboo SPAR, once more is the degree of boats, toward the other side of the relief.

Now very utilitarian education, especially the current education in China, only the pursuit of achievement scores, grades up quality didn't go up.It is education of the sad, have to say failure on education.Training comprehensive quality talents, this kind of slogan very ring, don't have to.

Faith sometimes brings us interests, but sometimes also brings us a harm, is faith characteristics determine the benefits or harm to us.Give us the faith benefit trait is healthy.Rigorous, scientific, healthy and logical, objective, theory of the health belief characteristics will serve any faith with perfect posture.Such as religion, science, religion, culture, religion and so on.These health beliefs will set up a bridge between faiths, between various beliefs will complement each other, each other with an open attitude to disadvantages to save each other.Has a harmful effect on our faith is morbid, superstition, ignorance, blind, irrational, subjective, self closed all pathological characteristics.These morbid faith characteristics will lead to the conflict and contradiction between faith, will bring serious harm to the society and human, is not conducive to the faith of their own development.Let's add these good faith in their own faith, let us in creating a bridge between faiths, datong world, to work together to create a pure land on earth.

Some experts say pressure is the source of power, medicine said that stress is a negative emotion, damage to people's physical and mental health.Psychological stress is a kind of morbid reflected, is the source of all kinds of mental illness and mental illness.Let's open our eye, common search for perfect health life driving force.Outlook on life, values and personal fulfillment by the health of these ideas constitute perfect driving force, should replace those made of the concept of negative emotions and pathological driving force.Pathological driving force is negative, the correct health concept constitutes the driving force is positive.Human civilization with arrogant attitude into the 21st century, research into the dynamics of human is becoming more and more thorough, the health will replace the morbid, perfect will replace the narrow.

Superiority is the lack of moral a morbid confidence, no thought and connotation of cocky, is a confident self psychological hint.Formed from ideological culture and the connotation of self-confidence is healthy.Formed by ideology and culture of the pure lotus, confidence is like the mud of the month we like Adrian, from inside to outside send out the charm, let me forget you, let you and me.

Competition the concept of torment the human like a demon, the demon unreal pressure effects on humans, the demons to hurt each other between people, emotional indifference.We need to put the concept of concise into a sword, chop to these as demon harm our ideas.With mutual benefit win-win the idea of a good concept to replace the bad competition, marked the human wisdom of advancing with The Times.

Datong world and personality does not conflict, datong world just refers to reach a consensus on the most essential thing, such as environmental protection, such as moral humanity and so on.Advocate environmental protection all over the world can, but it is not equal to every country, there is no characteristics and personality, personality fully embodied in with what method to deal with environmental problems.We all the pursuit of morality is not the same as we have no personality, and with some moral behavior and moral issues have difference, because of objective factors, so the method to deal with problems will be inconsistent.Let all good ideas, good culture, good ideology to perfect social service, service to the world, let all agree to datong, the world, to the pure land in the world.

Instinct driving force is innate, it is a kind of physiological needs and survival needs motivation.Spiritual driving force is acquired, it is produced by the ideology, culture and ideology.People's natural instinct forces and animal instinct is no difference, a driving force driving force of the difference between men and animals is that the day after tomorrow.Innate instinct driving force is the foundation of survival, is a kind of physiological needs and survival needs, is also a driving force and the basis of guarantee the day after tomorrow.Guaranteed in survival, on the premise of physical requirements are modest meet, drive the day after tomorrow is particularly important, by the ideology, culture and ideological driving force generated by the day after tomorrow is healthy, positive.Produced by ideology, cultural and ideological motivation, is an innate power, a kind of sublimate and evolution of the sublimation and evolution of serve an innate driving force driving force and the day after tomorrow.We are part of the energy in the brain from the driving force to provide energy for survival instinct.Also can open educational wisdom for the brain to provide the material and spiritual sublimation and evolution of energy driving force of the day after tomorrow.An innate driving force is only used to survive, it doesn't make us away from suffering.The day after tomorrow's driving force is the ideology, culture and ideology and form, the driving force is healthy, positive, these health actively ideology and ideological role inside the body, produce good chemical reaction, let a person feel happy and comfortable.

With everyone from the requirement of "civilization conflict between natural instinct", it can be seen that the narrowness of this theory.The requirements of the civilized society conflict with each person whether inherent instinct is determined by the quality within each individual.The instinct of the sage is consistent with the requirements of the civilized society is, the instinct of a civilized person is close to the requirements of a civilized society, human and animal instincts are and the requirements of the civilized society is a conflict.Like sexual instinct and the requirements of a civilized society, people and animals because they have no good accomplishment and correct ideas, they see their favorite leads to sexual desire, so they're more ease.Civilized society demands for sexual fidelity, is loyal to the marriage, their instinct and the requirements of the civilized society there is a conflict.The saints and civilized men because they have good culture and ideology, they are only recognized marriage within the scope of the sexual instinct, so they didn't have sex between husband and wife.Put all heterosexual couples, they are only as a friend, don't produce sexual desire, which is called sublimation.Their sexual instinct has evolved and sublimation, their sexual instinct is accord with the requirement of a civilized society.

Idolatry is a fool, in the eyes of sages like people being worship is sick.We should not worship idols, we should put the idol as the ladder of progress, as the goal of transcendence.I have no idols, any more than I strength is strong, can admit defeat me, and I admire the elite, will be beyond my goal.I like to learn from them, and surpass them.I do not like to be someone to look up, look up I am not surpass others in order to get attention, I'm just in order to strengthen their own survival and to develop their own connotation.

There is no reason the intrepid people mang, a reason is both wise and brave people.No one likes to do the headstrong, but everyone wants to be a wise, a good man.Fearless can make us fearless in the storm, fearless can lead us out of any candy.

Individualism can stimulate individual potential, collectivism can stimulate the collective potential.Individualism and collectivism is a complementary relationship.

In the field of human sexual behavioral decided sex is human sexuality, sexual ideology and culture.No acquired cultural ideology of the sexual instinct, sex, sexual feelings is narrow, and even sickly, there is no difference with animals.By the sex culture build sexual instinct, sex, sexual feelings are healthy, without blemish.Let us the desire of the sea, in the field of sex flush our boat of life, raise sexual culture sail, let us toward the shore.

Sexual revolution is positive solutions of ideological liberation, this concept allows us to see sexual behavioral disease with a healthy mentality.While some people see it as the liberation of the physical organs, and loved.Error of sexuality, sexual ideology leads to sexual immorality, seriously affect human's physical and mental health, lead to the increasing divorce rate, lead to the rise of social crimes.We hope that the "sex" no longer has a harmful effect on our physical and mental, and social.Hope performance towards the shore, to achieve this goal, the only sexual culture, sexual attitudes and sexual ideology lead people toward healthier and happier.

The concept of "sexual orientation" does not apply to homosexuality and those of gender confusion.This is similar to the human nature orientation, whether we have the right to choose evil?Whether we evil orientation for legitimate rights?Evil endorsement and endorsements for homosexuality is wrong, but we will tolerate mistakes in any one field and decided to change the wrong people.There are a lot of people in many areas they are healthy, but in some areas they have some problems in their hearts.Gay and gender confusion is such that they are healthy in other areas, but only a few problems in the field of sex.We believe in the future, any areas with healthy concept, culture and ideology leads people to a healthier, happier.

Karma is real, we are the body after death, will exist in the form of information, but only information, has lost the ability to think.This information may be everlasting forever, won't die.Each and every one of us thought, speech, behavior, will be recorded in the form of information.Our every behavior, and comments will be our contact life, in the form of information recorded (of course, our actions and speech and their relevant).The karma can be eliminated, and ever survive information are ancient forever.Sooner or later, just like we hurt others, they will be under the condition of the objective conditions permit will be back to us, we can eliminate this karma by some moral means.Karma to eliminate, but since we hurt someone, to we use moral means to eliminate the karma, this process is perfect, everlasting forever.Information is power, but is not the same as the karma, information force under certain objective conditions will bear fruit.

Dialectics is the product of brain structure, also must keep its prey.This theory is wrong, dialectical starting from the objective factors and the self experience a kind of self interest sex.Nerve cells in each time the connection is same or is there any difference, it all depends on the self experience every time are the same, every time the outside objective factors lead to their own experience are the same.The same experience, the same objective factors effect on the inner of the same is bound to accumulate experience and regularity, brain cell connections must be the same, also must be regularly.No regular brain connection depends on the variation of self experience and the change of the objective factors lead to the variation of inner experience.In the case of the unconscious, brain cells are unconscious link, if in the absence of a dream, the brain cells connect is the natural order.In the dream, the brain cells of connection will be disordered.Unconscious state of brain cells connect is to add energy to the brain and maintain vital signs.In conscious state, the brain cell command by consciousness, brain connections, are no longer decided by brain structure.What brain cell connections, we performed by self experience and objective of the impact of psychological factors, so the dialectics is not just a product of the brain structure, in conscious state, noble and healthy dialectics can be made for brain cells and the output energy.Brain structure itself is not entirely decided to our way of thinking and concrete links to every nerve cells.

Present any kind of socialism itself can serve the society with perfect posture, investigate its reason, is an external world rapidly, many new problems and difficulties in the rapidly changing, any kind of socialist theory, the method to solve the problem, is to solve the current problems and difficulties, even when a socialist some forward-looking, forecasts the future of all the problems.So any kind of socialism, just as the change of the objective world constantly give some new method to solve the problem, the technical skills and instructive theory, believe any a kind of socialism success, not failure.Not the success of any a kind of socialism the socialist itself, but the people in the belief that gave her health connotation.

The evil of humanity, like natural wind in the hurricane, wreak havoc with our inner life, devoured our humanity, to our health.The evil of human nature, like the heat of the world peace, disrupt the qingping world, this qingping world not harmonious.In the goodness of human nature, such as hot is fierce, breeze life easier, is good for you in my life, health and peace.The goodness of humanity, like winter warm sun, like the snow of the carbon in the fire, the warmth in the world, I touched you.

Mental illness and mild mental illness can be cured, childhood depression, forcing me to create some technique skills, I not only put my depression cure thoroughly, and in the spirit of the study, psychology and physiology to create the unique ideas and theories, this is what the Chinese call a long illness into medical.People feel is can affect physical, positive and healthy feel can produce beneficial to human body of chemical reaction, make people comfortable.Sick feeling negative feelings can produce harmful chemical reaction, let a person suffering discomfort.Treatment of depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder, for example, we can feel the feeling can affect the physiological characteristics, and based on the characteristics of human biological clock, we can come up with some solution treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression.One of my method solution is to use force treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression.Depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder of pathological beginning as a "negative pathological feel sometimes harmful to human body chemical reaction that causes physical, paralysis of the nerve damage, time is long, nerve lesions. Use the feel and the characteristics of physical interaction, we force yourself to be happy happiness, force yourself to actively optimistic, to force yourself to appreciate all healthy, force yourself to experience the love of her family, society, all love life, love the natural scenery). Using these healthy ideas and emotions to affect physical, physiological creates a favorable chemical reaction, let have pathological changes of nerve slowly back to health. We reuse the characteristics of the biological clock, forced experience therapy over a period of time, gradually changing internal physiological changes, new health formed by the biological clock, this is the characteristics of the human body biological clock, experience some healthy idea, ideology and mentality, to maintain or held by a period of time, even if not experience, also is in this state, we found that we no longer forced to experience pleasure, we can be happy. We don't force yourself to experience the happiness, we can be happy. Also in the process of treatment set up our outlook on life. In the psychological treatment, the characteristics of human physiological characteristics and the psychological physiological interactions will play a more important role.

Wise man will discover more wealth in pain disaster, disaster so stupid people of board from pain to destruction.A wise man considers pain disaster problem, and will find out problem-solving approaches, stupid people mud Mired in misery, shall not be relieved.A wise man in pain accumulated endless regularity and experience in the disaster, stupid people even and wisdom of the people the same experience nothing, wasted years of life to the life.

Romance is a kind of feelings, the good life, bring to life the sweet romance.Through their own smile, in word and deed make romantic and satisfied with this romantic person is a true romantic people, their romantic and increase the life interest, happiness of others, happy myself.Away from the reality fantasy to imagine romantic people, is a morbid, their romantic from the reality, their romantic standard or become impossible goal, or impose their own romantic standard to others, their romantic people of pain, pain.

The reality is a kind of means of survival, in order to survive, must be true.Reality more objectively, it allows us to solve various problems in life, can let us make real judgment on the object.Grasping the reality and mud Mired in reality, the reality leads people to tradesmen, street.Too real cause people to emotional indifference.

Perfect for imperfect is a kind of guide, perfectionism is the meaning of guidance.He can guide the sublimation things evolve and improve themselves, grasping the perfect will hate the imperfect social and human are not perfect, perfect pathological can let a person live in pain, there is no way to put the perfect combination of reality and people will only put the perfect life unbearably morbid.

Evil is a ghost, no good possession.Do not good, no born in its heart, is really good.Really good, no, really good without dye, really good purity, regardless of the return on the Buddha.

By holding this concept is the creation of the Buddha, the creation in accordance with the characteristics of the human body biological clock.Often experience a kind of ideology, culture and ideology is long, ideology, culture and ideology and the body 2 for one, has reached the macmillan as, in the shortest possible time put the ideas of a good man, culture and ideology into itself, this learning method is a shortcut to wisdom.

For their mistakes to repent is good man.To confess the moral concept of advocating and application is not the most perfect, at the time of operation and application of this concept, we are not very comfortable.At the time of operation and application of the concept of our happiness is reduced.Confession is let's change the meaning of error, since understanding the meaning of repentance, we don't have to confess, after we just ask yourself the same mistake won't happen again.

Initiation and the buddhist concept and behavior have nothing mysterious, some god stick to promote religion and superstition, in order to put himself in shrines, to demystify the concept and behavior.Empowerments function is actually more of a psychological suggestion, so easy to control the minds of students, the teacher the students under the psychological suggestion, easy to have a firm belief on the teacher's words.Has a specific function and capability of proponents, can affect the physical, can this with wisdom, and understanding is not much to do.

Theravada Buddhism is to improve themselves, for their own happiness in mahayana buddhist relief on the basis of his own fortune are also concerned about the happiness of all life and relief.So theravada buddhist just immune to mahayana buddhists and the world.

Have great wisdom must have a moral and ethical may not be wise.Moral from the rational, huineng DE.And become the cornerstone of hui, supplement each other.Moral from the perceptual, this moral has no wisdom, and is not sustainable.

From the heart, also by the heart.Nothing outside the state of mind, heart, is for the big heart, can pack vanity, can let all things.With two, mood is a little "heart", narrow, heart outside, nature.Evil heart out, a heresy.Don't destroy everything, don't hold everything, heart net, heart made in net, ease, and relieved as.

Caused most of the behavior of the trilogy: conscious awareness - motivation intentions - behavior, such as an apple, we see our first consciousness is to eat the apple, and is very good, then we have the physiological desire intention (motivation), because the physiological desire that enjoy this apple can make physical, can increase physical comfort, they ate the apple this motivation purpose driven behavior to meet the physiological desire, increase physical comfort.Produced by hungry eating behaviors is different: physiological need intention (motivation) - conscious awareness, behavior.The drive of human behavior to understand, be helpful for human use and grasp of their own characteristics.Conscious awareness is generally no portion of good and evil, is usually the spotless.Intention and motivation are the points of right and wrong, good and evil, good and evil intention is comes from the motive, intention and executive motivation the intentions of the person's moral quality decides the motivation of good and evil, is right and what is wrong.So moral quality determines the incentive purpose of good and evil, is right and what is wrong.

Intelligent judgment method generally speaking there are two.One, judging by the sensitivity of the physiological, some physiological sensitive, facing the outside world the learning, cognitive, analysis, and judgment of things, they are very sensitive.Insensitive people relatively slow on learning, cognitive, analysis, and judgment, this is determined by the physical characteristics, most of the physical properties from genetic inheritance, and partly from the long-term effect physiological morbid psychology, produce harmful to the body's chemical reactions lead to physiological and insensitive.This kind of biological immunity genetic inheritance, or morbid psychology, are reversible, with science, system of perfect sensitive training method, each person's physiological IQ will be improved.Second, from the thinking on the objectivity of judgment, because most people are too subjective (I hold too serious) so easy to make the mistake of the objective world and objective things judgment, the application of this kind of intelligence has been affected by the subjective, screen the play of IQ.So we should be more objective point of thinking, how to train our objective is that we should let me go (of) to jointly study and discussion on a topic, all roads lead to nirvana, not constrained by a kind of method.My personal bad way to give you a little inspiration, I first of all to their psychological suggestion, "I want to be a person of high intelligence, I think must be objective".This is the first step, is also a target.The second step is to achieve the target goal, the implementation plan, have a plan for his own thinking training.Training method can have a lot of kinds, my approach is that if one thing happens, I will stand in the Angle of the party (parties) to switch back and forth to look at problems from each side of thinking, and then standing outside in this thinking and judgment, finally stood in their point of view on this matter for thinking and thinking.Not be shackled by all IQ method, my way is to conduct such thinking, these material is to use our service, or to hurt us, we should not to matter and the pain, we should put all the material use to service their society.Thinking training method has a lot of, you can also create a more perfect method.

Objective truth self assessment is very necessary, has the objective real self assessment, others can't put your hands on pedestals, others won't beat you to hell (let you produce inferiority).

Would rather be a poor thinkers, also don't want to do a rich animal.Because people have thought, so talent is called "people.Animals have a powerful and wealthy but a animals, animals won't get a golden hill to become human.

Pity the moral concept of advocating is not perfect, we are helping disadvantaged people, if we use compassion the moral concept, then was to help people interpret the we are poor, they would only add to their low self-esteem, we should put the sublimation to social responsibility to help others, we help others is our social responsibility, and everyone has a sense of social responsibility, to help each other, instead of mercy, is to help people feel is no longer a pity, but everybody's love, is to help people have touched, how can produce self-abased?

Self-awareness in the real world and faith (in this case, the belief in science and truth), not alienation into two self consciousness of self consciousness of the world.They are not opposite, faith is the self-consciousness of self-awareness in the real world of a boot, faith does not belong to pure consciousness, it has the leading behavior, he can lead us to the perfect evolution.Faith is not to escape from reality, but a kind of behavior guidance, he is not a conceptual, sometimes he can control our behavior.Faith and reality can be a continuum, like the culture is "a", all primary, secondary, university culture in the "one", primary school is the ladder of middle school, high school is the ladder of the university.They are not opposite, also is not contradictory.Faith the ideology and the reality the parable of the ideology and just by the same token, the ideology is "a", self realistic ideology is the ladder of this ideological beliefs, one is a practical, a guide to human thought and behavior toward perfect evolution, they are complementary to each other.

Buddhism, the theory of the is, is a science, it is the truth, and has the guidance meaning in humans, from the perspective of Buddhism and Taoism truth is equal, they are difficult to close, but in terms of convenience the Taoism of Buddhism is less than some, it is convenient for the creation of a kind of wisdom, can according to interest, gradually, blunt three beings management.but I tell the truth.

Because of good and evil" comes from the life of the flesh, in human in all have the life of the flesh is the most serious building industry, animal relative to human made the evil because it is much less.In addition to have the life of the flesh, to the body after death whether there is life there and I have a lot of people's point of view is the same, life is not living immortal, is the ancient of days forever.But on his way of the existence of the problem and cognitive differences.I think the body after death, life can exist in the form of information, this information may be no signs of life, there is no thinking.Good information into the field of information, bad information into the information field.I see hell to heaven as two information field, a benign information field, a vicious information field.Is not the life of the flesh is not the karma that they are without thinking and consciousness.Most of the karma is man-made, to eliminate the karma depends on human beings.Perfect before in human and social evolution, in many areas in the act of many QiXinDongNian all sin, and sin is the wrong behavior, the wrong idea, the wrong ideological culture, wrong thinking.So we should be reformed our wrong actions, the idea of correcting our mistakes, make our thinking more perfect, let the whole universe whether have thought has the life of the flesh, consciously or not, no consciousness of life information, hope that all the information of life are benign.

Spell without the inner understand the meaning of a spell, will go to the operating reciting don't have any effect, it would be tantamount to recite a poem.Is the key to the meaning of a spell, it is fierce mentality, noble thoughts and some compassion when reciting to experience this noble thoughts and compassion intrepid mentality, you will instantly get sublimation, into a fierce compassion is akin to a state of FaGong, your this kind of biological wave can penetrate any tangible and intangible substances or life, interfere with your life, with your noble touched by your compassion bravery to let each other feel afraid for their wrong behavior, and give up on you.

Why did Buddha degree melts beings?The diamond sutra says: "he not not not to be enlightened.Say again: "not all living beings, such as, is a living".Added: "there is no living Buddha degree, if there are beings degree of Buddha, Buddha is me, man, living beings, long life."Buddha degree melts because all living Buddha's vows, the Buddha swore to is a reflection of moral and compassion, also is the embodiment of the wisdom.In this world, in the social evolution is not perfect, being under the condition of evolution is not perfect, the Buddha is also difficult to do, because fo the universe as one's own body, the living beings as a whole, so there, so the Buddha in his consciousness at the same time, also in try every way to let all life consciousness, only realized all life, the universe is perfect, clean.In the heart of the Buddha with all beings and Buddha respectively?The answer is yes, yes!How can its brightest Buddha wisdom, wisdom no judgment amount root shi tao?Buddha are beings this is not a rival of enlightenment, this is a kind of essence and phenomenon of the evolution of the relationship, and Buddha are all living Buddha, this is unified.Sentient beings are fans of the Buddha, Buddha is consciousness of all, this is different, the difference on the phenomena rather than nature."There is no living Buddha degree, if there are beings degree of Buddha, Buddha is me, man, living beings, long life."This sentence is not in the eyes of the Buddha, no living beings can degree, this is a high, high moral level, just like me to do any good work as my social responsibility, as a kind of inevitable, so after I did a lot of good, but I think I didn't do any good, this is a not of me, excluding GuoDeFu offer a comfortable liberation Buddha wisdom, this is a kind of enlightenment.

No one is the wisdom of the amount of root shi tao?If you want to send people, must first since the enlightenment, realized the information which you only have one grain, grain) refers to the healthy and perfect theory of culture and ideas.Is like ksitigarbha bodhisattva has realized the Buddha, just like ksitigarbha bodhisattva as a ladder, he will put all beings degree melts Buddha to Buddha himself.Bodhisattva not only refers to fix for the state, and a layer of meaning is not taking the meaning of nirvana, but just for you, he and I like ksitigarbha bodhisattva, and do not take nirvana.The empirical Buddha fruit like ksitigarbha bodhisattva, have become Buddha.When I first started learning to the scriptures, moved by the noble moral sentiment like ksitigarbha bodhisattva, hence learning under the hair like ksitigarbha bodhisattva vows: "the vast misery XinHangZhou, holy stream fan son turn to degrees. But heart is lack of power is not enough, difficult to control in the eyes of the tears flow. Perseverance to take back, longitudinal into hell no tears flow. If only fan giles, try to stop all degrees".What moral like ksitigarbha bodhisattva, in order to you, me, him, Buddha and not as a Buddha, don't take nirvana, the bodhisattva bodhisattva.

In, an in-depth relative to practice boundless vows to learn, easy to grasp the direction is not easy to get lost.But don't know why they learned, lost also unavoidable.Practice boundless vows to learn if you don't have their own direction in life, if I don't know what they have learned why, don't know what they are after is what?Will only get lost in a wide variety of knowledge, can not find direction in life, eventually lost in the knowledge and theory, also thought I learned much knowledge.We learn knowledge to establish our study purpose, dialectical these knowledge will bring to us?The knowledge we need?Whether we can improve our happiness?If you have the function of the heart blundering let's calm down.Like I have one thousand teachers, I'm going to travel, if the students some advice to the teacher for advice.One thousand teachers, one thousand, one thousand teachers, one thousand travel destination, we will get lost in the teacher introduction, we are confused, we calm happiness they slipped so lost in confusion.If we have a destination, and one thousand teachers will serve us, they will give us all the way to the destination situation analysis, have a bit further, but flat roads, have a plenty of shortcut but hard to walk.And then we according to your own time and mood to choose a most suitable for their own path.So we have a travel destination, and according to the objective conditions to choose the most suitable for their own path, in contrast with the destination of our hearts have a goal, not the destination, we will be confused, have the destination we have more sense of direction, in a confused and lost composure and happiness slip away, a calm, calm, happy to travel, no goal of students because it is impossible to finish all the teacher introduce the destination of tourism, so will regret it.A destination because we have a sense of direction, so there will be no regret.

This society has too much fenqing, critics, and complain about the people in the society, from a professional point of view they are negative, they see is always negative, and without wisdom about these negative problems, therefore becomes a fenqing, critics, and complain about the people in the society.In this imperfect social negative things happen every day, we should not to put all energy on the condemned criticism and complaints.We should put all their energy in with what method and technical skills, we found out everything.Such social less cynical, critics, and negative people complain about the society, the more advice for the healthy development of the society's positive people.By the criticism, condemned, into positive to solve the problem, this is a kind of progress, this is life.

One person eye, ear, nose tongue body six clean.Eye view for zen, nasal olfactory for zen, tongue taste for zen, listening to the sounds of zen, the body touch of zen, the meaning of zen.Enlightened people use eye ear nose and tongue body, the service itself, let oneself full of meditation, full of happiness.Common use of eye, ear, nose tongue body, hurt yourself, look up to, to the ear, to smell, to meaning, body touch, tongue to taste, the energy loss itself.Body, also is the eye, ear, nose tongue to enlightenment and ordinary day, an accumulation is to train and develop their own energy, is an energy loss itself.What causes such a difference?Common descent to the sea, one ceases to hold, enlightenment is to better understand the eye ear nose and tongue body and all substances are for our service.A wise person is not the eye, ear, nose tongue body and material damage.To no desire, to understanding, to understand the dialectical should be material and something painful?It's bad for us, as long as you have wisdom, you will find wealth, accumulate experience and knowledge.Should make any material in the service of our, our joy, then there is sets up the health concept of perfect life, so you can really no desire, no understanding of meditation is to not really desire, it's just in the inhibition of desire, they put a line row away from the heart and the reality.

There is a sect of zen, their teachings are not words, so teaching.They have their point of view, they are afraid of his own students cling to surface of words, learn the knowledge well know, not knowledge.This doctrine is for some people cling to the text on the surface of the ills a error correction method.If you really want to negative words, words, not a heresy and repairing.So the doctrine of the Buddha, text books and not be rejected?Words formed by the body to teach knowledge and formed by the text knowledge there is no difference, there are some famous people, books is the best of their masters.Words play an indispensable role in society, text convenience to our life, and the guiding significance of text is healthy human many plays an important role of a teacher (words, animals, people, society, family, let us learn a lot of knowledge from it).

Rationality is the basis of faith and action, in the cognition of belief and form to differentiate into two kinds of rational and irrational.Churches is decided by the characteristics of rational and irrational (faith traits including healthy and unhealthy, health beliefs traits including scientific, rigorous, logical, objective. Morbid faith traits including superstition, blind and irrational, subjective).The action of rational and irrational, is determined by the wise or foolish, as well as by the energy, attention, memory, the physiological characteristics of the decision.Like saying the wrong thing wrong and action all of these are related to energy, attention, memory.Wise men of action are rational, stupid people motivation intentions are rational, speech and behavior of the rationality of the sight, for example, someone boast is very rich, the motive of his intent is to make people recognize him, but his foolish behavior intention and motivation is opposite, but not approved, no rejection and laugh at him.Human society needs a rational, rational and moral wisdom complement each other is sustainable.

Misery is our sense of freedom, is bitter, suppress misery is futile, is foolish.Bitterness is a kind of negative emotion, though he is a sense of freedom, when this kind of morbid sense of freedom, we should use some method to this kind of morbid sense of free treatment, but not with inhibition of the scheme.Distressed for money, for instance, after we just for philosophical dialectic, and material money to understand the relationship between us will not be upset.We should be wise after the debate, should set up the notion, material and money should be for our service, is to promote our happiness, how can we pain for them?Set up the concept of health after the long life of the road, in front of the material and money we also will live more free and easy and comfortable.All distress can use various methods to solve, you have the wisdom to solve, it is not the proper way to escape, suppression is not a solution.

For cheap, clean and some suggestion on these features in origin.One of the reasons for the formation of these features can be induced by some circumstances or a situation that some plots and the own existence's own existence.When a child is born, the child is a piece of white paper, there is no good and evil or prey, when children start to learn outside things began to sense of interest.Interests are both healthy and sick.The origin of the prey is caused by pathological concept of interests, the interests of the health qualities including open, win-win mutual benefit, rational.This health qualities are paying attention to the interests of their own interests at the same time, are also looking at other people's interests, it is a distillation of interests, but also the sublimation of moral.Prey to morbid interest characteristics including self, subjective, emotional, prey is completely can through culture and education reform, the plot will disappear in the short term, have survived for a long time, formed a characteristic, even if these features are morbid, negative they survived, this only shows that they do not have the wisdom and the lack of professional knowledge.For example, one of the reasons for the formation of this feature;Childhood life, material life are not being met, formed a stingy this feature when he grows up.Another reason is that the family education, from childhood was stingy parents instilled into the concept, the formation of the characteristics of the mean.There is another reason, is in need of help, no one to help, cause the characteristics of the mean.There are stubborn one of the reasons for the formation of this feature;In the preschool period, appeared a wayward behavior, parents lack of correct health education concept and cultivating children the knowledge of the health and sound personality, in the long run, to form the characteristics of the stubborn.Have a plenty of a certain theory, theory, religion is to wash the brain, can't jump out some theory, theory and religious thinking circles, time is long, formed the characteristics of the stubborn.Self-interest also creates some stubborn nature.Neat and one of the reasons for the formation of this feature;Parents' education.And at some point in their lives induced by external environmental impact of neat the plot.Then there is long-term in neat environment edification out of this feature.

Gay this non reproductive one reason for the formation of sex and reproduction;The imbalance between men and women of the objective environment, social environment also can produce this kind of sexual behavior.Have a plenty of because of pathological mistake sexual culture, sexual attitudes, sexual ideology, sex of imitation and the introduction of this kind of sexual behavior.Have a plenty of excitement and seek novelty, physiological experience curious feeling, some even to imitate the homosexuality as a fashion, the causes of the gay will survive.We humans are in other areas with arrogant attitude towards perfect evolution, we can only throw sex field to evolution, we should create a more perfect and more healthy sexual culture, sexual attitudes, sexual ideology to perfect evolution leading field and standardize human sexual behavior.

Sense of fulfillment, like spring, like a cool breeze for the blundering social send a trace of cool and refreshing.By a healthy outlook on life and values to build a sense of fulfillment, would lead the psychological course, we headed to the other side of the detachment.

Grace is the connotation of roving through flowing from outside introversion, enjoy the visual, sublimate the inner.Grace is a kind of the intrinsic expression and table such as flowing in, along with the gender, leisurely.Disguised elegant aesthetic feeling disappeared in the artificial, natural go vulture act the role ofing, clear water gives lotus elegant is a reflection of all lead to China.

Life is beautiful, such as flowers, bright, cheerful people.Life is like a candle, burns himself, lights others and consumes itself.Life such as rainbow, beautiful his own at the same time, also for others to enjoy.Can someone wasted this beautiful life, to live in this beautiful life out of the grey life.

Mutual understanding on the human differences set up like a rainbow bridge, let differences in understanding the rainbow bridge meet, collision, ablation, tolerance, rise.Human differences as to melt the ice in front of long live understanding, like a great river east to go to, no longer back to the stream.

Justice is hung above the human nature of a sword, the sword stab to the human nature ugly, ugly.It was hanging on human nature of worldly entanglements, let the ugly, evil, no exercise, returned the goodness and purity of human nature.When the society was able to become a hotbed of justice, and reshape the social order, morality and kindness, we work hard, hard, trying,,,,,,,,,

Follow the trend in the society is a kind of phenomenon, have the personality of one who is, won't pursue fashion, no individuality will go with the tide, people with personality will only lead tide, no personality will be guided by the tide.Trend represents some of the personality people are sometimes taste, imitated by everyone, so become a trend.Tide sometimes also means that a group of no personality in imitation of some personality.For no personality, aesthetic trend is also improve the function of aesthetic temperament and interest.For people who don't want to improve their aesthetic appeal, trend for them is different, is to lead.Trend in guiding the aesthetic trend of human society, also can saying is part of a man of individuality in the boot with the aesthetic trend of human society.We need to do a not to follow the trend, but must have the aesthetic temperament and interest of people with personality.

Experience and regularity play an important role in human society, are indispensable in our human experience and regularity.Some experiences and laws have been services we humans have thousands or even more ancient.Such as traditional Chinese medicine and meridian have been us applications and services for thousands of years.This seemed to be summarized into experience and regularity of knowledge, culture, science, has been applied and social service everywhere.For scientific researchers, the predecessors' experience and law is the foundation of scientific research, greatly improving the efficiency of scientific research, shorten the research time.Because of the experience and rule, we deal with our problems, greatly improve the efficiency and shorten the time to deal with problems, we save a lot of time for us to deal with more problems, and to sublime ourselves, to enjoy life.Would not be bound by the law of experience and, flexible grasp the objective world, it is also very important for us human beings.The objective world changing, how to grasp the experience to use law to deal with the problem, or not applicable law experience to deal with the problem?How do we operate?Under the condition of the objective conditions the same, our experience and rules when we deal with the problem, improve the efficiency of the us deal with the problem, brought us a lot of interests.For our sublimation, save a lot of time to enjoy life.As long as there is a little change in objective conditions, with past experience and laws to deal with problems may lead to our failure to deal with problems or imperfection.
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