Is it time for Scotland to be FREE?

Sun 21 Sep, 2014 03:13 pm
hawkeye10 wrote:

Britain did more than its fair share to ensure that Europe defeated tyranny, and it broke us, but makes me proud all the same.

the Rebuilding of Europe should have made you very wealthy, like it did the USA, instead you hopped from crisis to crisis. Mismanagement after the war was the problem, not the war.

The why is more tricky. It looks to me like a failure of nerve, probably a form of PTSD resulting from the Nazi Rockets and becoming a military compound for years as you hosted USA forces, as you watched planes not come back and men set off in boats to die in France.

EDIT: for America the end of the war was much different. Loved ones of the dead moved on because crying over the dead was not going to help, the GI's that came back did not talk of all the evil they witnessed and participated in except among themselves, and the rest us us had money to make and the work of leading the world to do. We brushed WW2 off our shoulders and marched on. For what ever reason the Brits could not or would not do it,

You really are a spineless turd, aren't you.
There was me thinking that you were actually interested in the subject, when all you wanted to do was find some avenue to allow you to **** all over something with your perverted version of history.
You have absolutely no idea what destruction was meted out on Britain, have you?
No, your mentality is to jump straight into capitalist mode and see how fortunes could be made out of the rebuild.
Just check on how your armaments firms did over that period, and then check what has been mentioned earlier, about how much you charged your ally and how you made sure that every single bloodsoaked dollar was paid back. Payment after payment, right up until very recent times, every cent repaid.
We couldn't make a fast buck, like your carpetbagger mentality reckoned that we could. We were too damned busy trying to rebuild vast tracts of our cities so people could have shelter.

It is astonishing that someone can be so ignorant and arrogant at the same time.

Sun 21 Sep, 2014 03:18 pm
Well, that is a bit stronger than I put it, but I don't disagree.

I see in today's news that Salmond, even after his very public resignation and retirement from public life, is crying foul with respect to PM Cameron's plans to address devolution of political power to all the national components of Great Britain. He could find a career here for himself with our Democrats.
Sun 21 Sep, 2014 03:21 pm
You have to realise that he has been shooting his gob off for so long, that he has to gradually come down the gears before his wife considers him quiet and civil enough to have under her feet at home.
Sun 21 Sep, 2014 03:30 pm
Well we all do that sometimes, but I understand your irritation. The under her feet metaphor was quite good.

It does appear to me that the domestic political divide in Britain is a bit similar to our own, except that its geographic character may be more pronounced. My information and awareness are a bit superficial, but it appears to me that PM Cameron's response to the Salmond challenge has been prudent and reasonable. I suspect that few fully appreciated the likely consequences of the earlier steps taken several years ago in the development of the Scottish political question, but that's not unusual in Britain or anywhere else.
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