Andrew Breitbart has died

Reply Sat 3 Mar, 2012 09:29 am
With weiner he certainly taught us all a lesson we should take to heart... You do not have to be perfect to cast the first stone... It keeps most people powerless in the face of absolute evil that they see themselves as equally guilty- and most of us, in fact, are not... Certainly, people outside of the U.S. might hold any of us as responsible for what is seen as "our" many crimes and lies, but what our government does, knowing we cannot stop them, and that they will not be held accountable by anyone is not our crime even if they might share some of the loot with us...

We do not have to be without sin to demand better of those around us, especially those with a trust, like priests and representatives and judges... We should all live the examined life, and all consider our ethics; but we should also understand the demoralized time we live in, and understand that we are demorlized because so much profit has been made out of our morality... Even today, when we tolerate injustice only because it is legal we find our morals draining out of us... Breitbart should not have been allowed to die; and everyone should collectively hastened that death... The man was a disease, and the mouthpiece of disease... If a cancer could talk, it would sound like him...

Wishing his people peace when they have profitted from our dis-ease, our dis-union, our anxiety, and antagonism is like a whore wishing her pimp a happy birthday... Those people need to be burned... They deserve destruction because they in the person of their champion were taking something this people and this nation cannot live without: Our civility... We need our common self respect if we will ever get at the root of our problem, and to put a name on it, it is demoralization in general, and a general want of justice and honor... You cannot have an honorable society while dishonorable people are able to further injustice, and able walk the streets under the protection of law... They must die if the society will live...
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