faith in the Angels Part III

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Angels, messengers of revelation:
God - the Almighty - Choose from the angels messengers, to be ambassadors between him and his apostles and messengers of people chose to inform his message to the people. He says: {(75) Allah chooses from the angels messengers and from the people. Indeed, Allah is Hearing and Seeing. [Al-Hajj: 75].
He says: {(19) [That] indeed, the Qur'an is a word [conveyed by] a noble messenge
(20) [Who is] possessed of power and with the Owner of the Throne, secure [in position]
(21) Obeyed there [in the heavens] and trustworthy} [Pelleting: 19-21].
The Holy Prophet is Gabriel - peace be upon him - which he described as God - the Almighty - by force, and the Secretariat, and made him an ambassador between him and the prophets, he says: {(192) And indeed, the Qur'an is the revelation of the Lord of the worlds
(193) The Trustworthy Spirit has brought it dow
(194) Upon your heart, [O Muhammad] - that you may be of the warners
(195) In a clear Arabic language}
[Poets: 192-195].
My clients angels embryos:
When it settles the human in the womb of his mother the first thing you have sperm, and delegate someone else God has angels develop these sperm and filming it in the womb, and writes his living for him and the two or happy, and in the hadith that the Prophet (he said: (The one of you brings to Islam in his mother's womb for forty days, sperm, then be a leech like that, then the embryo, like that, then send him the King, to see when the Spirit, and ordered four words:
Writes his living for him and his work, and Naughty or happy, the man working the work of the people of Paradise, so that what is between them only arm Fasbak by the book (ie: who wrote while in the uterus), thereby acting work of the people of Hell, then a, and one of you to work the work of the people of Hell, even the between them only by the arm Fasbak book, and the cafeteria then a work of the people of Paradise) [Bukhari and Muslim]
In the modern (and all God's uterus king says: 'O Lord, sperm, or Lord of the leech, or Lord of the embryo, and if God wanted to spend has created said: Lord, male or female? Doomed or happy? What is living? What term? Writes that in the belly mother) [Agreed].
Angels Alkatbon:
And their mission in writing of the people, and counted them, narrated that the right of everyone to write in favor of his king, the king writes to his left and disadvantages of work. He says: {(10) And indeed, [appointed] over you are keepers
(11) Noble and recording
(12) They know whatever you do} [Infitaar: 10-12].

He said the Almighty: {(80) Or do they think that We hear not their secrets and their private conversations? Yes, [We do], and Our messengers are with them recording}
[Decoration: 80]. If anthropology has maintained that the angels entrusted him, the preservation of his words and his actions in the newspapers to be published on the biggest show to all people, that was sufficient warning to him (a bar) for an act of disobedience and his incentive to do good works.

Angels peacekeepers:
They are saved by Proxy rights of the devil, and impairments and pests from all things harmful. He says: {(11) For each one are successive [angels] before and behind him who protect him by the decree of Allah. Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. And when Allah intends for a people ill, there is no repelling it. And there is not for them besides Him any patron. } [Thunder: 11]. Ibn Abbas said in its interpretation: the angels are angels before and behind him came, if, God forbid, is devoid him. Mujahid said: They guard him in his sleep and in waking of the jinn and mankind.

Couples the sons of Adam from the angels:
And God made the angels couples accompanying rights, and their goal and guide people to make them happy and help them worship God, and their aid to guidance and righteousness, and to avoid evil and misguidance. In the talk: (so you only have one of each by a companion of the companion from the jinn and angels). They said: you, O Messenger of God? He said: (and me with, but God helped me by telling me he became Muslim not only okay) [Muslim and Ahmad].
In the modern as well: (if the devil wig son of Adam The King wig: As for the wig devil Vaiez evil and lie to the right. The wig King Vaiez good, and the ratification of the truth. It is found that he should understand that God let him praise God, and found the other seek refuge with Allah from the accursed Satan, then read: {(268) Satan threatens you with poverty and orders you to immorality, while Allah promises you forgiveness from Him and bounty. And Allah is all-Encompassing and Knowing.} [Baqarah: 268].
The Muslim wise to listen to the call of the angels he does good deeds and keep away from evil, and to warn all to beware of the devil by His magnificence and used to seek refuge in Allah from it.
Angels Almschron occur with the disappearance of life:
He says: {(61) And He is the subjugator over His servants, and He sends over you guardian-angels until, when death comes to one of you, Our messengers take him, and they do not fail [in their duties]. Add new comment} [cattle: 61]. And the Almighty said: {Say Atuvakm Angel of Death, which all you then to your Lord you shall return} [Sajdah: 11]. The Almighty said: {good angels who Ttovahm say hi Enter Paradise as ye} [Nahl: 32].
God and all of them occur with the disappearance lives of slaves, if the slave of the faithful angels came to him faces up to Ijlsoh eggs, and leave his soul and say: Go out, O soul good to forgiveness from God and Radwan. If the slave of the unbelievers angels black faces came to him and say: 'O evil soul come out to the wrath of God.
As stated in the talk of Bara 'ibn' - may Allah be pleased with him - said: We went out with the Messenger of God (at the funeral of a man from the Ansar Vanthena to the grave, and when lahd, sat down, the Messenger of God (and we sat around as if on our heads the bird, and in his promises creates a black spot the earth, He raised his head and said: (Astaazu Allah from the torment of the grave.) twice or three times. Then he said: (The person insured if he was in a break from this world and the Hereafter, there came down the angels from the sky, white faces, as if their faces the sun, with art from the shrouds Paradise, Hanot of Hanot Paradise, so sit him hyperopia, and then comes the Angel of Death, even sitting at his head, he says: O self good come out to forgiveness from God and Radwan .. to say: If a person a kaafir if he was in a break from the world and the demand of the Hereafter, angels come down to him from heaven, black faces, their surveys, they sat down than hyperopia, and then comes the Angel of Death, sits at his head, he says: 'O evil soul come out to the wrath of God and the wrath of ...) [Ahmad].
In the Hadith (the one who came before you a man who killed ninety-nine, he asked about the most knowledgeable people on earth, which indicates that a monk (Abid) came to him and he said that he had killed ninety-nine, can he repent? Said: no. Killed him, thus completing its one hundred . and then he asked about the most knowledgeable people on earth. indicates that world, he said, he killed one hundred, can he repent? He said: Yes, and prevents him from repenting?! off to the land of such and such, the the people who worship God, Vaabd God with them , not due to your land, they land poor.
Hence, even if half-way death came to him, argued over him the angels of mercy and angels of punishment, she said angels of mercy: it's coming to God repenting. And the angels of punishment said: He never did anything good. An angel came to be human, Fjaloh them (ie: they made a ruling them, was sent by God to judge between them by virtue of Allah) said: Measure the distance between the Two Lands (ie, that came out of her, and with a flood), by whichever was lower (ie closer) is a Vqaswa, they found the lowest to the land which he wanted, Vqdth angels of mercy) [Muslim]. and the rest of the interview Eamin

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