Feminism: Annabel Chong

Reply Thu 3 Mar, 2011 07:34 am
To all feminists out there, or those who are knowledgeable of feminism, what can you say about Annabel Chong? Do you think what she did (Gangbang--she had sexual intercourse with 70 men 251 times in 10 hours to liberate form the notion that women are passive) makes her a genuine feminist? Or was she merely victimized by her own ideals? The fact that she does it through pornography, does it not show that she wasn't really able to liberate from the man-domination thing but was actually still stuck in that system instead?
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Green Witch
Reply Thu 3 Mar, 2011 08:08 am
Never heard of her. I only consider her a feminist if she made the men change the sheets after the orgy.
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Reply Thu 3 Mar, 2011 08:29 am
She had them cumming and going.
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Reply Thu 3 Mar, 2011 08:59 am
I researched a bit... I'm not sure, it sounds like there were a lot of elements to this. First, she was evidently gang-raped (not staged, an actual rape) when she was young + before she went into pornography. Second, she seemed to be expecting to get paid for this movie (the gangbang one), and wasn't. (She expected to get $10,000.) That removes some of the agency, for me. (That is, it becomes less about what statement she wanted to make and more about the money she wanted to make. She evidently went into porn in the first place because her parents wouldn't pay for her education.)

She also seems to have backed away from pornography in general.

To me, from what little I know, it sounds like she may have been putting a spin on something to ease her own mind about earning money in this way. I get some of the performance art aspect of it, but I don't think this does a lot to really "liberate [anyone] from the notion that women are passive." It also sounds like it may have been part of the way she processed the rape she experienced.
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Reply Thu 3 Mar, 2011 09:30 am
She has nothing to do with the feminist movement. . . sounds like she's got personal problems and is blaming men.

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