The three stages of life

Reply Wed 22 Dec, 2010 03:31 pm
The three stages of life


As I think about Life itself my can do but wonder about it many stages to see its many patters or stages to life. To become like God is a stage we must deal with and to become like the Serpent is a stage we must overcome. Doing only good is the stage we want but we first must understand different from what is good to what is bad.

We are in the middle of everything looking in at a world as everything is either good or evil but in truth the world is all evil which is nothing but evil. But everything to live must kill another life form, because is killing a sin. How can we live with out sin we cannot to live it would be impossible to not sin because to live we must an oxygen being?

In the first stage of life we are in womb of another person to grow we must depend the other person. What we eat depends on the body creative us as a life form until we come of the womb we have no control over things. We are more like a god than like a moral there is no right or wrong.

When we come out the womb we kill to live but before that it was someone other doing the sinful deed of sin. So were perfect inside the womb but outside we had the judgment that we put on our self. That why it so important that we become more than we are and less than we are a being, that can do no wrong?

A god like creature one that like we were before we were born one so powerful that this world has no power over. One like God but not God Himself just in imagine of God a by creation of god’s imagine. That how we changed into what we were to what we will other wise what was we become.

The end becomes the beginning or what was becomes what is now and here. So the whole creation will fix into mustard seed the smallest of all seeds but that nothing compared to things we can do. The changed from kind is a greater deed than putting every star, planets, sun, all space, and anything that can name into mustard seed.

As we grow we see our self, as nothing in whole mix of everything other wise we vain fools who think we are more. Thank you, my friends as I share with you wisdom from a fool that knows he is only fool leading fools. With love of God or not because everyone does not share the love I have and holy kiss blowing at you from Roy.
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Green Witch
Reply Wed 22 Dec, 2010 03:49 pm
I know this is a long shot, but you might be interested in researching the history of the Triple Goddess and the religious representation of the snake in pre-Christian history. Of course, this would require you question your beliefs and that might scare you. That's all I have to say on this issue.

I should clarify that I'm agnostic and interested in religion as I am in fairy tales and mythology.


Reply Wed 22 Dec, 2010 04:32 pm
@Green Witch,
God first

thanks Green Witch

I will look into and nothing scare me

I read a lot about the Serpent

and religion is mostly fairy tales and mythology

look who takes credit for the bible nobody but King James

Fairy tale of the highest

but I still believe in love

agnostic is ok with me

look for me on U-tube where i tell Christians should make peace with Atheism

we can all work together

with love and and a holy kiss Roy

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