Disobedience is a Necessity in Life

Reply Wed 20 Mar, 2013 10:42 pm
Disobedience is something that is need in our life. It enables us to not be manipulated by the greater group of people.

"Inasmuch as at all times as long as there have been human beings there have also been herds of men (clans, communities, tribes, people, states, churches) and always a great man people who obeyed, compared with the small number of those commanding- considering then that nothing has been exercised and cultivated better and longer among men so far than obedience - it may be fairly be assumed that the need for it is not innate in the average man as a kind of formal conscience that commands, :thou shalt unconditionally do something, unconditionally not do something else." in short, :thou shalt." This need seeks to satisfy itself and to fill its form with some content. According to its strength, impatience, and tension. it seizes upon things as a rude appetite, rather indiscriminately, and accepts whatever is shouted into its ears by someone who issues commands - parents, teachers, laws, class prejudices, public opinions.
the strange limits of human development, the way it hesitates, takes so long, often turns back , and moves in circles, is due to the fact that the herd instinct of obedience is inherited best, and at the expense of the art of commanding. if we imagine this instant progressing for once to its ultimate excesses, the those who command and are independent would eventually be lacking altogether; or they would secretly suffer from a bad conscience and would find it necessary to deceive themselves before they could command - as if they, too, merely obeyed. I call it the moral hypocrisy of those commanding. They know no other way to protect themselves against their bad conscience than to pose as the executors of more ancient or higher commands (of ancestors, the constitution, of right, the laws, or even of God). Or they even borrow herd maxims from the herd's way of thinking, such as :first servants of their people: of :instruments of the common weal."

Basic Writings of Nietzsche: Beyond of Good and Evil

What are your thoughts on whether not disobedience is necessary in our lives? Whether its necessity depends on the environment in which you were raise in.
Reply Thu 21 Mar, 2013 09:00 am
I hate to do students' term papers, but it seems to me that while social systems require a sufficient degree of obedience--compliance to rules--it also benefits from a degree of disobedience. Those who break the rules often, in doing so, provide their society with ingredients for innovation. The obeyers are agents of stability; the disobeyers can be agents of change. Both are necessary.
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