State of Mac’s editing capabilities

Reply Tue 13 Mar, 2012 01:34 pm
On Mar 13, 2012, at 7:05 AM, Bor Michaelson (ES) wrote: [I having asked whether he might join a?k forum] but the following correspondence might illusgtxrate most forcefully why 10 minutes isn’t enough given the massive incompetence of the typical commercial programmer

Oh Mac, no, that’s “illustrate"

Sorry guys couldn’t resist. I really do love you all and a?k is of the finest caliber

…….in most other ways. But, replies Bor in response to my suggestion:

Not yet, but I should.
[that is, join a?k]

Yes Bor! Then do join us there, it's such fun, I love it dearly and it has very sophisticated software compared to the usual purchased prog though partici[ants don’t all agree with a suggestion or two I had put forward.

No no Mac, that’s a “p”. Can’t you see how close the “[“ to the “p"
Continues Bor:

So, should religion be abolished? Is it an antiquated notion?

Remarkable you should so ask as I have ruminated the very same question myself, many times. The query s/b, doesn;t religion do more harm than good. If you join us at a?k you might pose it asn an OP

Or we could discuss the abominable stxatge of Mac's editing capabilities, eg, why he doesn't recognize "asn" as a misspelling of "as" or "stxatge" of "stage" or "doesn;t" of "doesn't", unbelievable!

Incidentally in replying to an email have you ever found a wy to get rid of all those stupid vertical lines over the left or th big black rectangles with the little "x" at one corner

Oh Mac if you’re still listening, "wy" is a misspelling of "way" and "th" of "the" You must hire a few programmers with at least a fourth-grade education and IQ exceeding 24. Oh, excuse me, "exceeding" means more than

You must however have hired one some time ago, as he was capable of recognizing "excdeediung" as a misspelling but his colleagues with inferior education and IQ's were so resentful that they hounded him mercilessly til he finally quit. But if he was that good surely he would have recognized “illusgtxrate” but maybe he just didn’t work there long enough. Oops, Mac, "inferior" means "not as good as”

If aeerospace programers were as incompetent as commercial we would long ago hav e been wiped out by an accidental nuclear war owing a gratis editing of international correspondence between world leaders

At the time he (the employee, not Mac) was working on an editing program for newspapers. After a weeks' work he finally found a way to prevent the continuing of a front-page story in the middle of a word and had he stayed at it he might have found a means to continue at the end of a sentence tho one couldn't expect the genius inspiration to continue it at the end of a para. Also maybe he eventually could have introduced a means for the Fourth Estate to use bold, italics, underline and such but that would b e asking too much wouldn't it

[To my buddy Opinion Ed. Steve Williams at the Victorville, Ca Daily Press: Don’t take me seriously, I’m just kidding you but I hope my 10 min doesn’t expire soon as my BH just brought me lunch. Hiow hurried we must be]

No no Mac, they're not two separate words, it's "be". See how close the spacebar to the "b"

No no Mac, spacebar is that one at the bottom you push so words don't ru together

No, no Mac, "ru" is also a misspelling run," much more common mistake than "rue"

But I'm surprised you even know that latter word

Oops again Mac, "latter" means when you have two of something, it's the second one. Oh I see, it was your employee who thought of "rue". You should have tried to keep him, ensconce him in a separate office if necessary. Oops, there's another slip, it means to p;ut somewhere

No, no, that's "put", can't you see how close the "p" to the semicolon

No no Mac, it's the one with the comma at the bottom

Oh God My Lord how I wish for more than ten minutes. Talk to them. Show them how some of their ways are wrong
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Reply Tue 13 Mar, 2012 02:11 pm
I think you'll find your experience on a2k even more enjoyable if you have conversations with other members here, rather than yourself... http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb190/tint45/thumb.gif
Reply Tue 13 Mar, 2012 02:31 pm
Sorry Thack, but I’m staggering around in circles trying to cope with unfamiliar software. I had intended to place the posting in the Computer Forum but forgot to do so. I had assumed that just anybody could access my thread but I guess the “start a discussion” facility is open only to a limited membership. But thanks for the reminder and I will try to get it into the appropriate forum or tag or whatever you call it

Edited to remark that apparently I was successful placing it in the Computer forum but how can I make it accessible to more participants without having to laboriously type each tag. At other sites like this when I wished to place a thread in a forum all that was necessary was to click on the forum title and bang! there it went

Perhaps that’s also possible in a?k but as an 81-year-old with incipient Alz’s I just haven’t yet learned how

You see I am a beginner here, accustomed to the purchased software used by so many other webforums of this sort it will take me weeks or months to learn all the new tricks

Or when I appeal to God is your inference that because She does not exist that I’m talking to myself. Well put but I’m an apodictical existential pantheist so I’m sure She’s listening to each and every word of each and every thread

So thanks again for your response but incidentally is “a2k" the same as "a?k" or was that a typo and it’s s’posta be “aqk" since I note after all the “2” is adjacent the “q”

In the OP I discuss just that sort of thing so you might find it interesting after all
Reply Tue 13 Mar, 2012 02:49 pm
Me thinks you worry too much. In this day and age of tweets and texting, half of the population doesn't give a damn about spelling or grammar. This place isn't meant to be that hard. While there are a few language nazis here, the rest of us are more concerned with the message than the means. So chillax as they say, don't worry about software, what is here or not, don't worry about tags, write a few if you like, others will tag it the way they see fit and in the end... after a few day, like most posts, your's will fade into the shadows and most likely be forgotten. Just like countless conversations and other tidbits in your day to day life.
Most of the topics I've started, I forgot to tag 'em anyway. People can still find them if interested, but life goes on and believe me, I've forgotten more than I remember.
C'est la vie.
Reply Tue 13 Mar, 2012 02:50 pm
I love you Ceili
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Reply Tue 3 Apr, 2012 01:45 pm
Also, don't be giving people's real-life names away. This is the second time I've seen you do that.
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Reply Tue 3 Apr, 2012 02:30 pm
Sorry Deng but I wasn’t aware I had done so. Could you give me a link to an example
Reply Thu 12 Apr, 2012 10:25 am
Deng where are you, still curious where I had perpetrated such outrage
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