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Reply Mon 22 Aug, 2011 11:18 am
I have been an agnostic for a few years now and I feel that finally some of the deep rooted and hateful biblical teachings that I have carried with me have started to fade and leave me to my peace.

But in my golden hour of speculation I have moved toward the physical sun for comfort and meditation. I now consider myself as a sun worshiper and vitamin D is my lord. This may sound rather bizarre but if you give it some thought it is not so far from the truth. Perhaps it is the only real divine truth that science can augment and agree with.

Oh beautiful being and life giving orb in the sky radiate your warm countenance and give us eternal life.

I am now an official sun worshiper. I do not make this decision light heatedly but with all my heart, soul, mind and strength.

If we do not love that which is seen, perceived and felt how can we ever justify loving that which is theoretical and unseen.

I have a new found love and appreciation for the sun. I always found that worshiping the human form as god to be arrogant and and self deprecating.

Vitamin D, the sun's loving arms that administers healing to the marrow of our bones and the light that inspires love and goodness within the heart, SHINE ON BEAUTIFUL STAR....
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Reply Mon 22 Aug, 2011 12:23 pm
But watch out for skin cancer . . .

PS Why do you have to worship ANYTHING? Why can you just let it be?
Reply Mon 22 Aug, 2011 01:55 pm
PUNKEY wrote:

But watch out for skin cancer . . .

PS Why do you have to worship ANYTHING? Why can you just let it be?

I have declared myself powerless over certain things in my life and this has prompted me to reach out to a higher power for assistance. Not sure if that makes sense.

As for skin cancer, the same sun that causes skin cancer also in the form of chemotherapy cures it. Too little or too much of a good thing can be bad.

Perhaps "worship" is too strong a word... how about reverently revere. Smile
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Reply Fri 26 Aug, 2011 04:41 pm
I do not know if there is a God.
If I were asked if there is a higher power I would have to say, yes, the sun is a higher power.

Even when we are behind walls or underground the sun is sending rays that pierce right through and touch us inside. The sun is always connected to us.

In all clarification the sun classifies as a higher power. A power beyond a certain magnitude of perception and speculation. Power beyond comprehension. I can see that... I can witness it and say yes the sun is A HIGHER POWER.

What does that mean? Well it means we are connected to this power everyday of our lives. It means we look to this power for our sustenance. The sun will shine for millions more years. We take it for granted and we become unconscious of the presence of the sun.We theorize about our gods, old dead legends and figures of the past when the only thing that is touching us is the rays of the sun within our lifetimes. The rays of our sun radiate out and travel deep out into space and time.

It will always be the sun that kept us alive, it will always be this higher power that shone in our sky and provided life on this earth that will be the nurturing factor as to why life has been successful. This does not really seem to have any bearing on any gods or any particular facilitating hand in how life was formed on earth. It was formed by the sun acting upon the earth's rich environment. The sun has provided the energy (power)...

So we say the sun is just a big ball of hydrogen why give that some sort of godlike status?

It is through our biophysical bodies we are connected to the sun, tethered in such a way that we have been facilitated by the sun's direct influence in our lives.

Just imagine if the sun vanished? How much do we depend on the sun? The sun provides healing light and nurturing vitamins, it heals us. Maybe the sun actually has an intelligence also and powers we have not speculated seriously about before...

We go through our lives and ask where is god? As each day passes by our sun crosses the sky and we search and are oblivious to the sun crossing every day. The sun says, "I am your higher power..."

The problem is you can't look at the sun. It is too bright. Thus the name of the sun might be mysterious.

When it comes to the sun I know it is a higher power, is it a god? Well, it is more of a god than most religions. It is real. the sun is real, it does really exist it makes an appearance every day, it touches people, can be a source of peace and warmth, it is always here, it is mysterious and has power beyond apprehension.

And it is a real thing. Are there higher powers than the sun? Probably not as spectacularly arrayed...

So do we deny the sun that actually touches us every day for a religion of something that may not exist?

Do we substitute an imaginary realty in place of the sun's actual presence?

It is the tendency of some to usurp power whenever possible. So this perfect sun that is a show of great energy and power, can it compare against the human form?

This bright shining orb that no one can even look upon, can it compare to the beauty and perfection of the human form?

Beauty against brute.

Are humans more beautiful than god? Is that it? Is that why god is hiding behind a big bright light in the sky? Well the sun comes out and we get to see it... but where god is, he/she prefers to be left alone.

Because god doesn't want to come today and let us see "them", we have to live with this sun and with ourselves...

Perhaps the sun is the way that we are supposed to interface with any powers that are higher than our own. Is the sun a real portal to unknown places? Have we even begun to understand our sun? The sun could also be facilitating reincarnation, and psychic connections. How well do we know our sun? How well does our sun know us? Our omnipotent sun has us all actually connected by its rays.
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