Original rap/hip hop lyrics

Reply Tue 17 Jan, 2012 12:28 am
A place to post original rap or hop hop lyrics, advise each other and help improve. This is not a battle thread.

I got this down yesterday. Took me just under an hour. 29 syllables per 2 lines with a multi-rhyme structure:

Too many people vindicate discrimination in this nation,
makes me wonder why there's no retaliation.
We are all equal, end the hate and advocate a new foundation
on which we can build for future generations.
We should provide the education and a little inspiration
to the younger members of the population,
because it's us to whom they listen, not their teachers or their parents
or the lies they're fed by corrupt politicians.
My observations of today are that most kids just want away
and find some way to release all of their frustrations.
Then altercations start to play out 'cause these kids are led astray
and I believe it's down to lack of information
about the system that's behind it, the system they should be fighting,
the system led by guys in suits all hiding
behind religion, gender, race and all the other forms of hate
that leave most people in irate conditions, blinded.
These sociopathic power addicts take advantage of the fact it
takes an average man a whole life-time to manage
to get a sense of realization of the game that he's been playing,
simply mindlessly obeying to his damage.
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Reply Sat 11 Feb, 2012 09:22 pm
just few lines that came into my head

but yo check it

Sitting here listening to beats, smoking weed now im so high
spitting lyrics when im lean got me feeling like i can reach tha sky
tupac's motto high till i die, its true i started doing it at the age of nine
now im at a stage of trying in life gotta hustle in this life of mine
every step i take, every move i make gotta bake that food to survive
anything i'll do to stay alive, born ghetto still i say it with pride
bit of temper like mike in his prime but now its changing time
imma keep commited to rapping rhymes and help the community by tackling crimes
all's i see in these cold streets is the youth beeing caught up in the street life
new a younga named trife tryina protect his life by carrying a kife
jakes dont do **** or move quick to graple these crimes against the youths in these times
too many signs telling me to keep it peak and speak right
imma give a good speach to teach the youth living the g life
and to those stuck in the trap without they father's cause they in the penatentury with 3 strikes.
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Reply Fri 6 Dec, 2013 06:19 am
smart like readin a book in a book store, grungie but don't look poor.
the spider lurks in the unkown to cause terror, the girl panics and his limbs is severed.
deliverin messages like a prophet speakin to God,
I'm changing colors like a nuclear plan leakin their rods
you scared of the end cuz,
u wont last long like iced cream in a desert mirage
like a car crushed can't ignore the pressure like cars.

Violence is fun and do it for entertainment
rhymes is smoother than driveways made of pavement
unlock my brain through the secret entrance is the way in
dirty cock roaches roamin around the hall
gotta spit somethin to break the solid wall
watch sucker fall like vertigo bravery unmatched by the soldier though.
Always go on forever like flocks of vermin carryin diseases like an earthworm or somethin.
Developed an anti body to infection flow, so smooth linear one directional
i set off alarms like metal detected by detection, what witchcraft is this invention.

pay close attention to the formula, cocaine from Peru to California.
Under suspiction but gotta remain calm, see a red light flashin is it a silent alarm?
Composure still kept sweat to a minimal u only guilty if u clain yur responsible.
I'll get xrayed if i arouse suspicion, don't wanna visit Peru's centers for detention, Federal investigation passport suspension.

U get 6 to 10 through the walls u find the way in, try to escape pick the lock again, intentions mention to a previous solid man, ratted u out start the tunnel again.

No taste a whisky no powder in your nose, border patrol frisked me and locked me in a hole, Tried to resist but no such thing as justic, fantasizin about the girls lips i once kissed.

Escape plan is futal thinkin death is beautiful, razor wire and barbed wire alike, dig through the yard wit a makeshift spike. On the other side of the wall heard there's a gully and dyke, got the info for a hit off the pipe. Tradin muffins for information tradin smokes for painkiller sedation, if i get cut it'll feel fake then.

Plan set in motion gears is turnin,under the fence my body be squirmin, near the second fence eletric my tummy is turnin. Hear shots no idea didn't get a word in. Shot in the back like a lame horse, ak47 full metal jacket force. I died ain't no **** son. Oh well at least my jail bits done.


Fork in my life's road one path the time, one path unknown had a choice,
decided my fate what I chose, food for worms, fertilizer for the rose. New definition of deep like how far the coffin goes. Wish I listened to the omen of the flock of crows, Now in death I join them as they carry my soul, Ironic I'm out of the walls on the flag pole.

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Reply Tue 1 Feb, 2022 07:41 am
Hello, I was looking around for a poem or rap for a school project and I really love this piece, I need an authors name though, so if you could get in contact with me that would be great! I know it's been a couple years since the post and this is a long shot, but doesn't hurt to try.
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