Dating a Widowed Man

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Hi! How to create my own topic?
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Its not a bad thing for date a widow women. Think for a marriage.
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Reply Tue 9 Jun, 2015 07:50 am
@Romeo Fabulini,
All you need is to relax and be yourself.
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hi yeah
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Reply Thu 4 May, 2017 05:07 am
Hello Shanhun, I have started dating a widowed man 4 months ago. We have lots of similarities. I never thought I would fall for Dave. I thought I would help him move past his loneliness. My Dave, was married 47 years and he is now 70. I have been single for 13 years and never thought I would marry again. Now that I am in love with Dave, I think of marrying again. I am not sure I can handle what this entails. I am trying to figure this out because I don't want to hurt him, or waste any of our time. Her clothes are still in the closet, shoes still on the rack. He did remove most of her pictures but left one of the two of them. I was glad to see him move to taking most of them down, however it hurt he left the one of the two of them. I saw just tonight, a picture where his wife was buried. It is a dual headstone with his name on it. I don't know how I can be in love with someone and if he goes first, bury him next to his wife. I am struggling with this. I only want this man to be happy, drama free life. We could possibly have 10+ years together. I don't know that I could bury him, next to his wife. Knowing this I feel I need to step aside. I love him so I'm struggling with this. Can you give me a follow up on your relationship? Thanks Sharon
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Reply Fri 26 May, 2017 10:51 am
I have been dating a widower for 18 month now . He says he realy likes me alot, and talks about me and him in years to come. His actions definitely tell me he loves me , but he hasn't said. I have met all his family, including his late wife's family. I love him. He was married for 30 years
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