Dilemma about job selection of brother

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I am facing a ethical dilemma and would love to hear what others think. My brother applied for this company where one of close friend is an employee. One day, my friend contacted me saying that he is part of the interview panel which will interview my brother. He said he will take one iview and will clear him and might ask one other friend of him to do the same but still the candidate will have to clear 2-3 other iviews by himself. Initially, I said ok but then I thought over this and next day, contacted him and told him not to do anything and let him go like a normal candidate. Then he asked me to forget this and said he will do what he thinks is fine. I talked to my borther and he also said to tell my friend to not do anything. Then I again talked to my friend after one day and asked him not to do anything. He said ok, he won't do anything. But during iviews, he took one of my brother's iviews and his feedback was important in my brother getting the job.

After the iviews, I got a call from my friend that my brother is selected for the job. But also mentioned that he won't have got the offer with the normal way but my friend advocated his case and he also really felt that my brother is good for the job. During iview panel meeting, he discussed how he found the candidate really good and advocated his selection. Hiring manager also took one of my brother's iviews himself and was still thinking on the decision. But after seeing the strong feedback from my friend, another strong one from one other iviewer and his own iview which was on the borderline but still +ve I think, iview panel decided to offer him job.

Since then, I have thought over this many times and am not able to conclude or decide whats the right thing to do for me. After analyzing, I feel that the only doubtful thing was that my friend took my brother's iview. Also from his point of view on the basis of what he told me, he says that he selected the candidate because he felt he is really good.

Current situation is, my brother has joined the job and is working. Now this thought keep arising that what I did wrong or Is there anything I can do now to correct this?

I asked few of my close friends and they say its fine and I should accept this. I did my part in telling him not to do anything and he did the thing which he felt right. Some says that may be my friend did not do correct thing by taking part in my brother's iview. But even then, I should accept this and move on. Some say that friend only bent a little and gave my brother one more chance as there were other iviewers also who evaluated him and I should give due credit to my brother as well and move on and accept this.

I can't ask my brother to leave the job as he didn't do anything and will be really hurt by this and most likely I will be transferring by load to him and he will suffer. I can't talk to the company as that might lead to -ve consequences for my friend.

I am not able to get this off my mind and really want to move on and feel better again.

What do you guys think?
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Reply Sun 17 Jun, 2012 05:27 am
have you considered getting a life of your own
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Reply Sun 17 Jun, 2012 05:49 am
This is not your concern in any way. Just mind your own business and quit trying to sabotage brother's career,
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Reply Sun 17 Jun, 2012 06:06 am
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Reply Sun 17 Jun, 2012 08:38 am
This is a lot of unnecessary hand-wringing over an issue that has resolved itself just fine. A lot of introspection over this is a waste of energy. Your brother got hired and is working at a job as a result of his own merit. All the rest is noise.

If you never got the call from your friend, then all this would have been simpler. I'm not sure what the motivation was of your friend to call you about this unless they're seeking out a favor from you, but that's a moot point now, too. That call (and its motivation for it) seems all muddled up.

You seem to be cluttering your mind with some distracting issues that are no longer important - certainly not important to you or your brother. May he enjoy many productive happy days at his new job.
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Reply Sun 17 Jun, 2012 08:56 am
You did the right thing by telling your friend to treat your brother like other candidates.

It souns like your friend overstepped his bounds - but that is for his employer to determine. He's not someone I'd trust, and wouldn't recommend him for a job where I work.

Good luck to your brother in his job.
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