OUtlook Organizing set up badly

Reply Wed 13 Mar, 2013 09:51 am
One thing that drives me up the wall about Outlook Express is how irrational the and inconsistent the program is set-up. All the 'sent' e-mails are cataloged by DATE: while all the incoming e-mails are cataloged alphabetically. I have to search for minutes sometimes through the 100's of e-mails I've received over the years for an e-mail I received a day ago because I forget which letter it's cataloged under. They should have arranged both incoming and outgoing e-mails by the same criteria, or at least offer an option of how anyone like to catalog their e-mails but they don't.

The only reason I don't switch to another e-mail program is because I lost 4 years of e-mails when I exported the e-mails out of Outlook Express because, now get this... because the file of e-mails was too big!

GOSH! So if anyone has too many e-mails in their Outlook Express they can't set up a new program because the file too set up the new program won't open because it's corrupted because the file size is TOO BIG?

How stupid is that? Anyone who receives lots of e-mails is going to have a BIG file of e-mails to export.

Does anyone know of an e-mail program that lists both incoming and sent e-mails by date and not by a stupid alphabet? I'm getting sick and tired of searching for an e-mail I received the day before because it's buried in the middle of other e-mails listed alphabetically.'

The point is: the e-mails received: the first letter of their title does not coincide with their meaning: Any e-mail under the letter 'G' for instance could be of any random sender or by a company or some other entity... and all of the e-mails under 'G' have nothing to do with each other. Resulting in an insane garbled mess of e-mails listed next to each other which have nothing in common with each other... resulting in a MESS of e-mails received all mixed up all over the place that makes no damned sense.

If I received e-mails ONLY from people who put their actual name on the title of the e-mail: then it would make sense; but nobody does that anymore, and besides; 90% of e-mails are not from a person:; they're from a web site or company.

Does anyone know of an e-mail program that arranges both incoming and outgoing e-mails by DATE? Or at least has an option which does this? If you do let me know.
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Region Philbis
Reply Wed 13 Mar, 2013 09:54 am

MS Outlook has had sortable columns in all e-mail folders since 2007...
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