God is an Atheist when it comes to money hungry men!

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God first
God is an Atheist when it comes to money hungry men!
As I pray to a God of love with truth that will not fail I find myself praying to an Atheist God that is realm truth that loves any persons no matter what they believe in or not. A God that has no laws to lays upon us just directs our paths we can follower or chose not to follower. An atheist God that lies in nothing, but gives love upon us with loving hand of friendship.

Because God is sick of the greed of religious leaders of today churches of the hypocrites even blow themselves up and call it love. They take the money from the poor from having their needs not meet and have nice cars to drive and homes of more than they could ever need when the poor go hungry. This nation as a whole is getting wise in their greed as if their rightness is not of God but God does known them.

Our government is falling into pieces from the greed of its leaders of government and church leaders. For years we have let the church gain power over us for nothing but greed of their selves it time to tax them and leave alone those business persons of possibly who have done their share. Who are willing to do their part in rebuilding us back to heath?

Yes take their tax covering of hypocrites and there are more places we can make up the money we need for our government to have a balance budget without taking bad healthily and old persons of our nation. Our government senators and all person in changed need to agree to less pay with lost of their benefits we have foolish given them. Since we need more we can sale the US postal service to the highest bidder like UPS or other well-known business?

Then once we do owe nobody make a Tax on things make over sea more than it would cost to make them here in the US making the employment would raise here. Then we would have a strong US economy banking systems. Then we can work on local government that needs fixing alone the rest of mix we got into.

The local Food stamps need a few things to if we would a law that said if you get government support for anything you lost your money. Like if you found doing drugs that is not legal in all states otherwise one cannot do drugs while receiving money from the state program. There would be legal law that would force persons to pay a monetary amount plus lost benefit or get help stopping.

The courts would see that person has got help or the does without aid making the person would work out their own mix not being on government aid of any kind. Dinking would against government rules so blood test would given, if you receive any government aid at all. The right to not give blood would honor but you would any aid that is wanted.

Insurance companies get your records providing them with your possible drinking problem unless you get help so they order you to not get the reward of drinking without paying for it. Any sickness that you were born with the Insurance Company must cover the bill but any sickness that you cause it will be in your hands to pay for the cost.

This way we can begin to be fare to everybody even the ones with the most riches persons are on even grounds. This is one of my ideals I have for our government to get us out of dept, that we have got in the last few years. Thank you with love and a holy kiss from Roy.
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