Whats wrong with me..

Reply Sat 11 Aug, 2012 07:42 am
So lately I've been feeling lonely, & kind of depressed.. Like no one cares. I hardly do anything fun or go anywhere. I usually stay in the house all day. (mainly because my mother is strict, overprotective & hardly lets me do anything. I feel like I don't belong or something. Like if I died, no ones life would change, it'll probably get better. And I'm 15 so my years of being a child/teen and having fun is almost over. I just wish my life could be more exciting. Any advice? All replies are appreciated. Thank you =) .
Reply Sat 11 Aug, 2012 07:48 am
Ah, callow youth . . . at 15, your years of being young and having fun are hardly over. Believe it or not, at the age of 62, i still have fun--although obviously, i'm no longer young. This is just a rough spot, a bump in your life's road. This, too, shall pass.
Reply Sat 11 Aug, 2012 01:22 pm
Set, well put
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Reply Sat 11 Aug, 2012 04:49 pm
I remember 15. It was 1977 - 1978, which I am sure feels as ancient as when the pyramids were built.

This angst is, it happens to a lot of people. A few things that helped me -
* Getting exercise of some sort, e. g. get out of the house, go for a walk, etc. If that's not in the cards, do you have a bike you could ride? An intramural program at school? It does not have to be organized sports. Dance is fine, even if it's just in your room, to your music. Walk the dog. Just, move, in whatever way works best for you.
* Making art. It does not have to be good. Just, make something. Write a story or a poem. Paint a picture. Draw. Knit or sew if you like crafts.
* Building something. Make a model rocket. Build with Legos. Put together knocked-down furniture. Whatever floats your boat.
* Not being alone. Call your friends, or text them. Go to a friend's, or have them come to you, or go to the movies or the like. There are a lot more options for contact than there were back in the Stone Age.

As Set said, this, too, shall pass. Really.
Reply Sat 11 Aug, 2012 04:57 pm
I'll just add, nothing is wrong with you.
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Reply Sun 12 Aug, 2012 02:52 am
What great replies.

My Mother was exactly the same, she felt that she was "protecting me" from the big bad world.

My best years were 18 -25 and now off course Smile

I kind of in a way thank her, for not allowing me to run wild too soon, I made up for it though and had alot of fun in life, respectfully and with more morals than I probably would have.

Trust me, if you love fun, adventure, excitement it will happen for you soon enough but you'll know how to handle yourself.

I know you may feel your "mates" are getting the better deal, out running about but from my experience as I discovered, they ended up the sad, lonely ones in the end..

I'm still on adventures and have excitement... With someone off course.....

Smile sweet...
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Reply Wed 15 Aug, 2012 10:43 pm
Thank you ALL for the wonderful advice. I really appreciate it. =)
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