hardwork is no more a key to success

Reply Tue 25 Sep, 2012 04:05 am
hi friends my name is molik...as my semester 1 exams are going on..i am working very hard for these exams but my papers are not good while on the other hand those who do less hardwork are getting more marks...why so????every time i get depressed after giving paper.....please tell me what to do???
i shall be very very very thankful to u !!!!!
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Reply Tue 25 Sep, 2012 06:05 am
I hate to break it to you. Somethings come easier to other so hard work isn't necessary. Some people are natural at performing math equations. For some, writing comes quite easy. Some people are natural born athletes, gifted with solid genes and a healthy metabolism that just gives them an advantage.

please tell me what to do???

Not to sound too condescending, but first if you can clean up your writing here, then use this forum for writing practice. You should try and avoid writing too casually. I you keep doing so then you'll keep reinforcing bad writing habits. That means no more text based abbreviations and a reconsideration on your grammar and punctuation.

With practice, you just might find that writing academic papers is actually easier then you thought. In fact, you might actually enjoy doing it. Win win at that point.
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Reply Wed 26 Sep, 2012 01:18 am
Hard-work itself isn't, but combine it with efficiency. It is important to actively learn from you mistakes, and making a conscious decision and action to see where you went wrong, how this same mistake won't be repeated in the future. When preparing for an exam, it is highly suggestive to only focus on materials that you do not have good concept of. Do not spend too much time on concepts that you have a good grasp on. Time is very important when preparing for an exam, so use it wisely.

Good study tips:
1) Remove any clutter from the study desk, and only preoccupy with the study materials that you are currently focusing on.

2) Take a 5 minute break every 50 minutes, if you plan on continuously studying for a long period of time.

3) In science subjects DO NOT assume you understand the material because you did the reading. Even though it seems to make sense and seem familiar, be sure to work out challenging problems, and judge your progress from the ability to work the problems correctly.

4) To improve writing skills, attend as many writing workshops near you as time permits.

5) Another good tip for improving one's writing is to show peers and ask them to proofread the paper to catch any problems that you missed. This will also help you become aware of obscurity and vagueness in you writing, as well as improper grammar usage

6) Study groups should be frowned upon, as it is more likely to be detrimental than beneficial.

7) If concepts are not being understood properly, look into private tutoring and that is what may as well differentiate an "A" from a "B" or "B" from a "C."
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Reply Wed 26 Sep, 2012 07:46 am
Have you spoken with any of your teachers? They could provide guidance on how to go about studying/writing papers/making improvements.

I remember one class in college that I did well in our first quiz and then the mid-term exam I did horrible. I was worried because this was an important class for my major. I met with my professor - he was great. He said that considering I did so well on the first quiz, he was confident I could understand the concepts and that I was capable even though this was a difficult class.

He went over how I studied and approached studying. Where I studied and if I had a study plan. He basically taught me how to study. He promised me that if I showed improvement and were to get an A or B on the final he would give me that grade. So I followed his plan - and every class he directed a question at me (to keep me honest) - I was able to answer each time as I was prepared - I had never learned to study and prepare for a class properly before.

I didn't get a 4.0 on the final, but did get a 3.7 - and he gave me that grade for the class. He was a demanding teacher and this was one of the hardest classes within my major so to get an "A" in his class is nearly impossible. I never worked smart and probably learned more in this class because of my study habits.
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