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Reply Sun 12 Jun, 2011 06:49 am
Eh, just rambling here...

I mentioned in another thread that I haunt the flea market near my place every Sunday. Brand new books for $1 a piece or 10 for $6... barbies at 2 for $5... I bought two really neat vintage working watches for $15... great deals. I've decided everyone's going to get a little flea market gift for Christmas this year, just because.

This woman I work with (the office manager) accused me the other day of making an error and trying to attribute it to her by typing her initials on it. It was an out and out attack and she was furious. It was such a ludicrous accusation I could hardly believe it. She thought I wanted to make her look bad for some reason. I was quite dismayed by the way she went about it (accosting me) and the idea that anyone would think someone would do such a thing that I actually considered not working there. When I finally calmed her down and told her that and also that that was quite an unprofessional approach to the situation, she looked a little sheepish, but still.... not nice. Makes one wonder what else is going on in her noggin. (Got some excellent feedback and advice from JoeBlow on this, thank you very much, babe).

I'm getting a shed built and the guy hasn't been around in two days and I'm not impressed. What is it with people who commit to something and don't follow through? I'm getting tired of having to find replacements all the time. Buncha bums.

I'm also sick of all this g-d rain. I think the weather is fouled up all over this planet. I wonder if my veggie seedlings are gonna make it.

My ex skyped the other day and told me he cut the tip of his finger off. He was slicing a tomato at the time. He's looking for the bit he cut off and wonders if he accidentally ate it. If he did, would you say he's a cannibal? He went to the ER (LOL) because he faints at the sight of blood (esp his own) and got this huge bandage with some kind of contraption on it to protect it (again LOL). He probably just nicked it - he always made a mountain out of molehill. And his cleaning lady returned to Bulgaria and he can't find another one. Of course, he can't do his own now because of his finger Smile Not that he did much cleaning before, of course.

My husband returns from Argentina today where he spent two weeks looking for REEs on two properties in Jujuy. I made him an Indian curry and Kung Pao Chicken yesterday as a treat. That man loves his spicy food. I bought some Ghost Pepper sauce and doused one of his meals with it and he almost died. That stuff should be a drop at a time -- apparently it's hotter than Dave's Insanity sauce..

and you? anything to add?
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Reply Sun 12 Jun, 2011 08:06 am
My showerhead wasn't working properly, and I always hated it anyway. When the bathroom was done years back it had again been ignored that I am 5'2" and not 6' and the fixture was put where I would have to stand on my tippy toes in a wet slippery shower to adjuct the direction and setting.
It had been pointed out to me over the years that it was at the standard height, to which I would reply I didn't care because I was the one that used it, and it should be at the height appropriate to me. Attraction to a future home buyer was mentioned once, but only once and I said I didn't care about a future home buyer as it was the intention of both of us to leave this house to his daughter, and she could do whatever she wanted at that time.
So we got a new showerhead and that didn't work any better so it was determined there was a leak in the wall maybe (there was). A large part of the library wall, behind the bathroom was taken down and a plumber called in to fix the leak.
Then my new, better showerhead was put back in 6 inches lower so I could reach the hose attachment and take it down without killing myself. We had to have Silvario come in yesterday to replaster the dry wall he put back up in the library, and replace the drywall around the bath/shower enclosure with tile, as the drywall there was being damaged. He'll be coming back on Monday to grout the tile, and paint the wall on the other side (red).
As long as we're doing that we'll just go ahead and repaint the rest of the bathroom, which is 2 colors (cookie crumb and bronze) A wall in another bedroom has gotten the paint messed up with something, some man project, so we'll paint that too, since it's the same colors. Pretty much one side of the house interior is bronze, the other side cookie crumb.
So in the meantime there's drywall dust all over, as well as drywall chips. It's not worth cleaning it up since he's coming back tomorrow. Even then, after I get up most of the stuff I'll get these 2 sisters we hire sometimes to come and give the entire house a good going over.

When I was going to the bathroom this morning, I looked in a trash container Silvario left in the bathroom, and saw, laying on top of a bunch of drivewall chips, my almost brand new razor, which is a really nice one. I fished it out because it wasn't meant to be thrown away. I've got a lot of razors for it and it works well.

Did you know if you pour rubbing alcohol over your razor every time you use it (after you rinse it off), it make the razor last a LOT longer? It really does. Also, if you splash rubbing alcohol on your underarms it kills the order causing bacteria. After it dries you can either apply deorderant or not, but it really helps.
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Reply Sun 12 Jun, 2011 09:17 am
No, I didn't know that about rubbing alcohol. Did you know that if you want to kill weeds, you pour vinegar on them? Really works.

Just came back from the flea market with some Christmas presents Smile Got this red watch from the 50's for $10 for my SIL. It'll go great on her African-American skin.


And here's a funky green one I bought for $10...


And here's a blue one I got for $5...


And then I stopped at a garage sale on the way home and got some more stuff. Got a large slow cooker for $10. I feel great.
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Reply Sun 12 Jun, 2011 11:31 am
nice...I like them.

You ever think about selling your flea market finds on ebay.

I've bought handbags at goodwille for a few dollars and sold them for quite a bit more. Designer names.
Reply Sun 12 Jun, 2011 11:33 am
Speaking of weeds...

I remember last year realizing how hard it was going to be getting rid of the morning glories I stupidly planted.

When I asked the general "How can I get rid of them?"

Bob said "With a blowtorch"

The man was right, that's just about what it took.
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Reply Sun 12 Jun, 2011 11:53 am
When I bought my house, you couldn't see it for the trees. They were planted badly and were ruining the plumbing and foundation, messing with the overhead wires and wrecking the roof. So my dad and I cut 'em all down. Since then, I've had the most boring house on the block. I've planted an apple tree and an oak and both died, too dry...
I'm determined to change the look. So, this week, whilst perusing Kijiji, I found an ad for free wood. I went out to the site, twice, and dug through the massive piles, dragged out 50 9' 4x4's and 40 2x4s, all oak. I have to build a six foot fence and I want two decks, a shed, 18" raised beds, a dog house and a new garage. But, since a car accident, I have the worlds weakest wrists and now, I can't do a damn thing. I was going to dig along the front walk, add more dirt, a wooden border and so on... but I can't, today. Maybe later, after I take the dogs to the park. Hopefully.
Now I'm on the hunt for more free stuff or at least cheap...
Reply Sun 12 Jun, 2011 01:14 pm
The yard sale season is upon us and telephone poles are abloom with badly-
lettered signs. People sit on lawn chairs in their driveway, presiding over
folding tables loaded with flotsam and jetsam they probably bought a couple
of years ago in someone else's driveway. I'd be embarrassed to try to sell
most of this dreck. Hell, I'd be embarrassed to admit I'd even owned it. I
have a theory similar to the Christmas fruitcake theory: that this stuff has
been circulating for years, maybe decades, passing from owner to buyer who
becomes owner selling to yet another buyer. I wonder whether anyone has
ever bought something she sold on some spring Saturday she'd long since
forgotten. What goes around . . . well, you know.

Hey, looks like Brad Warren's selling his kayak!
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Reply Sun 12 Jun, 2011 03:45 pm
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Reply Sun 25 Apr, 2021 01:21 am
OMG - another idiotic classic
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