Reply Tue 4 Dec, 2012 05:30 pm
tell me what you think

Enter the void where time slows at incredible rates
and gravity is thrown out casually no sense trying to level your weight
just stay calm and someday
soon maybe you will be heading away
but not now settle & stay
Ive never seen such matter in abundance
I'm looking at it from all angles to figure out how to cause a malfunction
but when gamma rays
hits split the matter and span away
your on your own like a lost child that ran away
Feeling victimized
well what do you think as i sit inside
this prism why does desolation
hit quicker then decimation
when you sit back and realize nobody's coming to address your situation
and the thought of getting complacent isn't even logical
when the possible turned impossible
gone to manifest the mazes
Viral quotes no longer now its just a spiral choke
that succumbs your present thoughts and gets inside your hopes
the void can be invisible
to the eye but never dismissible
to abide when moments become more and more pivotal
to trust the signs Ive been locked in a void but i knew a way out
cause an old man once told me inferior objects have an advantage if you know how they're played out
when every cause has a parallel reaction
i wasn't prepared to dwell with in the faction
so i got in the deepest niche only to burst up to the highest passage
That resides
above where most will ever climb
to fashion
cause eternals are everlastin
but the future is what the mental waits to bask in as i look inside
the paralyzed
i barely find the entrance as the pressure builds and the paradigm gets ready to enclosed fencing
When the void strips your soul
only to unfold
with no affection when time becomes non exististent
the line between your mind that separates our daily lives
from the lies and the fiction
that the illuminate put inside ya mind to scare ya ambition
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Reply Sat 15 Dec, 2012 02:39 pm
I do not know if you are interested, though I might have something to say about this. Do not read on if you care not.

If you reached a state of calm with your superiorities ends, those ends amiss from which is classed your base of founding, would your enemy be your enemy or your enemy today alone?

If organised to be such, from that light which existed blinding, non-remembered.. could your perception be partially sighted upon such a creatures world, even if explained in riddle, rhyme, reason or plight... Then upon weight of virtue, where is THAT LIGHT?

That said, in longer realms of plausible worth.. Could it matter that the dead, who, death upon the length of their beginnings pointlessness, did skew to witness the virtues of no virtuosity that befell them ignored, for the time of no leanings recognition, when upon that stolen thing did spew, as though placed to do so to you.. that which is improbable and non negotiable?.
Reply Tue 18 Dec, 2012 06:12 pm
good point man... thanks for responding
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