Help Identifying A Demon

Reply Sat 8 Sep, 2012 12:39 am
I know how this will sound. Like I'm crazy! Bear with me on this. I grew up in West Virginia. I lived in a a large family of 8 children. My father purchased a new home in a sub division in 1970 when I was only 7 years old. I caught my oldest sister (19 at that time) praying over candles once in our basement. She was angry with me and chased me off. Years later she had told me what she was doing and that strange things happen around her ever since and she wished she hadn't delved into the arts. In 1975 we moved far out into the countryside with only a few neighbors nearby. The home we moved into was a remodeled farm house and parts of it were more than 100 yrs old. I was raised in a Baptist Church, believed in God. I was a very mature teenager. I owned my own firearms at 13 yrs old and my father (former USMC) thought of me to be very trustworthy. I even worked part time on a farm nearby to buy my own school clothes and full time during the summer. I was independent my mother told me. I never believed in ghosts and only read about demons in church. Later in 1981 my other sister (youngest of my 3 sisters) caught our upstairs bedroom on fire by practicing Black Magic and praying over candles. I don't know why or understand why my sisters done this but they did. Two of my older brothers were at the time and put the fire out and my sister ran out of the house screaming during the event...saying that a candle she was praying over literally exploded in front of her. The whole bedroom was ablaze. She was hysterical saying she seen something like a demon. Naturally I thought she had lost her mind. After we painted and fixed the damage she refused to sleep in that upstairs bedroom so my oldest brother and I moved into it and she took the other upstairs bedroom across the hall. One night at about 3 am she woke me by screaming and I ran to her doorway and she told me that there were 3 demons standing beside me as I stood in the hallway trying to get to her. She had many more episodes like this until she had a nervous breakdown and was hospitalized several times. Now this is where this starts to sound crazy. In my Junior year in high school I had already signed up for the Navy and my brothers moved away and I was the only one sleeping upstairs. One early morning at probably 1 or 2 am I was awoken by something I don't know what or why. I went to get out of bed to get a drink of water and as I went to sit up I noticed a red object approximately 5 feet from the end of my bed. I figured the moon was shining in the window onto a red shirt I had possibly thrown on the floor. But then I noticed the moon was shining behind me to the left through the window. I looked again at the object and began to realize it was something else entirely. What I saw can only be described as the size of a 1 yr old baby but it seemed old. It's face and body was pale. It's pupils were large and black and instead of white around them they were red. It had a small rounded nose and I could see a portion of the bottom its front top teeth and they were flat across the bottoms not normally rounded. It had no hair and had wrinkles on it's forehead. It felt like it was evil. This thing looked and sat like a Buddha statue. It's arms and legs crossed as it stared at me. The area around it seemed to be darker than the room, like it was inside of a portal or something to that effect and gave off a glow. My hair still stands up when I think about this. I was frozen. I would look away or blink my eyes thinking I was seeing things and look back and it was still there just staring at me. I jumped out of bed and hit the light switch on the wall and nothing was there! For the next 2-3 weeks I couldn't sleep in that bedroom. Naturally I would've blown this off as a bad dream or a hallucination except my mother, my father and my oldest sister witnessed it in their rooms also not long after I witnessed this. Some will probably say there were drugs involved ...no way! My Mother never smoked or did drugs and none had any sanity problems as well as myself. My oldest sister, her husband and my niece and nephew are still what they call followed by things they can't explain. I need to know if there is a demon that has those descriptions. Please let me know as I am still puzzled by this entity to this day.
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Reply Sat 8 Sep, 2012 08:14 am
Just to let you know there are demons and when you dabble in such there is only one way out. His name is Jesus. In the bible the scripture says James 4:8 "Draw near to God resist the devil and he will flee." I pray you have accepted the Lord as your personal savior.
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Reply Mon 17 Dec, 2012 03:19 pm
What happened to these people was not a 'demon specific' occurance.
It was a test organised by bored and interested minds into the capabilities of themselves and mankind.. Portals and such are merely illusion, Demons with name are generally the repeated test sequences to define localised results.

Others are taken to this early in life by assorted criminal acts being made by themselves or by those minds which wish to test in their boredom.

Forces with name are sometimes eternal.. Though it is rarely spoken of unless further testing to procure result is required, when results are ascertained, return to normalcy occurs, the occult takes advantage of this fact and sometimes requests it too often.

Unfortunately, even in the event of entire world agreement, testing will continue til space travel is normal, for temporal psychological study cannot be proven to be black and white as yet.
Reply Mon 17 Dec, 2012 03:38 pm
Though that is only due to alien potential interference factors which skew results.

Mankind also has a catastrophic flaw, as do some off the testers on occasion, which seems a 'forever' sometimes, though to discuss it is vulgar. To not have the truth is to not have the required 'out'.. To have the out, does not instantly mean 'out' belongs to you.

Numerically, sane (term implied with no direct polar, since insanity is not truly momentary, such is a lie) and peaceful energies on Earth outnumber, even if only by mass, any test situations perceived 'chamber' or external interest. Such is willed out of the testee in force and knowing this is not easy, if possible at all.

Temporary insanity is an exaggerated form of expression for the truth 'temporary loss of control'.
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Reply Fri 17 May, 2013 12:39 am
yes there are demons, angels, reincarnation, and other ****. what you have said about it. it seems to be a shadow to come. the baby will happen one day to someone in your family. most likely the one who has seen it the most. now when none of you see it that is when it will be born. getting it purafide 'it will hurt like a bitch' when still in "mommy" would help a little but not much. it is after it is born get another purifacanion that should give it freewill if raised right the kid will be fine as well as the rest. please do not kill it before it will be a pain in the ass for everyone 'hell heaven pergatory earth'. good luck.
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