Is Christianity broken?

Reply Mon 31 Jan, 2011 08:52 am
law (lô)
1. A rule of conduct or procedure established by custom, agreement, or authority

If a law is perfectly written, but poorly policed, is the law a failure?

So if a law is poorly written, but policed wonderfully, surely it would be a successful failure?

My thoughts come from the many religious debates you see exploding on to any free speech forum you may find. What I wish to establish is that I understand the arguements from both sides, yet both can also often be flawed. Organised religion (I am pointing out christianity for today by way of example) polices the rules, regulations and principles set out in the bible, (while collecting a fee). Richard and Ghandi explain it better than I could in a couple of quotes.

Richard Le Gallienne wrote:
Organized Christianity has probably done more to retard the ideals that were its founder's than any other agency in the world.

Ghandi wrote:
I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ

Athiests, agnostics, and anyone with disdain for organised religion, cannot but recognise that despite the wisdom behind the bibles teachings, religions flaws, are in its policing of said laws. Many debates from a religious point of view are seriously flawed, in that had each principle been kept up until that point, surely it wouldnt be an issue.

Example. Everyone has spent a great deal of time fighting the abortion issue here in shore leave. I personally disagree with abortion however, understand the emotions presented someone who is faced with the prospect according to the consequences. If Sex however was kept within the marriage arrangement, you would have a world without STDs, Dramatic fall in single parent families, Aids would die out with a generation, and abortions would have no grey area. This said however, it is a law that as humans, we would never want for nor accept, as it places restrictions on something we all enjoy. Do we therefore abandon laws that no one wants?

Most of all the one teaching that Jesus enforced, and replaced all other laws with was the law of love based on principle. Which we as humans seem mortifiably incapable of.

I want to iterate that this is not a thread about abortion or any particular moral, and the precursor is based on the assumption that God exists and inspired the bible. questioning those are for seperate threads. It is in order to focus discussion toward a couple of questions.

Firstly, Is organised religion a poor manifestation of Gods intentions?
and If the laws were established free from the authority of organised religion and policed more fully, would they solve the majority of our problems today?

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Reply Wed 2 Feb, 2011 05:28 am
@Calamity Dal,
Calamity Dal wrote:

Firstly, Is organised religion a poor manifestation of Gods intentions?
and If the laws were established free from the authority of organised religion and policed more fully, would they solve the majority of our problems today?



Love, Trust, Hope, Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding, Mercy, Righteousness, Judgement, the Truth, the Way the Life, are manifestations of God’s expectations in mankind. Which does not require religion. But it does require one’s life, for these things to be manifest therein.

But the Church or churches have be given charge of the doctrine thereof. Doesn’t mean, it’s being done wisely. The Children of Israel was not a religion, it was a nation. When it loved it’s law giver (the Lord their God) things went well, when it did not, things didn’t go so well.

God’s intention, or better said, expectation, is the fulfillment of His Commandments, the fulfillment of His Word, or He would not say it. His intention is clearly expressed to His creation what He expects to be fulfilled. Hence Jesus Christ, the acceptable fulfillment of God’s Word in mankind, to His satisfaction.

Policing as you have said, is between God and the person (repentance, more often then not). If God expects something to be done, He will provide the Way to do it.

Does one obey a law out of fear of punishment, or out of a caring respect for the giver of the law?
Calamity Dal
Reply Thu 10 Feb, 2011 04:48 am
I appreciate your response, although my point was intended toward the principles in the bible. Religion has IMO made a poor job of representing God. The Christian congregation as was put together by the early apostles was intended to uphold Christs teachings but christians down the years have become less and less like Christ.

I would liken Christianity to my toaster. I put the bread in, and when I expect that it is done, I have to wiggle the button on the side to get it to release my toast, which is all too often burnt on one side, while soft on the other. One could say that my toaster works, as it does on occasion produce good toast, but another person would state that my toaster is broken as it does not perform as the manufacturor intended, and should be replaced. What I am asking is not if we should force the principles upon the public, but if those principles and morals were cultivated properly in all mankind religion aside, would we not be living the utopian dream? I would challenge that religion has merely corrupted the message that it is intended to carry.
Christianity does not appear to be producing Toast the way it was intended.

and now I am hungry...
Reply Thu 10 Feb, 2011 10:40 am
@Calamity Dal,
LOL: I really like the toaster.

But like the toaster are your expectation placed in the performance of religion, or your own communications with the Father through Son in the Holy Spirit. But mind you, I don’t necessarily disagree with your experiences with “religion”. I have found many are content with their church or religion and see no need for the Truth of God or, the God of Truth. But on the other hand we all are guilty in some respects as to seeing that we have no need for the Presence of the Lord our God in certain portions of our own lives, which is a fault also. Considering that we are instructed to acknowledge the Lord in all that we do, for because of Him we can do.

When time comes, I would say that the Lord will not be concerned with what religions had to say and teach us, rather it will be, did you seek to know Him?

If I may, where I am at, there are many doves and the Lord has associated His Spirt liken to the dove in scripture. And now retired I have been working on a little project that is assembled out side. And what I have notice is there is a pair that are persistent in nesting on the device. I’ve had already removed what was the start of a nest. And now every morning and evening they still perch on it and I have to go over and shoo them away or they will get comfortable and make a home of it.

The Holy Spirit is like unto this that we should not do what would cause the Presence thereof to leave us. Hence the religious in the name of their religion have done much the same, but our expectations should be in the fulfillment of the Father's expectations in us. And in His satisfactions in us we have the Peace of God in His Grace.
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