Does Atheism Violate Separation of Church and State?

Reply Thu 29 Aug, 2013 05:53 pm
Being an atheist fighting to live in a fair and just america doesn't make it a religion it makes it a war against the christian laws that are massively infused into american law that make it not a neutral place to live, work and receive fair tax advantages and protections and in order to do that you have to point out the absurdity of a invisible MAN in the shy justifying these actions debunk him and get him out of government, its not a religion unless being good humans on this planet without the threat of heaven and hell, promoting freedom and human rights for all is a religion.

David Barton claims atheism violates separation of church and state
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Reply Thu 29 Aug, 2013 06:33 pm

Barton's claim is idiotic and his arguments are nonsensical, so I don't see them making any headway in society.
Reply Mon 13 Jan, 2014 03:53 pm
Rosborne, as you know I usually agree with your assertions, but I don't see that history has shown that "idiotic" and "nonsensical" arguments tend not to make headway in society. Too often the opposite is the case.
Reply Mon 13 Jan, 2014 05:05 pm
This is funny!
If ya don't think there is a God... then you just don't think there is a God!
But to say you got or need some kind of rights to think your way is pure crazy.
Do you think that if people believed in Santa Clause, that you need some kinda rights to down play that too?
Bottom line is:
1. You can tell someone the truth or a lie. They are going to believe what they want.

I am sure you heard about a school that had a 10 commandments sign that hung on a long hall wall and had been there since 1950... it was a art prodject of a student or something like that. It had also become a good luck charm of sorts because all the football players rubbed it before every game
(if I remember the story right) and usally won.
But in truth... what if the other team prayed too? A tie?
So some stupid girl that did not have faith in anything started abunch of @#%$* and got it removed.
So now what happends? She gets to walk down a bare long hall!
Does that mean that she was right? No, not if there really is a God.
If she was really a atheist, I'd think she'd have to smiled at that 10 commandments sign as she'd walk by, much like non-believer in Santa Clause would do, or so I would think.
So could it be that she reads it and, in truth, is afraid of it and it is a constant reminder that she fails afew of the commandments?
A fair and just America should MAKE the school remove there goodluck charm? Well they did... and that is scary!
I sure hope that stupid girl never puts her hands on any money...
In God We Trust is on it.... for now anyway.
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Reply Mon 13 Jan, 2014 07:27 pm
JLNobody wrote:
Rosborne, as you know I usually agree with your assertions, but I don't see that history has shown that "idiotic" and "nonsensical" arguments tend not to make headway in society. Too often the opposite is the case.

You may have a point there.

Luckily, Barton's argument is longer than a single sentence, which means that anyone who is likely to agree with it... probably won't read it Wink
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Reply Tue 14 Jan, 2014 04:02 am
This is one of the most hilariously idiotic premises i've yet seen here. I wonder how i missed it on the first go 'round.
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Reply Thu 20 Feb, 2014 11:19 pm
What does this even mean?? Is there somebody out there who thinks that you ,,,,,no, I'm not going to try to make sense out of a delusional question from an angry delusional being.. This reminds me of an frustrating conversation I had with a Verizon call center person. I needed them to block a number for me, and they kept me on the line for over 30 minutes while they checked to see if blocking was still available in my area. While the blocking specialist research this, he noticed that I only have Verizon for my lane line, 2 IPhones and iPod. Suddenly, the tech informed him that no, we no longer were able to us avail ourselves of the sacred blocking
privilege. However, I could try to follow his happy patter and include the 4 televisions plus the computer (which means new computer address) and it's so much fun getting all your accounts and passwords and god only knows what, but I've been cornered by Mormons and got away cleaner. Sadly,Verizon cannot help you protect yourself from they the crazy person who calls because I would have to allow Verzion to rearrange our whole arrangement with Verizon.
They said it would be cheaper, but we wouldn't have maybe as many of the things we actually like because they would be replaced by something none of us expect or care about

Well, I can't get Verizon or Comcast those bandwidth bandits to give me something I can look at and make an informed decision on exactly what I want to pay that will actually arrive at my devices.
The Verizon guy asked me to give him a reasonable explanation why I pay more than I have to and instead do something sensible and package every thing with them. So, I told him it does cost more money, but it's my money and since I haven't heard either Verizon or Comcast promise to never raise prices once I bundle to one monopoly instead of the other monopoly. Frankly, service from both companies is Dreadful. Oh well, can't get a phone number blocked. Why bother.
Reply Thu 27 Feb, 2014 09:24 pm
The point I was trying to make,is it is annoying talking to the newly converted, eager salesmen, gym membership sales personnel and those that try to explain what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus, Cosmic muffin or Hairy Thunderer.
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