Reply Sat 10 Sep, 2011 01:53 pm
Can anybody answer my question? I go outside. Look at the sky. And I see love couples, a family or a lonely guy made from clouds. It happens very often. Why do I see these things? Has it something to do with my past or the future?
Reply Sat 10 Sep, 2011 02:06 pm
Nope. It has to do with how your brain works.

The human brain evolved to find meaning out of complex patterns. A side effect of this is that when we see random patterns with no meaning, or brains will still work to find meaning.

It is not at all surprising when you find things that mean something in random patterns. It is what your brain does.

Sometimes this is a good thing as it is a component of imagination.

At times this is very bad. People who are addicted to gambling, particularly slot machines, often are sure they have found a pattern in how a machine works that give them an advantage. Of course the people who design these slot machines make sure that a real pattern doesn't exist. But, it is a very strong motivation for people to keep on putting more money in even though in reality it is irrational to do so.

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